Family Ties

A John Seraph Mystery - Book One

by C.G. Eberle

John Seraph's life is jeopardized when he begins looking for a missing woman and learns she was involved with one of his brothers and a New York State Senator.

Family Ties recounts how John Seraph is asked by a former classmate to help find his missing sister, because John's father is Stefano Angelo, head of the local organized crime family. John has not seen or dealt with his family in over three years since he walked away from them over moral differences about the criminal organization. John agrees to help and in the course of his investigation he learns a disturbing secret about the missing girl which leads him to her workplace and confronting New York State Senator Kingsley Addar and then his own brother Michael. As John digs deeper his life becomes endangered, but he is determined to learn the truth and see justice served.




“If a man is not rising upwards to be an angel, depend upon it, he is sinking downwards to be a devil.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge


My name is John Seraph and I’m recovering in a private-room at Buffalo General Hospital. I was shot in my left shoulder, and cracked a bone in my leg. This happened because I helped an old college buddy of mine. Before I get ahead of myself its best if I start at the beginning.

First, the name my parents gave me is Giovanni Angelo. If you recognize the last name, it’s understandable, because my family doesn’t have the best reputation.

I legally changed my name more than six years ago because of problems with my father and most of my family. This has been going on since my late teens because my old man is boss of the Angelo Crime family, an ‘arm’ of the Magaddino criminal organization and its claws sunk are into almost every major illegal operation out of Western New York. Some activities the Angelo Family engage in are, prostitution, smuggling, hi-jacking, extortion, blackmail, the unions, arson for hire, and most recently, they’ve entered the world of hi-tech cyber and financial crimes. The only thing my old man won’t deal in is narcotics. He’s still old school when it comes to certain things.

I’m keeping this journal so I’ll have some kind of record before the pain killers I’m taking obliterate my memories entirely. At least my conscious lets me sleep because I helped a family and exposed the truth for them. Hopefully my actions have brought the Tillis family some peace, and me some redemption.

"Family Plots" by C. G. Eberle


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