Melissa Rea

Jeannine Henvey

As a little girl, Melissa Rea would fall asleep whispering stories to herself in the dark. She got in to trouble in elementary school for embellishing when the truth just seemed too mundane. She grew up and the stories became just daydreams and she pursued a sensible career. Melissa filled her spare time with the wondrous worlds of Bram Stoker, Mary Shelly, Robert Heinlein, Philippa Gregory, Stephen King, Dean Coontz, Jackie Collins, Jennifer Weiner, Sarah Dunant and any and all authors who caught her fancy. And still, the stories in her head were there, now influenced by the delicious words of others. One day, the stories could no longer be contained, and she began to write novels. Conjuring Casanova was published in 2016 and was a Recommended Idie Book by Kirkus Review. It won first place in the Beverly Hills International Book Awards for Romantic Comedy, a first place in ReadersViews Reviewers Choice Awards for Romance and was a finalist in Forward Reviews Book of the Year in the Romance category. She lives in St. Louis where she has a solo dental practice and lives with her husband and rescue cats.




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