Richard H. Kirshen

Richard Kirshen is a native of South Florida, having spent his life in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. He served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War as a Navy Diver, completing more than a hundred dives for the Navy, for various purposes and objectives. He was also a riverboat captain in the Mekong Delta, on an LCM-8, having extensive combat experience. Upon leaving the military, he returned to Miami and went into business for himself, owning and operating a design business in Miami Beach for thirty-seven years, before selling it and retiring.

He has three incredible sisters, two successful sons, seven extraordinary nieces, and four outrageously gifted grandchildren. He has been married to his (beloved and only) wife, Mary, since 1973. After retirement, in addition to publishing four books and numerous short stories, he plays golf, shoots pool, plays blues harmonica, and is a volunteer business mentor for SCORE, a government organization offering free help, counseling, and guidance to prospective entrepreneurs. All in all, a happy and productive life.



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