Seeking Sir Gwain

Book Two

by Shari Dare

Keith Fletcher and Ian Brice are both on a mission to find the missing Gwain McGowan. Their quest takes them to the hut of the old hag, Tabitha. Even though many years separate the two of them coming to her to seek Gwain, they are both sent to the same place and time, Minter, WI 2008.

Emily Cranston and her roommate, Julie Langdon, are both older women who have given up on ever having sex again. When they find two interesting postings in a dating column of the paper, they decide it's time to take a chance and see if they can find love.


Chapter One

Fletcher Manor – Scotland – 1475

 Keith Fletcher paced the great room of his manor. It was true he was an old man. At the age of sixty, he’d fathered three children, the first of these when he was a lad of sixteen and his wife, Mary Kate, was fourteen. Their daughter Morna had been the light of their lives but their sons, Gavin and Jon, had not lived past their fifth birthdays.

The closest thing he had to a son was his sister’s youngest, Gwain McGowan. At the age of six, he had been fostered into Keith’s care. Gwain had become the son Keith had been denied over the years. Even Mary Kate came to love the boy as her own. They had both agreed that he would be the heir to the estates.

How could things have changed so drastically over the years? It had all started in 1468 when Gwain’s older brother called him home. Three years later, the lad returned to Fletcher Manor and announced he wanted to give up his inheritance to go in search of the woman who had captured his heart.

In a story that was too strange to believe, Gwain had been asked to father a son for his brother and then leave, never to see the boy again. It was hard for Keith to believe that his other nephew, Charles, now preferred the company of men to that of women, and he grieved for the young wife who Gwain had serviced and given a son.

Even more bizarre was that he had learned from Gwain the woman he had fallen in love with was a time traveler from a far distant twenty-first century. From what Gwain told him, the woman who was to be Charles’ wife had begged an old crone to allow her to change places with a future incarnation. Once she did, it was that woman who graced Gwain’s bed and stole his heart.

When Gwain left on his quest to find the woman who had returned to her own time, leaving the real Davida to raise her child, Keith had finished the needed paperwork to make his grandson, Jamie, his legal heir. Now, the boy was old enough to accept his inheritance and take over the running of Fletcher Manor.

“What weighs so heavily on your mind, Keith?” Athena, the woman he had bought from a slaver so many years ago, asked.

“My thoughts have been filled with Gwain of late,” Keith admitted. “I feel the need to find the lad and assure myself that the life he has chosen is fulfilling for him.”

“But how can you find him? You told me that he went in search of the old crone who could send him into the future.”

“So I did. I have located the old woman and she has told me of how she sent him into the future to find the woman who is there called Denise. I have offered her a king’s ransom in gold to send me there as well.”

The look on Athena’s face was one of sorrow. “You are planning to leave me behind, aren’t you? What will become of me?”

Keith took his lover in his arms. “You know that you have given me more pleasure than anyone other than my dear wife. The time you spent within the harem of a rich man of the eastern lands has served you well. You are still young enough to do whatever it is you want with your life. I have purchased you a fine house in the Inverness, where you can do whatever you wish. I have long known of your secret wish to be able to train young women in the fine art of lovemaking.”

“I wouldn’t even know where to start such a venture.”

“I’ve thought of that as well. After speaking with several influential men, I have taken care of that for you. There are many men who would like to come to such a school with their young wives. Not only would the women be trained, but also the men. You will be able to teach them how to love each other. There are even men who are willing to send their sons to you to be trained in the same way as you have trained Gwain. You will make a good living for many years, as you are still a young and beautiful woman.”

Athena hugged him tightly. “This is, indeed, something I have always longed for. I thank you for making my dream come true. Before you leave on your quest, I would like to give you a parting gift. Tonight will be our last together and I plan to make it most memorable for both of us.” She slipped her hand, expertly, beneath his kilt and grasped his cock tightly. As though he was a prize stallion, she led him from the great room to the bedchamber where they would spend a delightful evening.

Once they were out of sight and into the darkened hall, she boldly removed her hand from his cock to caress his balls. The action prompted him to pull her into his arms. Beneath her plaid, he found the swell of her breast and pinched the nipple in anticipation of the delights that would be forthcoming once they were in his bed.

Keith enjoyed the attentions she was giving him so much he swept her into his arms to carry her to the room where they had shared pleasures for the past fifteen years. She had been a young girl of but twenty when he first purchased her. After granting her freedom, he had enjoyed many hours of delightful lovemaking. She had also trained Gwain to be the lover who was able to give such great pleasure to Charles’ wife and leave her with the child Charles desired.

As soon as they entered the bedchamber, Keith knew that Athena had planned tonight in advance. A tub of steaming water sat in front of the hearth where a fire blazed in the grate.

"Seducing Sir Gwain" - Shari Dare


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