Seducing Sir Gwain

Book One

by Shari Dare

Denise Hopkins can't believe her eyes when her Ouija Board spells out My name is Gwain. I knew you in 1470. You were my brother's wife and I was your lover. After an erotic dream, Denise wakes up in the body of Davida Brice who is about to be married to the handsome Robert when Charles McGowan announces she belongs to him and takes her as his wife. Gwain McGowan has been called to McGowan manor to become the surrogate father for his brother's son. Known for his sexual conquests he has no doubt he can father a child, but doing so for his brother is something else. Once he meets Davida he is afraid he will not be able to leave her once the child is christened.


“Gwain. The pointer on the Ouija board spelled out the name Denise Hopkins had only read about in King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table.

“Are you Sir Gwain?” her friend Lydia Thompson asked.

The answer was an immediate, “No, but I am named for him.”

Both women giggled. They had been playing the spiritual game on their lunch hour for years, always taking little stock in the answers the mystical board gave. The predictions rarely came true and when they did it was certainly like a blind squirrel finding a nut.

Without asking the questions, the pointer spelled out a message. “I lived in Scotland.”

Gwain was different from any spirit they had ever contacted in the past and they wanted to know more. Usually their spirits were women who predicted things like grandchildren that never materialized and jobs that were nonexistent.

“I knew you in 1470.”

Denise and Lydia exchanged surprised glances. “Who did you know?” Denise asked.

“You,” came the answer.

“Were you my husband?” she questioned, winking broadly at Lydia.

“You were my brother’s wife and we were lovers.”

Denise and Lydia pulled their hands away from the board at the same time.

“I don’t even want to know any more about this guy,” Denise declared.

“Do you think he really was your lover in a past life?”

“Of course not, but it was creepy.”

Lydia closed up the box and put the game away. They’d decided to play this afternoon to try and see what their future held. Denise had just lost her job and was coping alone since her husband of forty years had died suddenly almost a year earlier.

“It would be fun to have a phantom lover,” Lydia said when she returned to the kitchen. “Can you even begin to imagine how much fun it would be to have an affair with a handsome Scotsman?”

Denise began to laugh. “How handsome can he be after being dead for five centuries?”

“You know what I meant. He could materialize as a young man and sweep you off your feet. You know what they say about life on the other side—everyone there is thirty and gorgeous. It could prove interesting to have a ghost as a lover.”

The two women again had a good laugh over the idea of ghosts materializing in the bedroom. It didn’t take them long to move on to other subjects of conversation, like what they thought was going on at the place where Denise had worked for so long, since she was no longer there.

After a light supper, Denise sat down to watch TV. Just my luck, they’re showing Braveheart tonight. Of course it’s just a coincidence.

Mel Gibson made a dashing Scotsman, leading his men into battle. Her favorite part of the movie was when the Scots mooned the British army, which also proved to Denise that they wore nothing under their kilts.

With the end of the movie, Denise turned off the living room TV and went into the bedroom. Since she still didn’t like going to bed alone, she switched on the bedroom TV and set the timer.

Law & Order SVU played out the plot of this evening’s show, while Denise fell asleep, secure in the knowledge the TV would shut itself off at eleven when the show ended.

Dreams took over when her conscious thought ended. In the dream, a beautiful young woman wearing a Scottish plaid appeared. Her long red hair accented the color of the plaid perfectly.

"Seducing Sir Gwain" - Shari Dare


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