Daughter of the Dark

The Xandra - Book One

by Herbert Grosshans

In the 30th century humans are reaching out toward the far stars. Earth is sending huge ships carrying thousands of colonists in search of suitable planets. Nu-Eden, 325 light-years from Homeworld, looked like an ideal planet--until the colonists discover it is already occupied by a sentient entity who calls herself 'The Xandra', and she is not willing to share her planet with the humans. The colonists are beginning to behave strangely. At night they have sex-orgies, which they don't remember by day. Tom McClary loves his wife, Anina, but the lure of the Xandra may be stronger than his love for her. Even the space-station may not be safe from the influence of the Xandra.


Chapter One 

Alpha Colony

 Tom McClary opened his eyes, sat up in the dark and listened. Something awakened him. The night sounds were almost familiar now. The eerie calls of the swamp dwellers didn’t seem so frightening anymore.

He lay silent, staring at the dark ceiling of the shelter and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. Noticing the seam of light framing the entrance to the shelter, he realized that the door stood slightly ajar.

Strange, he remembered closing it before they went to sleep.

Quietly, so he wouldn’t disturb his wife, he slipped from the mattress and walked to the door. About to close it, he heard a soft moaning sound from outside.

Stepping into the night, he looked at the two moons shining brightly above, they were close together, almost touching. Soon they would part again, each going in a different direction.

Again, he heard a soft moaning. It came from the small clearing on the other side of the thick brush that separated the sleeping quarters from the recreational area. They called it that because of the pond and the small stream of fresh water that flowed into it.

Out of curiosity he walked around the cluster of shrubs, after a moment of hesitation he stepped back into the shadows. The bright light of the moons illuminated the slim naked female figure writhing on top of someone in the tall grass. Her face was upturned, and he recognized Orona, there was no mistaking her delicate oriental features. For a small woman she carried surprisingly large breasts, firm, conical shaped, with long nipples. Rotating her round buttocks with ever-increasing speed, she turned her face toward the moon, cried out softly. Then she stopped moving and sat quivering for a long time. Sighing, she lifted up.

Tom saw the stiff large penis of the man she made love to.

“That was beautiful,” a man’s familiar voice said. “But I can still go on for a long time.”

Tom chuckled to himself. Even hot little Orona couldn’t satisfy Stephan Tilus. Stephan was one of the young unattached men and well liked with some of the women.

“Maybe I can help you out,” said a female voice from the shadows of a tall Corander tree. He froze when he saw the naked woman stepping into the open. The light of the moons made the soft curls of her pubis gleam with golden fire. “I thought you two would never stop. I was afraid there’d be nothing left for me.”

“There is plenty left,” Stephan said with a hoarse voice. “Come and take it.”

Straddling the man below her, she reached down to grab his stiff penis, then she sank into his lap and with a loud moan, she took the solid pole deep into her.

Tom could see her face clearly in the pale light. His gaze moved down to her jiggling breasts, as she rode the man beneath her. They were beginning to sag, betraying her age. Tom looked down at his hands, that cupped those breasts untold times, looked at his fingers that dug into her wide hips at the moment of ecstatic release, and watched as his hands curled into fists.

Her cries of pleasure forced him to look again, forced him to watch her climax on top of another man.

Anina, his wife!

He couldn’t move. He seemed riveted to the spot he was standing on, hidden inside the thick shrubbery.

Anina got off Stephan, stood up and stretched. She looked up toward the two bright disks and laughed. “I haven’t felt this good since we’ve landed on this forsaken planet. In fact, I haven’t felt like this for a long time. You’re quite a man, Stephan Tilus.”

Stephan chuckled, came to his feet and stood behind her. Reaching around, he cupped her full breasts. He whispered something into her ear. She laughed again and slowly sank to the ground, kneeling in front of Stephan. Her round buttocks gleamed pale in the moonlight. Stephan knelt behind her.

Tom could see the other man’s stiff pole and watched as he guided it between Anina’s spread thighs. It disappeared between her white fleshy cheeks. Arching her back, she pushed backward. Stephan grabbed her quivering hips, shoved his penis into her. Anina cried out, her arms flew apart and her face disappeared in the tall grass. Behind her, Stephan moved his hips with forceful thrusts.

Tom stood paralyzed, watched with a mixture of anger, frustration, and amazement as another man fucked his wife. Like an animal in heat, on all fours!

Anina, the woman who was never far away from her prayer book. She never did this with him. He felt betrayed. Anger made his blood boil.

What should he do?  What could he do?

They pledged to do everything possible to ensure the success and survival of the colony. Did that mean sharing his wife with another man?  A man like Stephan Tilus who was half his age and as virile as a bull in his prime.

Tom looked up at the dark cloud that suddenly covered the two moons. His fists reached into the sky. Lord, what should I do? He prayed silently. Tell me what to do.

The distant roar of a swamp creature couldn’t block out the sobbing cries of pleasure from his wife’s throat.

When the clouds were gone, and the clearing was flooded again with pale light, Stephan and Anina changed positions. Anina lay on her back, her legs spread wide, her knees up. Stephan moved between them, his hand fumbled for a moment, and then with a satisfied grunt he pushed deep into her.

Anina cried out softly and lifted her hips off the ground to meet Stephan’s thrusts. Tom couldn’t keep his eyes off the lean buttocks of the man who copulated with the woman who suddenly became a stranger to him. It seemed like a bad dream.

“I’m coming!” Stephan panted, grabbed Anina’s hips and held her still while he came inside her with a suppressed cry. Anina whimpered and moaned loudly as she accepted his discharge. It was quite obvious that she was experiencing her own intense orgasm. Stephan collapsed into her arms; their ragged breathing a nauseating sound in Tom’s ears, he felt sick to his stomach.

What if she became pregnant?  She’d be carrying another man’s child. At age 45, she was still able to bear children.

He thought of his own daughters, one of them eighteen, the other one twenty years old. He’d never see them again. They decided not to come to the colonies with them. The oldest, Cindy, had good reason not to leave Earth. She found a young man, who was willing to marry her, and he was not the adventurous type. Mandy, the younger one, his favorite daughter, even though he would never admit it to anyone, she was a special young woman. She was very bright and the Science Corps took an interest in her. She was better off back on the home planet.

He sighed, and taking a deep breath, he became aware of a peculiar, heady fragrance in the air. He didn’t notice it before. And he was sprouting a huge, almost painful erection.

A loud splash made him look toward the pond, where he saw a naked figure coming out of the water. Orona. Laughing, she came running toward the couple in the grass. Wide-legged and panting, she stood beside them. Tom stared, fascinated by her conical, up-tilted breasts. His erection became even more painful.

“You two made quite a racket,” Orona said. “I watched you from the water. It made me horny all over again.”

Stephan laughed, reached for her and pulled her down; rolling between her parting legs, he gave one mighty thrust, and then they were locked together, thrashing around in the grass like two wild animals. Beside them Anina knelt; laughing and panting she straddled Stephan, pressed her naked body against his back and moved with him. Slipping off, she rolled onto her back. Stephan pulled out of Orona, moved on top of Anina. Her thighs flew open, and Stephan fell between them.

Watching them, Orona got onto her knees, pushed her buttocks up and began to imitate Stephan’s thrusts.

Tom found himself stumbling toward the three beneath the tree. His erection grew so painful, and he reacted without conscious thought. Dropping to his knees behind Orona, he grabbed her moving hips and put his swollen member between her cheeks. She pushed backward, and without effort, he slid into her creamy, hot sheath.

As the soft tightness closed around his throbbing shaft, Tom sobbed uncontrollably and began to thrust into Orona’s sucking sex-canal. His taut belly slammed into her soft buttocks. It wasn’t long before he climaxed inside her with mind shattering force, but his erection did not go down.

There came a moment of clarity, and he realized suddenly what he was doing. He looked at the naked slim form of the female kneeling in front of him.

This was not his wife Anina!

When he stopped moving, the woman turned her head to look back at him. Staring into her almond shaped eyes, he whispered, “Orona! Oh my God!”

Orona smiled. “Hello Tom. I had no idea it was you. You surprise me. Just don’t stop what you were doing.”

“I’m sorry,” he stammered. “Forgive me.”

“Forgive what?”

“I didn’t know what I was doing.”

Orona laughed and rotated her hips. Her soft warm love channel tightened around his hard shaft. “You’re doing all right, Preacher-man.”

“Please, don’t call me that. I’m an engineer, not a preacher.”

She chuckled. “I’ve heard you preach at Sister Angela’s church.”

“I just help out sometimes.” He kept staring at her curved back, the form of her slim hips, her soft buttocks that pressed against his thighs.

What was happening here? This was so wrong! He was having sex with a girl not much older than his daughter, and he liked it.

Orona moved forward, he slipped out of her. She turned onto her back, lay there smiling, her legs spread wide. Her pubic area smooth and her mound puffed up. Between her open legs her pink slit beckoned.

“Come on, Tom,” she cooed, “put it back in. I see you’re still ready.”

He lifted his face up to the night sky, searched for the bright discs of the moons. They had separated, were almost halfway on their journey to the horizon. Then he remembered his wife and Stephan. When he looked, he found nobody beside him. He was alone with Orona.

Looking at her naked breasts and her taunting smile, he moaned, moved between her slim thighs and with a hoarse cry he slid his rigid pole back into heavenly bliss. Orona pulled him into her arms and kissed him feverishly. “I didn’t think you had in you, Preacher-man,” she breathed into his ear. “Always so proper and moral.”

He didn’t care what she said. All that mattered was her soft, tight sheath that enveloped his aching member, and the almost unbearable pleasure she gave him.

He felt her smooth belly muscles ripple, as she bucked underneath him, milking him with great expertise. Her rigid nipples pressed into his chest, her breasts were soft and warm against his skin. He lost all sense of time, just moved in and out of her. Orona pulled up her knees, it changed the angle of his penis inside her vagina, spurned him on to greater speed.

He could feel the pressure building up, waited as long as he could, then with a loud shout he let himself erupt inside her. He held her tight until he was empty. Her own discharge felt warm and liquid, and he knew that she did not fake her cries of pleasure.

Anina never came like this. He knew she faked her orgasm many times, just to please him.

With regret, he pulled out of the young woman’s warm sex-canal and rolled onto his back. He felt satisfied the way he never felt before. Turning his head, he studied Orona’s features. She looked beautiful, young, with smooth olive skin, her slim body firm and well muscled. He had to admit that he found women of her type exotic and attractive.

She sensed his look and turned over onto her side. Touching her finger to his nose, she smiled, rose to her feet and ran off toward the pond. He watched her solid round buttocks move enticingly under her smooth skin. A moment later, she dove into the water with a loud splash.

His gaze went up to the heavens. The bright disks of the two moons were gone. A third moon hung halfway up in the sky,  swirling, dark clouds partially covered the red disk, promising rain.

He sat up, picked up his nightshirt, which he didn’t remember taking off, then he stood up and walked slowly back to the sleeping quarters. Finding Anina fast asleep on their bed, he joined her under the covers. He reached out to touch her gently, pulled back his hand when he touched naked skin. He didn’t remember falling asleep.


Herbert Grosshans "The Xandra 1, Daughter of the Dark"


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