An Erotic Psychological Thriller

by Jim Daddio

An erotic physiological thriller that digs deep into the minds of those who are trapped in world of adult entertainment. It’s not only the customers who are hooked, but the exotic dancers who can’t escape the world they live in.

A.J. Danelli is a homicide detective on the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department in Tampa, Florida. He recently went through a nasty divorce and finds himself drowning in alcohol and self-pity. And at the same time, he is introduced to the world of the exotic dancer. He has fallen into the dark world of the ‘lap dance.’ He is hooked on a dancer named Sunset.

As the story unfolds, A.J. is giving a deposition to the District Attorney. He tells his story on how he became hooked on an exotic dancer, and at the same time, reviews the investigation him and his partner did to track a serial killer before he kills again. 

A.J. confronts the killer. The maniac has Sunset. In a wild and gripping ending, A.J. comes face to face with the killer and at the same time he must face his own demons. He realizes he has something in common with the killer. They both are “Hooked”.


Chapter One

Nothing ever bothered Jack Clinton. He was a low key, quiet man, who worked hard and kept to himself. He had been employed at EncoLube for fifteen years, not missing a day. He was never promoted or cared about it. Jack was the head mechanic and did his job well. He liked hockey and pro football. Both violent sports. Didn’t like golf, tennis, hunting, fishing or baseball. Jack called them pussy sports.

Jack seldom dated, and if he did, it was because a fellow worker fixed him up. If the dates weren’t interested in sex right away, he wouldn’t call them back. It they were, he would have sex with them a few times and then never call back or return their calls. He loved the porn sites on his computer. He spent hours every night watching young woman having sex with men and better yet, with other women.

When he got horny enough he would go to his favorite strip club and then to a massage parlor that specialized in young, Asian girls. He soon found out that for a price he could get all the sex he needed. It was much better than spending a long night with a date wondering if he would get any action.

He wore his brown hair long, just above his shoulders. He had a thick mustache, and thick eyelashes. He was just over six feet tall, thin, but solid. Some girls thought he was a good-looking man. He couldn’t care less. He was single and liked being alone. Fellow workers found it hard to understand, how at thirty-seven, he had never been married. He would laugh it off and change the subject.

Jack was a private man. He liked his freedom and the fact he had to answer to anyone but himself. He didn’t have family or close friends. If anyone at work tried to get close, the other workers would let him know Jack wasn’t interested. He was a loner and that was that, until the day Janet Marshall came into the shop to get an oil change.

“Misses Marshall, what can we do for you today?”

“An oil change.”

“How about our ten-check special. We check everything including brakes, tire pressure and about everything else, and, it’s on special. Only ten dollars more.”

“Sounds good. How long?”

“Give me an hour and look for me.  Name is Jack.”

“Okay. I have a friend picking me up. We’ll do a little shopping and be back.”

“Anything I should know about?” she asked when she came back.

“No, ma’am. The car is in tiptop shape.”

She smiled, extended her hand and said, “Janet Marshall.”

He grabbed it. “Jack Clinton.”

She held on for a few seconds. She continued to smile. For a second Jack felt she was coming on to him. She handed him her driver’s license and credit card. According to her driver’s license, she was thirty-two.

A few papers lying on the seat of the car, indicated she had her own interior design business. Some papers were addressed to Miss Janet Marshal.

After she paid, he followed her to her car and opened the car door. They exchanged small talk. Jack knew she was flirting with him. She wasn’t that attractive. He studied her for a few minutes. She was short, a little overweight, short blonde hair and blue eyes. She had bright white teeth, a large smile, and large breasts tucked firm and full in her bra. He liked big breasts.

Later that night he drove by the address listed on her driver’s license. He was impressed with her large house, hidden at the end of a cul-de-sac, on a tree-lined street. He had to find a reason to call. As it turned out, he didn’t have to.

He answered his phone. “Jack, this is Janet Marshall.”

He snapped, “Anything wrong with the car?”

“Oh, no. I am having a few people over this Sunday for a cook-out and I was wondering if you could come over.”

“Sure. What time?”

“Say around five.”

“I’ll be there.”

Two months later, a Justice of the Peace married them. Neither wanted a large wedding.

* * *

Jack Clinton and Janet Marshall had little in common. He was quiet, left her alone to do her work and never raised his voice. Neither wanted children.

Jack didn’t change his life much. He went to work at the same time every day and came home at the same time every night. The only difference was there was always a hot meal and an opportunity for sex waiting for him. He still watched every hockey and football game on TV. Plus, on occasion, his new wife would go out of town on business. He would spend the nights at his favorite strip joint or end up at a massage parlor.

He believed that alone made their marriage strong. When she returned, he would devour her with love making. She enjoyed his energy. He loved her large breasts and the fact she would do anything he asked her to do. He knew right away that she was unschooled when it came to sex, and Jack was a willing teacher. Most everything he did was new to her, and she became an eager student.

He settled in and decided this was his life, until one night something changed his thinking. He went to a different nude dance club and couldn’t believe what the girls did. After several visits to Flashers, a nude dance club in Tampa, Jack was spending hundreds a night. Sex at home with his new wife wasn’t enough. He needed the action the naked girls gave him. He was, as the dancers called, “hooked.”

He was running out of money. He had to find ways to get money from his wife. After dinner one night he said, “Have a chance to buy an old ’Vette. Needs work, but if I could buy it, I could leave it at the shop, and work on it at night. Sell it and make a nice profit.”

“They let you do that?”

“Sure. Park it out back in the day and move it in at night.”

Janet smiled. “Yeah, but that means you’ll be working at night. Would that mean you’d be home later?”

“Some nights, but I’ll do most of the work when you travel.”

“Then buy it.”

“Somewhat short of cash. Hate to lose the opportunity.”

“How much?”

“Five grand. Sell it for ten.”

“Got a deal for you. I’ll give you the five. Give me back eight. You keep two, but first do that thing you do with your...you know...”

“Why Janet Marshall Clinton. You horny little bitch, you.”

Jack watched as she spread her legs wide apart. He crawled down the bed and slid his tongue into her warm pussy. All he could think about was that the five grand could last a few months.

"Hooked" by Jim Daddio


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