Lure of Seduction

The Xandra - Book Four

by Herbert Grosshans

When Rob Cameron gets lost in Nu-Eden's jungle, he is saved by a mysterious alien woman, the Xandra, but once back in Alpha Colony, he questions his memories and sanity. He meets and falls in love with Valissa. They leave Alpha, but can they escape the lure of the Xandra?


He must have dozed off. When he awoke, he could see reddish light falling through the crack in the entrance flap. Feeling restless, he sat up and decided to walk around outside. He crawled out of the tent and stared at the red disk of the third moon. Then he looked at the still water of the pond.

In the light of the strange moon, he saw a large plant floating in the water. Somehow he had not noticed it when he came upon the clearing. Either the light played tricks with his eyes or he was dreaming. When he looked at the plant, he saw a figure kneeling on it. Looking closer, he realized it was the shape of a woman.

She seemed to have noticed him, because she turned and looked at him. Long hair spilled down her shoulders, partially covering her naked breasts. She rose and stood on the plant, her nude body bathed in the red light of the moon.

Wiping his hand across his eyes, he told himself that she couldn’t be real. He was probably trapped in some lucid dream. There should not be a naked woman here, not in the middle of the jungle on an alien planet, and certainly not standing on top of a plant.

When he looked again, she was still standing there, her face hidden in the shadows of the trees surrounding the clearing. She lifted an arm and beckoned.

Without giving it any thought, he stepped into the water, subconsciously registering the warm temperature, and walked toward the plant. Reaching it, he pulled his body on top of the large platform made from leafs and roots. The plant was enormous. A sea of purple petals rippled gently as he knelt between the flowers covering the surface of the plant.

The woman stood in the center of the carpet of flowers, watching him. When he rose, he found the platform spongy but strong enough to hold his weight. He stared at the woman.

“Who are you?” he asked.

She regarded him in silence. Then she wiped strands of red hair out of her face. He could see it clearly in the bright light of the red moon. When he looked into her eyes, he took a step backward.

“You are not human,” he croaked.

“I am The Xandra.”

He had not seen her move her lips.

She smiled, revealing white, even teeth. “I speak inside your mind,” she said.

“What are you?”

“My daughters call me The Great Mother.” Her strange large eyes glowed with green brilliance.

“Are you really here or am I dreaming?”

“You are not dreaming.”

He reached out and touched her shoulder. She felt warm and solid. “Are you a woman or some thing?”

Her laughter sounded amused. “I am whatever you want me to be but be assured, I am real. As real as you are.” Her fingers touched his hand. They sent a slight tingling through his body.

Her gentle touch awoke feelings inside him he had suppressed for a long time. He was a loner. There was no place in his life for a woman, not after the death of his wife so many years ago.

“Do not be afraid,” her voice whispered inside his mind. “Just follow your feelings.”

Herbert Grosshans "The Xandra 3, Goddes of Life"


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