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"Vinny's Vow" by Jaden Sinclair

"Vinny's Vow"

I Get What I Want #1

by Jaden Sinclair

Vincent ‘Vinny’ Laron crossed a line at his going away party four years ago—he hurt Charlene Rivers. He behaved selfishly at the one time when a man should never be selfish. Retired now from the army, due to an injury, he's going home with a new mission in life; show the girl who stole his heart that night how right they could be together. Only problem is she's not easily convinced, which leaves him with only one thing to do—convince her. He’s satisfied and surprised when she willingly goes into his arms, and his bed.

Charlene Rivers has tried like hell to put what happened between her and Vinny behind her. For the most part she’s done a good job of it, but when Vinny comes home without a heads up to anyone—the past won’t stay where it belongs. Not when he’s made it crystal clear that he intends to show her how good they can really be together. She has never stopped loving him, and finds it easy to allow his loving advances, but can she forgive him for breaking her heart all those years ago? [more]

"Forever" by Tara Fox Hall


Promise Me #16

by Tara Fox Hall

Navigating the many pitfalls of being bound to the demon Shaker, human Sarelle uses him to force a peace with the vengeful vampire lords. Yet she cannot escape her Oathed vampire Danial’s command to engage in a menange-a-trois with her shifter ex-husband, Theo. Sorceress Rene magically intervenes, going in Sar’s stead only to be bespelled herself into having Theo’s son, Harrison. Secrets long hidden are revealed, as Sar, Lash, and their son are hunted throughout the northeast by the vengeful Valarian and his forces, climaxing in a final bloody reckoning. In the end, Sarelle must face her ultimate tests: to reconcile with loved ones who have betrayed her…or to finally sever the bonds between them, forever. [more]

"A Taste of Murder" by JH Wear

"A Taste of Murder"

by J.H. Wear

Wine is poetry in a bottle.

Detectives Moss Stone and Anya Roberts investigate the sudden death of a liquor agent and newspaper columnist at a wine festival by poison. There were a daunting number of suspects in Oscar Detrick’s death, including his women chasing business partner.

Stone and Roberts enter the world of wine festivals to determine the motive in poisoning Detrick and even if he was the intended victim. And was the missing the bag of garbage holding the clues they needed? [more]

"Never Forget Netver Forgive" by H. Paul Doucette

"Never Forget Never Forgive"
A Matt Murphy Mystery #5

by H. Paul Doucette

The Village has always had a dark underbelly that the tourists never see. Sometimes, behind the neon lights and colorful images and characters, bad and evil things lurk, waiting to strike and hurt. No one is immune from it, not visitor nor those who live and work there.

Gabe Herschon left his club on Bedford Street late that night. He has been a long time and well known resident of the Village, especially among the art community. He is liked and accepted even though he is gay and Jewish.

However, a new evil has appeared in the Village. People filled with hate and intolerance intent on hurting those they deem subhuman. Unfortunately for Gabe, he came face to face with it. It almost cost him his life.

The police have few leads and less time and resources to investigate. They call Murphy in because of his friendship with Gabe. While Gabe lies in a hospital bed clinging to life, Matt Murphy, sets out to find those responsible and bring them to justice. [more]

"Song of the Sword" by Richard Dawes

"Song of the Sword"

A Wolf Slayer Saga #5

by Richard Dawes

Valka the Wolf Slayer travels to the magical Isle of Britain. While there, he meets the stalwart knight, Sir Gawain, and Britain's greatest bard, Taliesin. They challenge the black magician, Klingsor, and face the many terrors of his castle. In the process, Valka rescues the beautiful maid, Kundry, who had been entranced by Klingsor. They travel to the Castle of Maidens, where Valka battles the evil knight holding them captive. Arriving at Camelot, he meets King Arthur, champions Queen Guinevere in the Affair of the Poisoned Apple, then embarks on the Quest for the Grail. [more]

"Can of Worms" by Wayne Zurl

"A Can of Worms"
A Sam Jenkins Mystery

by Wayne Zurl

Against his better judgment, Police Chief Sam Jenkins hires Dallas Finchum, nephew of local corrupt politicians.

Now, Finchum is accused of a rape that occurred when he attended college three years earlier.

The young man claims his innocence, but while investigating, Jenkins uncovers corruption in the local sheriff’s department, evidence that detectives mishandled the investigation and the loss of the entire case file. Sam meets one of the most distasteful characters of his career, a PI named Telford Bone, who claims to represent young Finchum. Trouble is, no one knows who hired the man.

False accusations, scandal and extortion threaten to ruin Jenkins’ reputation and marriage unless he drops the investigation. [more]

"Diamond in the Rough" by Marissa St. James

"Diamond in the Rough"
McKinley's Jewel #4

by Marissa St. James

Unable to watch Candace wed another man, Andrew is about to leave the festivities only to be stopped by a young party crasher. A part of him wants to ignore the woman but something draws him to discover who she is.

Her clan’s chieftain has sent Tessa to the next village to bring back one Andrew Fletcher. It’s not the sort of errand one assigns to a scullery maid but what the chieftain wants, he gets.

In completing her errand, they realize time is not as it should be. While trying to correct historical events, the misfit pair discover a mutual attraction they hadn’t expected. Can a growing love see them through the challenges they must face? [more]

"Web of Memory" by Tara Fox Hall

"Web of Memory"
Promise Me #15

by Tara Fox Hall

Sarelle’s return to her loved ones brings a brief measure of solace, even as she mourns all that changed in her absence. Rene’s presence and Sar’s pact with Shaker add as much tension as comfort, as the delicate balance of Sar’s life threatens to collapse under the weight of all she endured as Michael’s prisoner. Determined to reclaim her life, Sar fights back, inadvertently sparking Danial’s memory as an unseen ancient enemy prepares to strike a fatal blow. [more]

"Star Sword" by Richard Dawes

"Star Sword"
A Wolf Slayer Saga #4

by Richard Dawes

Valka the Wolf Slayer tumbles into the underground kingdom of Agartha. The Master of Masters asks him to battle a black magician plotting to usurp his position. Fighting the dark forces the magician sends against him, Valka breaks his sword. He must descend still further to the underworld forge of Wayland the Great Smith. Wayland and Valka construct a new sword from the fragment of a star. Armed with the star sword, Valka faces the magician in an epic battle to the death. [more]

"Entrance to Dark Harbor" by Mathias G. B. Colwell

"Entrance to Dark Harbor"
Dark Arrow #2

by Mathias G. B. Colwell

The traitor, Silverfist, is dead. But the truth that he revealed with his dying breath will send the young elf, Elliyar Wintermoon, and his family away from their ancestral homeland, Andalaya, and into uncharted territory. Once again, Elliyar will be expected to accomplish the impossible in order to strike a blow at his enemies and protect the people who mean the most to him

New and mystical powers have surfaced and with the return of the Unsired the war between the races increases in severity. Will Elliyar’s newfound abilities as a Water Caller be enough to turn the tide of the conflict? Or will the sinister plans of Half-Mask, leader of the dark elves of the south, thwart Elliyar and his family and possibly result in something far worse for Elliyar Wintermoon? [more]