Eden's Gate

Seeds of Chaos - Book One

by Herbert Grosshans

Falsely accused of a crime, Commodore Thomas Reginald Stone's promising career is brought to an abrupt halt. Accompanied by two beautiful, oversexed alien women, he begins his search for the mystery planet that may provide the answer why someone wants him dead. However, trouble follows him wherever he goes.


Chapter One

She had emerald eyes. They sparkled with bright iridescent colors behind extremely long eyelashes. She was not human. Not even of human stock. The planet she came from so far away from the known sector of Human space that I never heard of it…and she was the most beautiful creature I ever laid eyes on.

She laughed as I rolled away from her, gasping for breath. I’ve been known to brag about my sexual prowess, but this female just put me through an endurance test, and she didn’t even breathe hard.

“You have good staying power,” she said and moved on top of me. Her breasts were firm and round, jutting proudly from her solid ribcage. The long thick nipples brushed my lips as she lowered them into my face.

I didn’t see a navel on her flat belly. Even though she had thick, luxurious bluish-black hair that hung down past her shoulders, her pubic area was completely smooth, and bare of any growth. Two strong bulging muscles framed her vulva, and she knew how to use them. There seemed to be no bone in her body, the way she writhed under and above me for the last couple of hours.

“I need a rest,” I groaned and grabbed her undulating hips.

Her pearly teeth gleamed white in the pale light of the two moons and her laughter bubbled from red lips. “I am far from finished,” she breathed and touched her lips to mine. I felt the tiny pinprick in my lower lip as she gently bit down and fed the aphrodisiac from her tooth into my bloodstream, a natural product, which the females of her species produced inside a special gland. It gave a male tremendous stamina and induced almost unbearably high orgasms.

Supposedly non-addictive, that’s what she told me, but ever since I made love to her for the first time five days ago, I craved her body and nearness constantly. She had given herself to me completely. She even told me she loved me. How could I be sure? What did love really mean to her species?

Before her, I hadn’t even known women like her existed, not to mention the pleasure they could give.

I felt the strength flow back into my body, and with a loud groan, I pushed up against her. The incredible softness of her alien vagina closed around my hard penis, and I experienced instant pleasure.

My eyes stared at the spot where we were joined, then traveled up her smooth, rippling belly, to her taut, softly jiggling breasts, to come to rest on her pale, beautiful face.

Her warm, almost shy smile conveyed the impression of a gentle creature, which was a lie. Her emerald eyes sparkled with a wild, passionate fire, and her hips moved with fierce, powerful thrusts.

I knew this was no gentle creature!

She rode me for a long time. Her strange eyes never left my face. When she cried out, “Now! Now…” I let go and watched her smile match the fierceness of her eyes. At that instant, she looked more beautiful than ever, and I wished this moment would never end.

She whimpered like a wounded animal, and when we were both spent, she collapsed on top of me, her breasts flattening against my chest. I put my arms around her and held her tight, loving her not only for the pleasure she just gave me, but also for shedding her inhibitions and letting me see a glimpse of her true self.

After awhile she stirred and kissed me gently. “I believe I have finally been satisfied,” she said, then added, smiling, “For now.” She got up and padded to the toilet facilities. “I’m going to take a shower,” she called back over her shoulder.

Watching her smooth, round buttocks move enticingly, as she walked away, I again felt a soft stabbing in my loins. I lay back and listened to the gentle splashing of the water. I felt exhausted, but my mind seemed suddenly clear. The fog that enveloped my brain for these last few days had now been lifted.

What the hell happened here? For five days I stayed cooped up with an alien woman I never saw before, and literally fucked out my brains.

Who is this woman? Why did she pick me?

I got up and looked at my reflection in the mirror surface of one of the walls. I saw a tall, well-muscled man in his early thirties (that’s Terra-norm), with a rugged, handsome clean-shaven face (thanks to the long lasting depilating cream I used), and short dark-blond hair.

I looked at Thomas Stone, Commodore Thomas Reginald Stone of the Terran Space Navy, Special Forces.

A sudden tick lifted the right corner of my reflection’s mouth and I felt the bitter memory rush back into my mind.

Ex-Commodore Thomas Reginald Stone. Dishonorably discharged from the Service because of treason. That was only one of the charges.

Those bastards!

They framed me, and then robbed me of my good name, my pension, my way of life, my future. In addition, they saw to it that no ship would ever hire me. I was blacklisted…a pariah.

That’s how I ended up on Korillia, a forsaken, dead-end, backwater planet, where nobody knew me, and nobody really cared to know me. A place where cutthroats, pirates, and losers hung about. Where you kept your mouth shut and your hand close to your gun, knife, or whatever weapon you took a fancy to. A place where you didn’t pick up a strange woman and spend five days in some expensive hotel-room that you couldn’t really afford, fucking her until you dropped from exhaustion.

But I did exactly that.

I watched her reflection as she came out of the bathroom. She looked stunning. She’d combed her hair and applied some make-up to her face, nipples, and pubic area.

Coming up to me from behind, she put her arms around my chest. She stood almost as tall as I did.

“Hungry?” she asked, the gaze of her emerald eyes traveling down my body. She laughed throatily and touched my semi-erect member. I could feel myself respond to her soft touch.

“Who are you?” I asked between clenched teeth, fighting for control over my body.

“You know who I am,” she answered softly, and began stroking me. “I am Sharina, the Flame. You know me better than any woman you have ever known…and I know you. For these last five days and nights we have explored each other’s bodies with painstaking detail. I have given you such pleasure that has not been experienced by many human males. And you have satisfied my craving like no other male ever has, even males from my own species. You know me, Commodore Thomas Reginald Stone.”

With sudden anger I pushed her hands away and turned around to face her. “How do you know my name? I never told anyone who I was, not even you!”

She stepped back, lifted her hands in a defensive gesture and smiled. “No need to get angry, Thomas.” Her voice sounded soft, soothing. “I am not your enemy, I am a friend.” Her alien eyes stared into mine. “My feelings for you are genuine, but I have left much unsaid, and I guess it’s time to talk. I needed to be sure.”

“To be sure of what?”

She reached for my hand. “Come, sit down beside me, and I will explain.”

Reluctantly, I let her pull me to the bed. We sat close together, our bodies touching. The warmth of her flesh against mine and the feel of her satiny skin made my blood boil. I cupped my hand over one of her soft breasts and tried to push her onto her back.

“Who are you, Sharina?” My voice came out as a hoarse whisper. “What are you?”

She resisted and gently removed my hand from her breast. Then she kissed me. Her lips brushed against my ear. “I do love you, Thomas, remember that, whatever happens,” she whispered and pulled away. “No more love-potions, I want you to be clearheaded when we talk.”

Before she could speak again, the door to our suite sprung open and two large figures burst into our room. They carried weapons…big ugly Needlers, and they were pointed at us.

Neither of the two were human. Humanoid, but definitely not human.

Their glittering black eyes were set widely apart. Instead of a nose, they had skin flaps over long slits. They moved like gills with every breath they took. Wide, thick-lipped mouths exposed two long incisors. The hands that gripped the Needlers were long fingered and tipped with sharp, curved claws.


Had I never heard of them, their appearance would have scared the hell out of me; but I knew their kind, and that should have scared me even more. Should have, but didn’t. A coldness came over my mind. My body tensed, ready to spring into action.

Their bulky, over-muscled bodies moved with grace and swiftness. They moved in for the kill.

These two were assassins.

In the mirror I saw Sharina lift her hands in the universal expression of surrender. “We have no quarrel with the Thorans,” she said with a hysterical sounding voice. “Please, don’t kill us.”

“It is him we want, “one of them growled, “not you.”

“But you’ll kill me anyway.”

“We never leave witnesses,” the other one rumbled. “You are in the wrong place.”

“Too bad…for you,” she said, and moved.

I’ve never seen anyone move so fast. One moment she stood with lifted hands by the mirror, the next she appeared beside one of the Thorans. Her hand touched his neck and the bulky figure tumbled to the ground. Beside him his partner fell at the same time.

I blinked my eyes. Somehow, the light seemed to be playing tricks with my vision.

Sharina stood over one of the felled Thorans, like a naked avenger with flaming eyes. Beside her lay the other assassin, but above him crouched another female figure. She straightened out and gave me a radiant smile. “Hello, Thomas,” she said with Sharina’s soft voice.

“Who are you?” I managed to say very smartly and put a pillow into my lap. “I didn’t expect any visitors.”

Sharina's double laughed and came closer. Sharina smiled and winked at me. “Meet my sister, Kabrina,” she said. “You’ll like her.”

“We are identical twins,” Kabrina said, “and we share everything with each other.”

“Everything?” I repeated like a dumb parrot, starring at her suddenly jiggling, naked breasts. I hadn’t even noticed her removing her top.

“Everything.” Kabrina said with a throaty voice and began peeling off the bottom part of her tight body suit.

I stared at her and then at Sharina. “You just killed two men, and all you can think of is sex?” I protested.

Sharina shrugged her shapely shoulders. “Killing always turns us on, tremendously.” She smiled and went to close the door. She looked down at the two corpses. “We’ll have to get out of here,” she said, “there isn’t much time.”

“Time enough,” Kabrina breathed beside my ear and pushed me onto my back.

 Dumbfounded, I watched her straddle me, and then I moaned involuntarily as her soft, velvety sheath closed over my aching member. She bent down and kissed me. I felt the tiny prick of her tooth in my lip. She was as passionate and wild as her sister, and soon I found myself lost in a world of ecstasy and raw lust. There were times when I thought Sharina replaced Kabrina on top of me, but I couldn’t be sure, and I didn’t care.

When they were done with me, I lay there, totally exhausted. One of them, I didn’t know who, gave me the antidote as she kissed me. My mind suddenly cleared.

“We’ll have to move fast,” both of them said at the same time. They looked at each other and smiled. “Poor Thomas here will get all confused,” one said and tied a knot into her long black hair. She looked at me with her strange emerald eyes. “I am Kabrina, and I love you as much as Sharina.”

I let out a strangled laugh. “Love!” I said with a hoarse voice. “You don’t love me. You used me to satisfy a weird craving you seem to possess. You have fucked me, but you didn’t love me.”

Kabrina pouted. “Thomas, Thomas, such crude language,” she crooned and put a finger over my lips. Her full naked breasts swung in front of my eyes like a pair of hypnotic pendulums. “You don’t understand our species. When we inject a male with our love potion, we form a bond with him. We cannot help but love you, even after the potion wears off. Let us face it…you are stuck with us.” She looked at Sharina and smiled. “Both of us.”

I just groaned. Well…congratulations Mr. Thomas Stone. You managed to get yourself into another fine-looking mess!

“Come on, Thomas,” Sharina said. “Let’s get moving.”

“My knees are shaky,” I complained. “I need a rest.”

“You Humans,” Sharina threw up her hands. “You are so weak.”

“Who wouldn’t be?” I said. “After having sex with two women. I never did that before.”

“No?” Kabrina laughed and looked at Sharina. “He really doesn’t know.”

“What don’t I know?” I demanded.

“That you had sex with two women before.” Kabrina smiled and touched my face, gently. “These last five days…it wasn’t always Sharina you were with.”

I looked at Sharina. She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders. “We share everything.”

I flopped back onto the bed.


"Seeds of Chaos: Eden's Gate" - Herbert Grosshans


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