J. P. Edgar

J. P. Edgar is an American author who was born in Sacramento, California in 1980. He went to college to obtain his Associates Degree in Information Technology, and then got his Bachelor’s Degree in 2010 in Game Design. A man of many faces, J. P. Edgar is a musician, a technical artist, a game designer, and a computer programmer. Now, he is working on the Bloodlines of Atmos series, expanding his web of talents to the art of story writing. Currently, he is writing the story of Jace, a three-part story. This is the first of his stories to be published, but many other stories are in the works.

Website: www.jpedgar.com




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Bloodlines of Atmos series
Bloodlines of Atmos, Sanctuary: The Story of Jace Bloodlines of Atmos, Savior: The Story of Jace Bloodlines of Atmos: The Story of Jace, book 3: Sanctuary by J. P. Edgar