The Feast of Yule

A Forgetting Fallenwood Short

by Leslie D. Soule

Ash Kensington gets to spend her first holiday in the fantasy realm known as Fallenwood. Her friends, the sorcerer Will Everett, the court jester Terces Solario, and the cat who was once a human, Greymalkin, are put in charge of watching a trio of unruly gnomes over the weekend, and chaos breaks loose! Join Ash and her friends as they celebrate the holiday known as The Feast of Yule!


“Gnomes?” exclaimed Ash, clasping her hands together. The apple she’d been holding fell through the air and Greymalkin let out a loud meow, dashing out of its way. She felt the ladder shake beneath her with the shifting of weight. She steadied the ladder she stood on as the apple hit the dirt with a loud thud.

“Yes,” replied Greymalkin, the cat, setting his paws up on the first rung of the ladder.

Ash gazed excitedly into the cat’s amber eyes. “Gnomes though—like the ones with the little red pointy hats?” They exist here! Oh, that takes me back to when I was a kid watching David the Gnome on TV. This is going to be great.

“They’re really not that exciting,” Greymalkin replied in a bored tone. “In any case, Will agreed to watch the gypsy Starlight’s garden gnomes while she travels to Oaken Spire for the holidays. My understanding is that there are only three of them, all about a year old.”

“Aww!” Ash replied. “Little baby gnomes. I bet they’re absolutely adorable.”

“Once one of them kicks you, you won’t think it’s so cute,” said Greymalkin. “They’re full-size at a year old, Ash, and meaner than Malegaunt’s personal guard hounds.”

Ash tried to imagine what the guard hounds belonging to Malegaunt, servant of the cosmic force known as The Poison, might look like. She pictured menacing Dobermans with glowing red eyes and foam dripping from their mouths, ready to rip apart anything that moved. Then she pictured garden gnomes, like the statues people put up next to their geraniums. The two images did not compute. She sat there, befuddled, wondering if she’d just blown a fuse, and needed to reset a circuit breaker somewhere in her brain.

"Feast of Yule" by Leslie D. Soule



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