The Battle For Freedom

Praxton - Book Two

by N.S. Howard

The planet Praxton refused to adhere to the Charter of Conduct, prompting the Alliance Worlds to take military action against it and free the female population from what they perceive to be slavery. Praxton is under seize and in danger of losing its independence when Terri Baxtor comes up with a plan to save their way of life.


Chapter One 

Terri sat next to Allison on the couch, listening to the newscast on the view screen. Normally, when she was visiting Allison at Master Alex Greggory’s home, she had fun laughing with the other five other females as they drank wine and ate snacks. As the night progressed, some of the females often ended up losing their clothes as well. Terri found Allison had a way of not only getting her to lose her clothes, but also managing to join her cuffs together, leaving Terri at her mercy.

Tonight everyone was in a sombre mood as they heard how Alliance forces had launched spacecraft to shut down all transport to and from Praxton and the rest of the galaxy. The only spacecraft to leave were either carrying tourists, or goods purchased loaded on ships belonging to Alliance worlds. Soon all ships would be denied the right to leave or enter Praxton.

The next stage, according to the reports, would be more negotiations between Praxton and Alliance worlds. Unless Praxton was willing to sign the Charter of Conduct, the Alliance Forces would be landing on Praxton to take control of the government. The news reported that for Praxton to sign the Charter of Conduct would likely mean a change in social behaviour on the planet. It might mean the end of the guardian and female relationship currently used on Praxton. Whips, lockable collar and cuffs might also be banned, along with other unique Praxton devices.

So far, the negotiations were not going well. It appeared the Alliance military was going to be setting a deadline for compliance.

Terri and the others went to bed earlier than normal and, as usual, Terri shared a bed with Allison. Terri made herself comfortable earlier in the evening by removing her top and ended wearing only her skirt. She was used to being undressed in the room with the other females watching the view screen and on more than one occasion ended up nude before going to bed.

Allison, had also on one instance, lightly spanked her in front of the others as she lay naked over her lap, her wrists cuffed behind her back. Terri understood the spanking was a way for Allison to show the others in the room they were intimate with each other. By having Terri cuffed, it showed that Allison was also dominant over her. Praxton females often patted other females on the cheek as a sign of friendship, and a light spanking indicated they were more than friends. It was not necessarily a sign that one was always dominant, though Allison generally tried to get Terri partially undressed and have her wrist cuffs joined together or attached to a short chain when she came over. Terri was usually willing to submit to the younger, smaller but more aggressive female.

Allison was the most junior female under Master Alex, but the others didn’t object to her claim over Terri. Allison usually had the fewest visits from Master Alex and generally had to obey the other females in the household. However, Terri was outside the household and had been befriended by Allison, so the senior female Angela thought it was a good opportunity for Allison to express herself sexually.

Terri undressed first and then slid into bed. She watched Allison fold her clothes as she took them off.

“Would you leave your wrist cuffs on, Allison?”

Allison looked at her and then left them on. She climbed into bed and wrapped her arms around Terri.

Terri gave her a hug as they lay on their sides facing each other.

“I’m worried how this is going to end Allison.”

“Me too. Maybe the stupid Charter of Conduct is going to stop females from sleeping together too.”

Terri kissed her. “No matter what happens we will be friends, close friends. Understand?”

Allison nodded. “I love you Terri.”

“I love you too.” She gave her a long kiss.

Angela, the senior female, walked into the room. “You two okay?”

Terri answered, “Just a little worried, that’s all.”

Angela went to the foot of the bed and attached a locked cuff and chain to each woman’s ankle. She then attached the other end of the chain to the bed. As a senior female, she was responsible for all females under Master Alex, as well as female guests. Traditionally, females were chained to the bed at night, usually with the ankle, but sometimes the wrist or a chain to the collar. Unlike some households, the chains were locked into the place, and Allison and Terri would have to wait for Angela to return in the morning to be released from the bed. For emergencies, a coated key was left within reach. If the emergency key was used, the coating was scraped off as it was inserted into the key hole to show it had been used. Rather than trying to explain why the key was used, most females preferred to call out to the senior female they were in need of assistance. “Try to get some sleep, tomorrow might be a busy day.”

After Angela left, Terri slid down and placed her mouth over Allison’s nipple, sucking on it as her tongue licked at it. She paused when she heard Allison moan and went to the other breast. She continued to kiss and suck on Allison’s nipples and slowly placed her hand between Allison’s legs.

Allison moaned again and spread her legs.

“Good, I got a reaction there. Roll onto your tummy and put your hands behind your back.”

Allison rolled over and crossed her wrists.

Terri latched the wrists cuffs together. “Now I have you for a change.”

“I guess you do.” She looked over at Terri, slightly surprised at her aggressiveness.

Terri played her fingertips over Allison’s ass and then squeezed her cheeks. “I want to give you a spanking.”

Allison looked over her shoulder at her. “I would like that.”

“I know.” Terri used her palm to strike Allison’s ass, alternating between the cheeks. Each hit was hard and Allison struggled not to cry out.

“Now roll over on your back.”

Allison wiggled around until she was on her back, spreading her legs before she was told to do so.

Terri kissed her on her lips and then moved down, laying a carpet of kisses down her neck and to her breasts, where she worked Allison’s nipples with her tongue. She continued to kiss and lick at her skin, sliding down over her stomach. She dropped her head between Allison’s legs and used her tongue to lick at her pussy.

Allison lifted her hips and cried out as Terri’s mouth covered her pussy. She continued to work on her pussy with her hands squeezing Allison’s breasts, pinching the engorged nipples. Allison finally cried out one final time and shuddered as her hips fell back to the bed.

“Oh, I do believe I got you good that time.”

“You sure did.”

Terri held Allison in her arms and hugged her.

“That was very nice, Terri. Why don’t you undo my cuffs and I’ll do you too?”

“No, I think I’ll leave those cuffs joined together tonight.”


“Because I think I’m going to give you another spanking in the morning. I really enjoy paddling you then. There is something to spanking a female when she’s under your control.”

“Okay, I’d rather you spank me than some other female.”

“Slide down a bit.”

Allison moved down and Terri pushed her head between her breasts. She positioned a nipple at Allison’s lips where she opened her mouth and slowly sucked.

“Hmm, that feels nice. I can sleep like this.”

Allison sighed, “Me too.”

Terri said thoughtfully, “I wanted you to know tonight that I’ll take care of you if things between the Alliance Forces and Praxton get out of hand.”

“Thanks.” She kissed Terri’s breasts. “I feel real good and safe right now.”




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