Slaves Of The Rogue World

Praxton - Book One

by N.S. Howard

Terri Baxter is sent as a spy by the Charter of Conduct Office to report on the deviate behaviour on Praxton. The government of Alliance Worlds is appalled that Praxton women are required to wear collars to identify who their male guardian is. In addition females wear decorative cufffs and revealing clothes, making them known as the sexist women in the galaxy. Terri's investigation leads her past the decadent tourist zone, and she infiltrates the real Praxton. Slowly she falls for the Praxton lifestyle, where she has to choose between love and submission or her mission.


Chapter One

 Tilly Crawford eased her bulk forward on her chair.  “This assignment is difficult for us to ask you to do. Because of the nature of this assignment, it is both dangerous and degrading to women; we are going to allow you to refuse it without having a negative impact on your personnel file.”

Terri Baxter pushed back her long blonde hair with her left hand as she studied her notepad.  The preamble about her assignment she now knew well enough; to gather information about Praxton and infiltrate areas of government and military.

“I understand I’m to arrive as a tourist and then make application to stay?”

“Yes.  The second part, staying on Praxton is what worries us. It will require that you seek out a guardian to enable you to live outside the tourist zone. A guardian is a man who controls one or more women. You will have to wear a collar that identifies him as your guardian. In essence you will be his slave and virtually without any Alliance protection.”

Terri looked up; her heart began to beat faster. “Wear a collar?”

“Yes. We are also aware that you may also have to wear cuffs. It is an awful thing to subject the women to, but so far we cannot act against the Praxton government. Several years ago, we convinced Praxton to exchange diplomatic offices. We expected to receive numerous women seeking immigration to Alliance worlds and protection from their guardians. We could then follow up on those complaints as a way to show the true nature of the Praxton government.”

“What happened?”

Crawford pursed her lips. “There were almost no complaints at all and none seeking to leave Praxton.  In fact, there continue to be many people, especially women, seeking to immigrate to Praxton. I have absolutely no idea why.”

“When do I need to let you know about the assignment?”

“As soon as possible; I recommend that you go to the tourist zone first and if you believe you won’t be able to handle the rest of the assignment, to contact us then.”

* * * *

Terri sat in her hotel room, located in the same group of buildings that included the Charter of Conduct Offices and read the information in front of her. Her notepad was the size of a magazine and worked on verbal commands or by a holographic keyboard. It included a wireless link to the world around her, enabling her to download any magazine, movie or live video. She also used it to pay for purchases in stores or restaurants.

She flipped to a new screen to read the information, ignoring the icon that indicated she had four messages waiting.

Praxton is a world dominated by its military. The government is an extension of the military and while it is the face presented to the population and other worlds, it is in fact merely there for cosmetic appearances.

All visitors must arrive in the city of Racon, the fourth largest city on the planet.  Racon is divided into two sections; an inner core that caters to tourists and an outer core that serves as a buffer between the rest of the planet and the outsiders.

The inner core that most people think of as Praxton is used primarily for propaganda purposes and to gather Sol Alliance credits. The core offers a number of attractions, some of them notably illegal in other worlds that include gambling, high alcohol content drinks, drugs, temporary and permanent gene therapy, pornography and various sexual entertainments. Visitors are treated well and experience none of the dangers associated with the rest of the world.

The rest of Praxton is considerably different, more so after leaving the outer core of Racon.  Though the population of Praxton is almost sixty percent female, it is a male dominated society. Female employment is subservient to men and of lower pay. In addition almost all females are required to have a male guardian to be allowed to move freely about on Praxton. A female without a male guardian is in danger of being captured by a male and forced to obey him. The male guardian does not have to be present at all times to ensure the female’s safety as a female normally wears a restraint such as a collar or wrist bands that identify the name of her guardian. Note: a transmitter can be located in the restraint that allows the guardian to track her whereabouts and also gives the authorities the ability to verify her guardian.

Praxton is averse to accepting the Charter of Conduct and tries to limit contact of its population with the Sol Alliance except in the tourist area of Racon. Men from other worlds are rarely given permission to live and work outside of Racon, though females are not considered a threat and as a consequence are allowed to work on Praxton after applying for work status once in Racon. This explains why the female population is much higher than the male, though it fails to provide a reason why females are so willing to migrate to Praxton.

Terri closed her notebook. The financial incentive for going to Praxton was excellent but she began to wonder what she may be getting herself into. She was to pose as a tourist that liked Praxton so much that she wanted to stay on the planet for a year to work. From that point on she was to make weekly reports and send them to the Charter of Conduct offices. The reports were coded and changed on her notebook to look like ordinary messages to various acquaintances but there was always some danger she could be caught by the Praxton authorities. She began to wonder what it would be like to wear a collar, what kind of sensation it would be.

She took a deep breath and sent a message to Tilly Crawford accepting the assignment.


N.S. Howard "Praxton Book 1"


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