Escape From Paradise

The Xandra - Book Five

by Herbert Grosshans

Rob Cameron joins a group of men who have not been changed by the Xandra. If they want to survive and keep their humanity, they must leave Nu-Eden and search for another planet, away from the lure of seduction. Rob Cameron discovers a terrible truth about himself.


Chapter One


The day started out cloudy and a bit cooler. The clouds dispersed by midmorning and the sun appeared, but the humidity was still high, making traveling on foot somewhat unpleasant.

The Ballard family was on their way to visit one of the neighbors, the Markhams, a two-hour walk from the Ballard farm.

“Some day we’ll be traveling in style in a horse-drawn wagon,” Abe Ballard said. He pointed north with his walking stick. “In time we may even have the resemblance of a road leading to our neighbors.”

“It will be a long time before we have roads like we had on Earth,” Leezi said. “Not to mention the sleek vehicles floating on the smooth surface of those roads. We’d be at the Markhams in less then ten minutes.”

“Yes, we would be, but we would have no eyes for our surroundings. We’d be too busy watching the latest news-holograms inside our sleek floating prisons,” Abe growled. “The Lord is giving us a chance to get in touch again with his creation. We have forgotten how beautiful the world around us is.”

“This isn’t Earth,” Leezi said. “How do you know our god made this world? Perhaps the goddess of this world, the Xandra, made this planet.” She threw a glance at Miller who walked beside her. “What do you think, Mr. Miller?”

“I’m getting a little tired hearing about this false goddess,” Abe said with an annoyed voice. “What’s got into you, Leezi? You haven’t been yourself lately.”

“Did you forget she’s pregnant, Abe?” Meleeta said from behind Leezi. “Women get a little strange in that condition.”

“She’s getting strange alright,” Abe snorted, pounding his staff into the ground with an angry gesture. “Making blasphemous remarks about the Good Lord. I don’t want to hear them anymore.”

“I can assure you the Xandra did not make this world,” Miller said in an obvious attempt to smooth out the awkward emanations in the air. “She may be powerful but that is beyond her capabilities.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear your goddess has limits and is not an equal to the Almighty God,” Abe said. 



Herbert Grosshans "The Xandra 3, Goddes of Life"


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