The Paranormal Investigator Book 1

by Christopher Carrolli

Tracy Kimball is awakened one night by a voice emanating from the television static. She recognizes the voice--her fiancé, David, who was killed in car accident, an accident of which she survived.

Plagued by a series of paranormal occurrences, Tracy enlists the aid of a local paranormal investigative team, who discovers that Tracy is not being haunted, she's being warned. A race to save her ensues, leading to the final climactic ending.


Chapter One


The odd and distant voice jolted her awake, and she flinched her eyes open wide. It couldn’t be. She knew she wasn’t asleep just now, only at that final stage of drifting when sounds are the last things to be recognized, and that last sound was someone calling her name.

She turned her head toward the television. The local station had concluded its late-night broadcast, and now the gray static filled the screen and crashed from the audio. She could hear it in that last phase of consciousness as sleep paralysis grounded her to the couch in helpless abandon. It was the eerie sound of her name that had released her.

She sat up and stared at the screen.


There it was again. Her heart pounded hard. The voice was coming from the screen.

“Tracy... love... you.” It called out again. The voice was strange; the words were quick, hollow, and haunting.

She jumped from the couch and turned the volume up with the remote. Nothing—just the rushing roar of static that seemed to taunt her. She was fully awake now, knowing what she’d heard. She recognized the voice.

“David?” She called out to the mocking screen, her chest heaving, as the tears streamed down her face.

How? He’s dead.

The static said no more.



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