Bill Scott

Starting in 1978, Bill Scott has published several non-fictional books as well as fictional works, and several hundred articles and YouTube videos. Bill is currently the President of StoreReport LLC, which provides computers, software and cloud services to unique convenience store retailers and other similar types of retailers for over 44 years. Bill was born and raised in Shreveport Louisiana, served in the USAF in the early sixties after which he had several rock bands and traveled the US. During that time, before he started his successful computer business, Bill spent the majority of his time working in radio, television and print advertising.

Bill got into novels while writing operating manuals for his computer products. One night he had a dream that resulted in him being compelled to putting it all down on paper. Bill was tired of reading the same old stories over and over again filled with horror, crime, and sensationalism, so Bill enjoys producing material that causes people to think outside the box, wanting not merely to make his readers think, but to actually get them involved with his characters.




The Ladder Project by Bill Scott