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Jack Slade: Death Watch by Richard Dawes

"Death Watch"

A Jack Slade Novel

by Richard Dawes

After witnessing a gangland assassination, Jack Slade must escape the assassins wearing only swimming trunks, shirt, and sandals, with no money and no ID. Arriving in a strange town, he rescues a woman from rapists and goes to work in her gambling hall and whore house as a bouncer. He is recruited by a crime boss, and rises to be a top operative in the local underworld. Fists and bullets fly, however, when he revolts against his employer. Blood flows and dead bodies pile up as he cuts a red swathe through the criminal underworld.

Solitaire by Henry Hoffman


An Adam Fraley Mystery

by Henry Hoffman

During the course of his search for a missing man living off the grid in a remote stretch of the Sierra Nevada foothills, private investigator Adam Fraley suddenly finds himself the target of a deranged sniper who is determined to take him out. Behind the attempted execution is a mysterious mastermind who fears Fraley’s probing will uncover a link between the man he is in search of and a lucrative underground drug-trafficking scheme. Coming to the aid of Fraley in his hour of need is an unexpected friend who appears out of nowhere to help guide the private detective through the harrowing encounter. Meanwhile, all of this is played out against the backdrop of a great American tragedy that occurred over a century ago, one that holds a direct tie to the case at hand.

Praxton 6: The Missing Diplomat by N.S. Howard

"The Missing Diplomat"

Praxton #6

by N.S. Howard

The Star Hawk continues its diplomatic mission of visiting the Rebel worlds, with the objective of establishing trade and eliminating the enslavement of Alliance citizens. Captain Julius Elmwood amends the ship’s regulation more in line with Praxton customs as new challenges appear. While part of the crew welcome the new rules, others are concerned of the repercussions of following Praxton customs too closely.

The visit to Planet Divinus initially brings forth a trade agreement with the Alliance worlds. Diplomate Tiffany Harris finds Prince Francis handsome, and his smooth manner has made her interaction with him exciting. But a turn of events has the Star Hawk preparing for military action against the Rebel world.

First Officer Morgan Regan becomes suspicious of Nallix Ellis, and accuses her of lying that she came originated from another universe.

Meanwhile, Diana Adoria’s relationship with Senior Technician Derik Holton becomes uncertain. She must choose to either submitting to his demands or ending their romance.

Pool of Tears by Melissa Rea

"Pool of Tears"

Nights of Alice #2

by Melissa Rea

Last night, clothes began appearing in Alice Hightower’s closet at sunset. She might find bell bottoms from the seventies or a beaded flapper’s dress from the twenties, but they fit perfectly. She slips on the outfits and opens her balcony door to another place and time where extraordinary men fill her nights.

CEO of a medical device company about to unveil a revolutionary heart bypass product, Alice escapes her challenging days to the adventures beyond her balcony door. How could her smoldering VP of sales, or her fascinating assistant compare to Tweedle Don and Tweedle Dan, twin doctors from the seventies, or the sixties rock group who scolds Alice for being late for their very important date. At forty-nine, after two divorces, relating to her male coworkers has been entirely too complicated. When industrial espionage threatens her company, Alice has to save the position that defines her, discover the truth of her fantastic travels and decide if the real men in her life might be more satisfying than those she enjoys by night.

Siren Song II by George Dismukes

"Siren Song II"

by George Dismukes

When seven people go missing from a dive boat found floating atop THE GREAT BLUE HOLE OF THE CARIBBEAN, there is panic to find them and learn their fate.

When Angie Holland saw the story on National News, her blood ran cold. She feared the worst. “The bitch is back!” If she was right, she knew she must take action, immediately. To tell someone… anyone, the truth would do no good. Whoever she told would think she had gone over the edge. So, her mission was very personal. She had to go to Belize and finish what she thought was over two years ago. Twenty-four hours later, she was on a plane, bound for Central America.

But questions abounded: What had gone wrong the first time? Why wasn’t the siren dead? And if blowing holes in her with a bang stick didn’t do the job, what would?

As the plane jets south, Angie knows none of the answers. But she does know, this time, she must not fail. Untold lives depend on it for hundreds of years to come. And when it is over, nobody will know except her, and a small contingent who surrounds her.

Until There's Blood by A. J. Wildman

"Until There's Blood"

Spekter #3

by A. J. Wildman

Augmented. Modified. Strung together with the fibers of other species, the viscous bits of an alien, and a desperate wish and a prayer.
The Devil. Angel of Death. Silent assassin. Predator.
Definitely not human. Or Sane.
Michael Cassidy has been called everything, and yet, he’d rather be nothing at all.
A void.
An empty vessel for hire to the highest bidder.
She’s gone. His wife. His everything. Kate. For five years, he’s teetered on the edge of death, hoping for it, inviting it in. But his heart still beats. Occasionally.

Dr. Natalie Beck has made him an offer he can’t refuse. She and her colleagues want his help taking down Gene Corp, a genetic modification facility owned by the US government that has his wife’s body and refuses to give it back.

All he has to do is train a ramshackle group of Augmented and prepare them for an attack on Gene Corp in seven measly days. Shrug. Why not.

Spekter has a secret, one that will end Gene Corp, and likely himself, once and for all. It’s a win-win, so long as he keeps his wee, black and barely beating heart far, far away from the darkly beautiful and very intuitive Ileana, AKA Little Raven.

With fast paced action, characters that literally clamber from the pages, UNTIL THERE’S BLOOD is darkly humorous, ultraviolent and deliciously sensual.

Spekter has never been a hero, but he is the mother-fucking savior of all.

Violent Mind Candy by Gary S. Kadet

"Violent Mind Candy"

Null & Boyd Noir #2

Gary S. Kadet

The heroes are Null, a man with neither feelings nor humanity, a near automaton of vengeance, and Boyd, a woman who has lost everything in her life that meant anything to her, ruled by guilt and a sense of duty at war with her compassion.

Criminal psychopath Dr. Benway, who saved Null’s sanity with an illegal, experimental therapy, has invented a new designer street drug delivered by a stick of gum. His plan is to distribute the gum, known as “the Chaw”, to Boston and Cambridge clubs for free to create demand. But when the Ecstasy-like sensual pleasure wears off, the after-effect is a murderous, violent rage.

Micmac Indian high-rise construction “edge walker” and mob enforcer Filmore Lakeworry, known as “Lumpy” for his short, thick stature, forces a partnership with Benway at gunpoint. Null and Boyd set out to stop them, but Null changes his mind as the Chaw restores to him some of his lost humanity and Boyd can’t charge Benway because his specially concocted drug isn’t illegal.

Null falls into a short-lived, drug-driven romance with Boyd, ending with him tearing up the streets with extreme violence that ultimately installs him as the “Meth King” of Boston.

A Little Vice in Paradise by Gretchen Rose

"A Little Vice in Paradise"

Very Vero #2

Gretchen Rose

It is 2008, Florida’s housing market has tanked, and Andrea Nelson is terrified. A single parent, she’s been juggling the balls in the air for so long, somehow managing to pay all the bills—but now? With no foreseeable source of income, how will she afford her daughter’s pricey school for the developmentally challenged and fund her mother’s upkeep in the familial enclave that is falling into ruin? Andrea has but one prospective client, the mysterious tycoon, Daniel Armstrong, and he is proving difficult; none of the luxury properties she shows him meet with his requirements. Desperate to sell a property, she shows him Casa Rio, her mother’s oceanfront estate, and he falls in love with it. Heartbroken at the thought of having to relinquish Casa, Andrea begins the process of letting go. Little does she know she has more to fear, that a maniac is stalking her daughter.

Retained as piano instructor to young Harry, Tara soon finds herself entangled in the affairs of his mysterious father, the wealthy tycoon, Nathan McCourt. As Tara's home is being renovated, a strange thing happens: she undergoes a transformation of her own. She is stronger, more confident, and happier than she ever imagined possible. Only one thing is missing from this rosy picture: the man of her dreams. It isn't until a category 4 hurricane blows into town, that all the divergent plot lines are knit up, and Tara finally gets her happily ever after.

Access Denied by Jim Daddio

"Access Denied

by Jim Daddio

Marcus Salisbury is the owner of Micro Ware, a company that distributes personal computers. He is wealthy beyond description but he wants more. He wants to introduce his own personal computer and he would do whatever it took to make that happen including stealing trade secrets and even committing murder.

Tyler McRenoylds owns his own company specializing in mergers and acquisitions. When he works with Marcus on a deal, he meets Marcus’ personal assistant, Lynn Blakely a torrid love affair begins and soon they are married.

After a series of events, Marcus’ empire begins to tumble. At the same time Tyler finds himself in the middle of a feud between Lynn and her daughter, Shelly. When Lynn, is found dead the question remains: Who killed her? Was it Marcus, Tyler or was it her own daughter?

In a dramatic conclusion Marcus is in hiding, Shelly has disappeared and Tyler is hiding out in Mexico. As he tries to make it across the border a wild shootout takes place.

Jack Slade: Wolf Hunter by Richard Dawes

Wolf Hunter

Jack Slade #8

by Richard Dawes

An old Sioux shaman asks Jack Slade to come to the Twin Peaks Sioux Reservation to look into a series of killings that have apparently been perpetrated by a rogue wolf. When he arrives at the reservation, Slade discovers that the killings are being done by a Sioux who shape shifts into the form of a wolf. Slade’s discovery that similar killings happening in a nearby town are being done by a second shape shifter leads him to the additional discovery of a plot by the killer to instigate a rebellion by the Sioux residents of the town. When the grand daughter of the old shaman is kidnapped, Slade races against time to save her life and prevent the Sioux uprising.

Condition Zero by Gary S. Kadet

"Condition Zero"

Null & Boyd #1

Gary S. Kadet

Detective Lieutenant Kay Boyd, head of Boston’s Organized Crime Task Force, saw her husband and children butchered by Boston’s rising crime crew “The Family.” Gambler junkie Joseph X. Null, a former low-level bagman for “The Family,” was tortured by their chief enforcer until he lost his mind.

Due to an experimental therapy to bring him back from a mutilated, catatonic state, Null recovered everything but his humanity, remaining in effect a chemically reconstructed psychopath. A one-man killing machine now, his single-minded mission is to whack out “The Family” down to its last man. A conflicted Boyd is out to stop him, even though the Boston Police Department unofficially couldn’t care less about “who takes out the trash.”

Believing he’s owed a debt, and having once been her CI, Null wants to recruit Boyd to help him destroy “The Family.”

When Boyd lost her family, she became a functional alcoholic, unable to deal with her guilt and grief. Like Null, she too is maimed. Null and Boyd may be different from each other, but they’re also exactly the same. "Dead survivors." And “The Family’s ace hitman Theron “Thing” LeCoeur is out to remove the “survivor” part from their mutual equation permanently.

Jack Slade: Red Tides by Richard Dawes

"Red Tides"

Jack Slade #7

by Richard Dawes

When a black magician takes up residence in Stanton, a city on the east coast, people begin to go missing. A dark rumor spreads to the effect that the magician ritually kills his victims to assimilate their power. When a young woman disappears under mysterious circumstances, Jack Slade, Demon Hunter, is called in to investigate.

The Spiral Staircase and Other Novellas by Clive Radford

"The Spiral Staircase and Other Novellas"

by Clive Radford

Differing themes and voices, some classic, some contemporary, others though mysterious, planted firmly in reality. All used to depict an assortment of psychological suspense thrillers, coming of age sagas and modern satires.

Jack Slade Hunter of Shadows by Richard Dawes

"Hunter of Shadows"

Jack Slade #6

Richard Dawes

An archaeological professor disappears in the jungles of Guatemala while searching for an ancient Mayan city. The professor’s daughter hires Jack Slade to go into the jungle, find him and bring him back. Slade leaves a blood spattered trail as he battles wild natives, gun runners, an evil sorceress bent on ruling the world, and finally confronts, in a battle of power, the ancient magician-king of the Mayan city.

Shadows by Peter J. Manos


by Peter J. Manos

Though land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles are sitting ducks on hair-trigger alert, they have their supporters: the air force, the aero-space industry, and people whose jobs may depend on them.

So who will campaign against a new, unnecessary, and dangerous silo-based missile?

Why a seventy-eight-year-old red-headed widow, of course, who sometimes wears a witch’s hat.

Siren Song by George Dismukes

"Siren Song"

by George Dismukes

She is the last siren on earth. She has lived for almost two thousand years. But now, she fears for her existence. More and more, sport scuba divers are taking dive trips to The Great Blue Hole of The Caribbean, unaware that “The Hole” is the siren’s lair.

She hatches a plan. In her mind, if she can kill everyone aboard a dive boat at The Great Blue Hole, she will create fear of the location, and visitors will stay away. Will it work? Morphed as a beautiful woman, she joins a dive safari group along the Texas coast that is bound for Lighthouse Reef and The Great Blue Hole. She feels that by working ‘from the inside’ she can easily kill every person on board, one at a time. Will her plan work? The main fly in the ointment is none other than a twelve year old boy. Can he stop her murderous fury? If he can’t, everyone aboard the pleasure craft, SIREN SONG, is doomed.