Madame Vanity: Laced in Rouge

The Academy of Carnal Games

by Isabella Michelle

Enjoy an erotic twist that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat—or bed—climaxing for more.

A relationship established by sex, turns out to be a little more than what Noémie was expecting, once Sofaine admits he is in love with her. Noémie must now decide, if pleasing Madame Cherry and exploiting herself as the one and only Madame that will not submit to Cuming to the opposite sex is more important, than actually falling in love with Sofaine.


S & D University


Established in 1969 by Anastasie Cerise Trempe, the S & D University of Edmonton is the only teaching faculty in North America that selects their students and does not accept applications. S & D stands for ‘Subs and Doms,’ teaching, and applying the art of sexual submissive and dominate relations between Sororities and Frats. Each student body must take part in the S & D scandal in order to receive the educational perks the University has to offer their attendees.

In 2015, Cerise Camille Chaffee, also known as Cherry, grand-daughter to Anastasie, the founder, was inducted into Laced in Rouge and quickly became the leader of the most sought after Sorority at S & D. In 2016, Cherry changed the rules at S & D, and the University was no longer based on Sub & Dom conduct, but a multi-genre of sexual relations between the Sororities and Fraternities, providing a higher and more expanding sexual education.

To the rest of Edmonton, S & D means ‘Successful and Determined.’ Residents in the large city view the University as a snobby, no-good institution, over-priced, and too selective. 




Dear Noémie Marion Vachon,

Congratulations! It is my pleasure to offer you admission to Laced in Rouge Sorority 2016 located at S & D University of Edmonton. The opportunity to join one of the most sought out Sororities by (all) the female bodies, located on the University’s North Face side of Campus. This offer is extended to you in fabulous recognition of your sexual nympho, and personal manipulative achievements over the course of a scandalous career you recently had as a stripper at one of the local hot-spots here in Edmonton. I and the other members of the Laced in Rouge Sorority know that you would be a valued member of our sorority both on and off campus and would like to offer you the title of ‘Madame Vanity.’

In anticipation of the questions you may or may not have, we have assembled an information package in the case of your curious nature, of whether or not Laced in Rouge is the right sorority for you. In this folder for your careful review, you will find several CDs outlining the sexual detail our ‘Laced in Rouge Beauties’ participate in on a nightly basis, along with the Safe Sex Guidelines our girls follow. You will also find a Price List detailing the cost of our services on, and off campus. Believe me when I say you will be well paid.

In order to confirm your intention to enroll as ‘Madame Vanity,’ please return the enclosed response card by Monday, September 12th, 2016, along with the flavored condom of your choice. You may also include a naked photograph of yourself, or else a video for our Frats private viewing, where we may hold a deposit for your first assignment online. If you would like to visit our sorority’s ‘North Face Campus’ location before you make your decision, I encourage you to join us with our counter sorority ‘The Swingers,’ where we have a fun filled night planned with ‘Wetter The Better’ Frat. It is sure to be a thrilling threesome you will refuse to squirt for, with hard penetration to your vagina, and rectum. Also your Orientation will begin on Friday September 16th, 2016 so cum prepared.

On behalf of all of us who had the pleasure of reviewing your online sex tape thanks to your happily satisfied customer, Mr. Biggs, best wishes to you for a successful and enjoyable future with us here at Laced in Rouge. I hope your next steps lead to North Face Campus.


Eagerly awaiting your response,


Cerise Camille Chaffee aka better known as ‘Cherry’

Leader of Laced in Rouge Sorority


Placing the letter down on the pillow, I looked in the mirror to the front of me, and wondered; am I Madame Vanity?

"Reluctant Heat" - Jaden Sinclair



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