New Releases

Jack Slade: Red Tides by Richard Dawes

"Red Tides"

Jack Slade #7

by Richard Dawes

When a black magician takes up residence in Stanton, a city on the east coast, people begin to go missing. A dark rumor spreads to the effect that the magician ritually kills his victims to assimilate their power. When a young woman disappears under mysterious circumstances, Jack Slade, Demon Hunter, is called in to investigate.

The Spiral Staircase and Other Novellas by Clive Radford

"The Spiral Staircase and Other Novellas"

by Clive Radford

Differing themes and voices, some classic, some contemporary, others though mysterious, planted firmly in reality. All used to depict an assortment of psychological suspense thrillers, coming of age sagas and modern satires.

Jack Slade Hunter of Shadows by Richard Dawes

"Hunter of Shadows"

Jack Slade #6

Richard Dawes

An archaeological professor disappears in the jungles of Guatemala while searching for an ancient Mayan city. The professor’s daughter hires Jack Slade to go into the jungle, find him and bring him back. Slade leaves a blood spattered trail as he battles wild natives, gun runners, an evil sorceress bent on ruling the world, and finally confronts, in a battle of power, the ancient magician-king of the Mayan city.

Shadows by Peter J. Manos


by Peter J. Manos

Though land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles are sitting ducks on hair-trigger alert, they have their supporters: the air force, the aero-space industry, and people whose jobs may depend on them.

So who will campaign against a new, unnecessary, and dangerous silo-based missile?

Why a seventy-eight-year-old red-headed widow, of course, who sometimes wears a witch’s hat.

Siren Song by George Dismukes

"Siren Song"

by George Dismukes

She is the last siren on earth. She has lived for almost two thousand years. But now, she fears for her existence. More and more, sport scuba divers are taking dive trips to The Great Blue Hole of The Caribbean, unaware that “The Hole” is the siren’s lair.

She hatches a plan. In her mind, if she can kill everyone aboard a dive boat at The Great Blue Hole, she will create fear of the location, and visitors will stay away. Will it work? Morphed as a beautiful woman, she joins a dive safari group along the Texas coast that is bound for Lighthouse Reef and The Great Blue Hole. She feels that by working ‘from the inside’ she can easily kill every person on board, one at a time. Will her plan work? The main fly in the ointment is none other than a twelve year old boy. Can he stop her murderous fury? If he can’t, everyone aboard the pleasure craft, SIREN SONG, is doomed.

Rabbithole by Melissa Rea


Nights of Alice #1

by Melissa Rea

Last night, clothes began appearing in Alice Hightower’s closet at sunset. She might find bell bottoms from the seventies or a beaded flapper’s dress from the twenties, but they fit perfectly. She slips on the outfits and opens her balcony door to another place and time where extraordinary men fill her nights.

CEO of a medical device company about to unveil a revolutionary heart bypass product, Alice escapes her challenging days to the adventures beyond her balcony door. How could her smoldering VP of sales, or her fascinating assistant compare to Tweedle Don and Tweedle Dan, twin doctors from the seventies, or the sixties rock group who scolds Alice for being late for their very important date. At forty-nine, after two divorces, relating to her male coworkers has been entirely too complicated. When industrial espionage threatens her company, Alice has to save the position that defines her, discover the truth of her fantastic travels and decide if the real men in her life might be more satisfying than those she enjoys by night.

State of Innocence by S. K. Mason & Debra Scacciaferro

"State of Innocence"

by S.K. Mason
Debra Scacciaferro

Becoming a child therapist has been a dream-come true for suburban wife and mother Kimberley Mason. Happily

married with three children of her own, Kimberley Mason starts a new job working with low-income families at an inner city clinic. One case captures her heart—grief therapy for a troubled little girl traumatized by the tragic loss of her eight-month-old brother to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Having lost a baby herself, Kimberley believes she is uniquely qualified to help Alexia Mackenzie, her younger sister Jayleen, and their family work through their loss. But Kimberley slowly discovers lies, secrets, and deep cracks in the foundation of parents Connor and Isabella Mackenzie’s lives. Alexia begins to remember what happened the night her brother died—a secret that threatens to tear the family apart.

Thrown into an emotional cyclone, Kimberley faces an impossible choice: will she fulfill her legal and moral obligations and put her own family at risk, or stay silent and risk the lives of Alexia and Jayleen?

The Jaguar's Quest

"The Jaguar's Quest"

Two Faces of the Jaguar #3

by George Dismukes

Many secrets are hidden within the darkness of the jungle. Behold this one about a man, a woman, a black jaguar, and an ancient Mayan legend.

When Andrea Granger was assigned to go to Honduras, ‘get inside and gather evidence’ against the DEA’s main suspect, she was determined to accomplish her mission with the same efficiency as in her previous assignments. But that was before she met her culprit, Brandon Shaw.

He melted her heart and her resolve, and so did Naja, Brandon’s 300 pound black jaguar and closest companion. She quickly discovered there was much more to Brandon Shaw than met the eye, and just as quickly, she found her mission in jeopardy. Instead of arresting him, she became determined to rescue the flawed man of the jungle. But could she successfully extricate him from the web he had tangled himself in?

As if that weren’t enough, she found that Brandon Shaw was somehow connected to a thousand year old Mayan legend which threatened to destroy everything. Unprepared, she found herself having to deal with an ancient spirit determined to kill her.

Savage Sword by Richard Dawes

"Savage Sword"

Wolf Slayer Saga #10

by Richard Dawes

Valka the Wolf Slayer is taken into slavery, deprived of his star sword, and put to work in the mines. Against impossible odds, he rises from the mines to become a gladiator in the arena, then to a military commander, and finally to a king maker when he overthrows the kingdom.

Little Raven by A. J. Wildman

"Little Raven"

Spekter #2

by A. J. Wildman

Nearly a year has passed since Michael Cassidy escaped BioTech, and he and his wife, Kate, want nothing more than to move on with their lives. However, the being inside Michael only grows stronger and until he understands his past, he’ll never fully embrace his future.

Bold and brazen, Ileana has recently escaped her captors. Their paths are destined to collide, and when they do nothing will ever be the same.

In the world of the Augmented, a sacrifice made requires a sacrifice given. Only time will tell how many will fall in order to set the caged birds free.

Monsoon in the Making by Clive Radford

"Monsoon in the Making

by Clive Radford

Set against the turbulence leading to the Arab Spring, Glyn Sumner and his comrades have unexpected encounters in Tunis, profoundly affecting their futures.

On sojourn, Sumner and the crew of the schooner Poseidon voyage around the Med. Finding solace away from the ever-imposing regulations and sterility of Blighty, they experience transcendence and seminal life in North African ports.

Tunis brings bewildering confrontations for the crew with Saleh, an Ethiopian asylum seeker suspected of crime and terrorist involvement, and Chief of Police Colonel Nassar, responsible for homeland security.

Off Sicily, Poseidon’s crew witnesses an asylum seeker sea rescue by the coast guard. They wonder if Saleh is aboard, or whether he is shaking hands with Neptune. Glyn ponders if the dark side also beckons them, visions of a European dystopia on the horizon.

Dragons in the Water by J. H. Wear

"Dragons in the Water"

J. H. Wear

Two recently betrothed private investigators, working out of the same office, travel vastly different paths, as they take on two unrelated missing person cases. Their trails take them through idyllic lands, darkened by underworld intrigue, carnal temptation, twisted relationships, and personal tragedy. Little do the investigators know that the two roads they are traveling in the end will place them on a collision course in a manner entirely unexpected, testing not only their professional skills but their faith in each other.

When The Sugarbush Blooms by Linda Hayes

"When the Sugarbush Blooms"

by Linda Hayes

When The Sugarbush Blooms is an epic tale of two young lovers from Africa, cruelly ripped from their home and unwittingly thrust into the American Slave trade during the final days of the Civil War. A period when the road to Freedom was a mere breath away and the long sought after dream was about to become a reality.

Beaten and near death, Abraham is found by a poor, white, family. They nurse his physical wounds, but it is a spirited mountain girl who holds the key to unlocking Abraham’s secrets. When he discovers that his beloved Matteau is caught up in the Slave trade, his rush to rescue her sparks a chain of disastrous events.

When The Sugarbush Blooms is a dramatic account of their journey of survival, triumphs and tribulations. When their childhood love bloomed, the taste was as sweet as the golden nectar from the flowers of the legendary African Sugrabush. It infused their existence with a fire that consumed the heart and mind. Time and distance fueled a burning flame that was stronger than any shackles of iron.

iBully by Roy Dimond

"I, Bully"

by Roy Dimond

I, Bully addresses the serious issue of cyber bullying. What makes this story unique is that it is told from the perspective of both the bully and the victim.

The two main characters, the victim, Hannah and the bully, Eric, learn from each other in ways they could never have imagined.

Hannah is a typical young girl in grade 8. She's completely focused on friends and feels her family doesn't understand. Hannah also feels invisible and her perception is that her older sister gets all the attention. It’s a good, middle class family, but struggling. Eric is also in grade 8, but his family is dysfunctional. Dad drinks and mom is barely keeping it together. Eric is filled with rage and takes it out on everyone.

Eventually, spirit quests and restorative justice help build relationships that lead to enlightenment and reconciliation.

Roy Dimond's exciting new novel I, Bully will empower and touch all who read it.

Sword of Mycenae

"Sword of Mycenae"

Wolf Slayer Saga #9

by Richard Dawes

While passing through the Caucasus Mountains, Valka the Wolf Slayer encounters the hero, Heracles of Thebes. He battles Heracles several times, each fight resulting in a draw. After they free Prometheus from the chains binding him to a mountain peak, the three men decide to continue on together. Valka is with Heracles when he battles the Stymphalian Birds, wrestles the giant, Antaios, fights the man-killing Amazons, steals the Golden Apples of the Hesperides, and descends with him to the Underworld to bring back the demon-dog, Cerberus. In a dramatic finale, Valka accompanies Heracles to his funeral pyre, and lights the fire upon which the hero will ascend to Olympus.

Veni, Vidi, Vero

"Veni, Vidi, Vero"

Very Vero #1

by Gretchen Rose

Smart and wickedly funny … a ribald, rollicking mid-life coming-of-age story.

When Tara discovers that her husband’s late nights in the city are hiding an affair with a younger woman, the illusion of her perfect little world is shattered in an instant. Determined to reclaim her dreams, she relocates to Vero Beach, a posh seaside community abutting the Atlantic. There, she purchases an older home on the barrier island, never imagining that this charming enclave hides a seamy underbelly where dark intrigue lurks.

... an intricately woven story of love, friendship, and metamorphosis

Retained as piano instructor to young Harry, Tara soon finds herself entangled in the affairs of his mysterious father, the wealthy tycoon, Nathan McCourt. As Tara's home is being renovated, a strange thing happens: she undergoes a transformation of her own. She is stronger, more confident, and happier than she ever imagined possible. Only one thing is missing from this rosy picture: the man of her dreams. It isn't until a category 4 hurricane blows into town, that all the divergent plot lines are knit up, and Tara finally gets her happily ever after.