J. H. Wear

J.H. (Jack) Wear lives in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife, Lorrie. They have three sons, and two grandsons. Logic notwithstanding, Lorrie blames Jack for the lack of females in the family.

Jack took up writing later than most authors. After finishing a career with Xerox, he soon felt bored and started selling beverages as a liquor agent. Over several glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, he wrote his first novel, submitted it and suddenly became a published author. This astonished everyone, especially every English teacher he had in school.

He continued with writing, adding a trilogy, along with several short stories. Most of his writing is in the fantasy and science fiction genres, although his latest novel is a murder mystery.

His current projects are a science fiction novel, a murder mystery and trying to convince his single sons their mother needs a granddaughter.



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Witches & Warriors Series

Witches & Kings by J. H. Wear

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Witches & Warriors Series
Witches & Warriors by JH Wear

Castle Series
Fall to Domum by J. H. Wear Castle 2: The Curse of the Dacron Gem Castle 3: The New King by J. H. Wear