Fate's Prison

Promise Me - Book 14

by Tara Fox Hall

When a simple loving encounter with Devlin raises the ghost of his long-dead paramour, Rene, Sarelle intervenes, saving Rene’s soul from the demon Shaker. Forced to share her body with Rene, Sarelle works diligently with the sorceress’s ghost to magically build her a new body, even as attacks by vampire hunters escalate, threatening all Sarelle holds dear. As Hayden’s defenses crumble, Sarelle magically escapes certain death only to become Michael’s prisoner along with Lash. Faced with an eternity of captivity and Lash’s impending death, Sarelle forges a Hellish pact, changing her life forever.


That next morning, I woke first. Glancing at the clock, I saw that I’d woken a good hour early. Lash and Devlin were still asleep, but entangled with me to the point I knew I’d wake them up if I moved. So instead of moving, I lay there thinking, my head resting in the crook of Devlin’s outstretched shoulder, absently stroking Lash’s arm that lay across my chest.

The last months had been peaceful to the point I sometimes felt as if I were dreaming. Apart from an attack by a group of vampire hunters who hadn’t gotten even to our front yard, and the traumatic loss of my faithful black German Shepherd, Darkness, to cancer, my life was close to Heaven. Devlin’s dual Ruling duties for both the Canadian and United States Territories kept him busy, and Lash was also busy with his own “work,” both on Dev’s behalf and as a private contractor. That uncomfortable fact, in addition to Lash’s predilection for live food, his endless nightmares and resulting violent awakenings, and hot temper, had taken some time to adjust to. But our Oath was working well, by and large. Devlin’s insistence on me meeting his two dearest friends, Cain and Kyle, for some private time—read: orgy—hadn’t gone over so well with either Lash or I, but we’d negotiated that landmine, too. I was no longer a creature controlled by my desires; I was the woman I used to be, if a little more laid back, a few years older, and with more than a little maturity to show for the last years of greater than my fair share of supernatural stress.

My daughter Elle was in college, my son Theoron—better known as T—was running Solutions, Inc. with my ex-husband Theo and Terian, and my other daughter V was already onto texting as a recreational activity, being best friends with Europe’s vampire lord’s daughter, Sharon. Terian had married his longtime lover Sundown last January and they were expecting a baby girl very soon. Theo had married my replacement, Jenny, the newly-turned werecougar, and they were living at Danial’s old house with T, and also trying for a baby. I had Oathed to both Danial and Devlin close to Christmas, with Lash as part of my pact. He and I were officially mated. And I was NOT trying for a baby with either of my lovers, and very glad of that fact.

I was still grieving the loss of my werecougar son Devon, but that was healing little by little, too. After all the bloodshed and death and struggle, these last months had been just what I needed: a chance to recover and rebuild my life. With my newfound peace, I was hopeful again about the future the way I hadn’t been for a long time.

"Fates Prison" by Tara Fox Hall


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