N. S. Howard

Nick Howard lives near Grande Prairie, Alberta where winter is never far away. There he pursues a dream of writing and taming weeds on an acreage. So far the weeds are winning but perhaps the writing will allow him to feel a small measure of victory.

He shares the green jungle with his wife, and a dog that thinks itself as human. Rumors that the dog assists him in writing are greatly exaggerated as the dog is horrible at grammar.

Website: www.nshoward.com
Email: nshwrd@yahoo.ca


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Praxton Series
"PRAXTON: Book 1, Slaves Of The Rogue World" N. S. Howard "PRAXTON: Book 2, The Battle for Freedom" N. S. Howard "PRAXTON: Book 3, The Proposal" "A Vote For Change" (Praxton Book 4) - N. S. Howard Praxton 5: Voyages of the Star Hawk Praxton 6: The Missing Diplomat by N.S. Howard

"Haven" N.S. Howard "The Witch and the Hairbrush" by N. S. Howard