A. J. Wildman

A. J. Wildman I wrote my first novel at twenty-two, but pretty much carried a notepad and pen wherever I went since I was little. To me, good writing is story telling on paper, bringing a ramshackle bunch of characters to life and weaving a fantastic tale with well-written words and a well-placed dash of romance.

I live in Nevada with my husband, six year old daughter, sixteen year old stepson, and our senior pooch. When not outside soaking up the warmth of a sunny, cloudless sky, or writing, the husband and I spend our time in the kitchen creating mouthwatering dishes for friends and family.

Website: www.aj-wildman.com



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Spekter Series
"Spekter" by A. J. Wildman Little Raven by A. J. Wildman Until There's Blood by A. J. Wildman