The Proposal

Praxton - Book Three

by N.S. Howard

Jennifer Hexall finds her life in freefall. First she loses a promotion to a new hire and then her boyfriend breaks up with her. She decides hates her job, doesn't understand men and now wonders about her girlfriend's attempt to seduce her. Then she receives a message from an old boyfriend wanting to see her again. Melvin has moved to another planet and is offering her an outrageous proposition, an offer she would have laughed at a week ago. But now...


Chapter One

Melvin Taylor crossed the living room and into the kitchen, yawning. He still needed to finish dressing, wearing only a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but needed a coffee before he did much more to get ready for the day.

Helena looked at him as he grunted, “Good morning,” and quickly moved to pour him a cup of coffee.

“Good morning, Master Melvin. How are you today?” She gazed at him with a small smile.

Unlike him, she was wide-awake and fully dressed in her black dress uniform. While her uniform wasn’t as revealing as most Praxton dresses, it was still short. In keeping with Praxton customs she was also braless and wore high heels. Although she was employed as a housekeeper, her collar indicated she had Melvin as a guardian. Helena looked thirty by using therapy drugs, but she was almost twice that age and had decided she would rather do housekeeping duties than be a Master’s female.

“Tired...” He realized the smile may be due to his lack of underwear and the partially open fly of Praxton style pants. He took the cup of coffee from her and looked at the kitchen table and chairs. He heard her give the slightest clearing of her throat and walked out to the dining room with his coffee to sit. Melvin was still learning how to act on Praxton and Helena gave him the hint he needed that the Master did not normally sit in the kitchen. When he became a Praxton citizen, he selected two females to live with him, believing they could take care of his home while he was away and provide companionship when he was home. He quickly learned it was more complicated than that. He followed the advice of his friends and hired a housekeeper who had taught him what he should and should not be doing as a Master.

A minute later Helena brought him toast.

“The females should be getting up soon, Master Melvin. Would like me to set out some clothes for you to wear before they come downstairs?”

Melvin gave a grin. “In other words, I better be suitably dressed before they see me.”

“It is the Praxton way.”

He nodded. “Thanks for your help.” He recalled some of her other advice that she had quietly given him over the past few months, and some of the more direct advice she had told him.

“The females need discipline, Master Melvin. They must have boundaries and know there are consequences of not behaving.” Later she insisted he set up a discipline room, and though it was rarely used, it had stopped much of their poor behaviour. Helena had asked permission to administer discipline as she saw fit. After he granted her that additional responsibility, he saw a marked improvement in the household.

He finished his toast, and after Helena refilled his coffee, headed upstairs to his room to get dressed, passing the glass walled shower room for the females. He looked in and saw Celestia. The tall blonde was slowly massaging soap over her body. Melvin watched as she slowly turned to face him. She gave him a smile as the soap dripped off her medium sized breasts.

Melvin raised his eyebrows and continued on to his room. He sighed and wondered if leaving today was such a good idea after all. He opened the door to the master bedroom and saw Aatun sitting up in his bed, the bed covers concealing only her knees. The brunette was shorter than Celestia, but still had a curvy body with slightly larger breasts.

“Hi, Aatun.”

“Good morning, Master Melvin.”

“I guess I better let you get up.” He reached at the foot of the bed and unlatched the chain to her ankle cuff holding her captive to the bed.

“Thank you. I want to look good before you leave.” She gave him a kiss and walked slowly out of the room, her hips gently swaying.

He looked at the door several seconds after she had left and began to get ready. Melvin was born on Earth was average in height but muscular, partly due to his work as a geologist. His friends nicknamed him the Hairy Hercules. He walked to his washroom and stood in front of the viewscreen, dragging a comb through his black hair. “Last shave for a few days.”

He picked up the electric razor, mentally listing the things he had to do today, knowing he wouldn’t have a second chance to do things out in the Keswick region of Praxton. After he finished dressing he headed downstairs, satisfied he hadn’t forgotten anything.


Melvin relaxed in the living room, checking the latest weather reports on his handheld when first Aatun, and then Celestia came to him after walking downstairs.

Aatun was wearing a skirt and an open cloth vest. A chain dangled in the opening that Melvin surmised was attached to a pair of nipple jewellery. Celestia was wearing a dress made of a soft white material that made it obvious she was not wearing anything else. Both women wore a collar that matched their ankle and wrist cuffs, although Aatun left her black metal restraints unattached. Celestia wore blue faux-leather restraints, plus a waist chain where five gold chains went to each cuff and the collar.

“Hello Celestia, Aatun.”

“Hello Master Melvin,” they replied in unison. They approached him slowly and knelt in front of him.

Melvin looked at them and then at Helena and raised his eyebrows. “I’m going to miss you two.”





NS Howard "Praxton: Book 3"


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