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Going All In by Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley and Wayne J. Keeley

"Going All In"

by Stephanie C. Lyons-Keeley
& Wayne J. Keeley

Three mismatched suburban couples, Steve and Katie, Marty and Erin, and Scarlett Three mismatched suburban couples, Steve and Katie, Marty and Erin, and Scarlett and C. Thomas have been neighbors and friends for years. During a pummeling Connecticut Nor’Easter, the members of the bored triptych engage in a friendly game of Texas Hold’em in front of the fire over more than a few bottles of Merlot. The impromptu get-together eventually leads to the institution of regular alcohol-driven, bi-weekly poker nights.

One evening on a lark, someone suggests an alternate payout – instead of pocket change, the winner may choose a player (other than his or her spouse) with whom to spend the night. The proposition takes shape, but complications arise as these things will.

All too quickly, friendships are strained and relationships begin to crumble. Lies are told, truths are exposed, and feelings are hurt. In the end, can anyone bear the weight of this wanton self-indulgence? They are six fully consenting adults, and after all, it’s only a game. Or is it?

The Great Smoky Mountain Bank Job by Wayne Zurl

"The Great Smoky Mountain Bank Job & Other Sam Jenkins Mysteries"

by Wayne Zurl

When your high school classmate shows up on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, can your police career get any more interesting? Prospect, Tennessee’s police chief Sam Jenkins handles a cold case robbery-homicide as a favor to a beautiful treasury agent and clears the forty-three year old mystery of THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAIN BANK JOB.

In MURDER IN A WISH-BOOK HOUSE, Sam investigates the most grisly killing of his career. Then, in V IS FOR…VITAMIN?, he works with an eighty-four year old partner to solve a suspicious death in a nursing home where all the suspects are well beyond their prime.

Hollywood meets the Smokies in FATE OF A FLOOZY when an academy award winner is murdered during her love affair with a much younger man. And HURRICANE BLOW UP and THE BUTLERS DID IT pits Jenkins against some very lethal characters when he tackles eastern European hoods who intend on causing mayhem in Prospect, and bank robbers who flee to the far corners of southern Appalachia to escape capture.

I Dream of Amy by Kira Barcelo

"I Dream of Amy"

by Kira Barcelo

Small-town Sheriff Jonah Vogel’s peaceful weekend is disrupted when he receives a mysterious delivery. After the truck drives off he opens the crate and out pops, of all things, a voluptuous genie! Or, at least, a blonde who does some scorching-hot justice to a genie outfit.

Amanda Brindle is trying to land an advertising account with an ice cream empire mogul for her Madison Avenue firm. One little problem: Her cohorts delivered her to the wrong address. Now, with a fast-moving blizzard moving in, Amanda is stranded with the hunky, bossy sheriff, who has a unique way of dealing with that sexy genie’s mischievous streak.

In Love With a Dark Stranger by Imari Jade

"In Love With a Dark Stranger"

by Imari Jade

Archeologist Bethany Dailet has waited all her life to explore the ancient tombs of Egypt, but she never dreamed of falling down a hole and discovering an ancient tomb that has been buried for nearly 3,000 years. Nor did she dream of meeting two men who would change her life forever.

Xandra 8 by Herbert Grosshans

"Dark World"

The Xandra #8

by Herbert Grosshans

Iceworld, a savage planet of rugged mountains, vast plains, wild forests, and myriads of long, wide rivers snaking through flat lands to empty their turbulent waters into huge lakes. It is a world plagued by vicious thunderstorms, hurricanes, and torrential rains in the summer and by violent snowstorms in the long winter. One would think that nothing could survive on such a planet, but it is inhabited by ferocious beasts and a race of savages, the Sras....

The Killing At White Swann Inn by Carole Hall

"Killing at the White Swan Inn"

by Carole Hall

When Margo Costain left her established New York publishing firm after her mother’s death to become owner and manager of the prestigious White Swan Inn in the Berkshires, she did not expect gunfire on her very first day home.

An assassination attempt was made on one of her guests, a Christian woman married to a Muslim businessman, by his Islamic fundamentalist brothers.

Soon she is wrapped up in the lives of her many guests, from a beautiful ‘trophy’ wife-model trying to escape her abusive controlling husband, a pot-smoking boy violin prodigy with his mother from Spain on his way to Julliard. There’s a destitute Neiman-Marcus business woman whose husband leaves her for his secretary, without any money or credit cards, a famous gay English actor and a renowned elderly artist. A convicted murderer recently paroled but wrongly accused of patricide out to clear his name, plus a best-selling author with a tell-all book about a famous Senator. And an assortment of other guests she has to deal with.

And into the picture came a detective and a love-story that began years before to kindle the flame.

Origin 2: Secret of the Dead Mystics by Aaron R. Allen

"Origin: Secret of the Dead Mystics"

Book 2

by Aaron Allen

A phantasmal surge of energy cuts across the ethereal landscape of the world between, casting a light on a horrid realm of wraiths and wolf demons. After escaping a magical prison crafted by the Gargoyles, Cahan Devlin finds that his windowless cell is in the depths of this ghastly realm. As he strives to find his way out and back to his friends, he encounters the only other human soul in this forsaken place. The man warns him of the ghoulish Vaa’corthra, a creature with the uncanny ability to control the horrific denizens of the world between. But can he trust this man, or is he a shape-shifting specter luring him to his death?

Back in the real world, Cahan’s comrades are trying to prevent the revival of the council of mystics, demons who have an unmatched command of the arcane. Will he reach them in time?

Can he prevent the resurrection of the Dead Mystics?

Murder in Knoxville by Wayne Zurl

"Murder in Knoxville"

by Wayne Zurl

Sam Jenkins is the new police chief in town and everyone wonders, will Prospect, Tennessee ever be the same?

Here are six novelettes where Jenkins gets to show off his skills learned as a former New York detective.

Betrayer by Leslie D. Soule


Fallenwood #3

by Leslie D. Soule

With five crystals to destroy, in order to rob the dark lord Malegaunt of his power, Ash Kensington's path is set. She begins a quest with the talking cat, Greymalkin, and her wyvern, Slick. But when she meets up with the handsome dragon slayer, Draeon, her senses overwhelm her, and she becomes distracted. Will she be able to destroy the crystals in time to challenge Malegaunt?

"Lover in Darkness" by S.C. Dane

"Lover in Darkness"

A Novel of the Darkest Kynd

by S. C. Dane

To the world they are the Grotesques—hideous chimeras and gargoyles of stone. But before they are locked in their granite prisons, they are Kynd—magnificent beings condemned to prowl the nightmares of every realm. Their tortures will doom them to stone. The love of a Chosen One could save them.

Daniela Salvai works with battered women more as a calling than an occupation. Having seen the bloody consequences of uncontrolled rages, she’s sworn off dating and relationships. Then she meets the mysterious Darken, a man with flashing silver eyes and a physique to die for. Yet, there’s something not quite right about him.

Darken is Kynd, a gargoyle doomed to an eternity of stone unless he convinces Daniela she’s his Chosen One. Worse, he needs to prove he’s not just a monster prone to violent outbursts, he’s a man in need of love.

Can Daniela see through the Grotesque curse to the true light in Darken’s heart? Or will she turn her back on the man who longs for everything she is fated to be. [more]

Tangled Web of Love by Joanne Rawson

"Tangled Web of Love"

by Joanne Rawson

Faith has formed a unique relationship with her boyfriend Paul.

Liking their own independence, doing what they wanted without consulting the other, and they had never said those three significant words, I love you, that none of their friends or family can quite understand.

However, there is one complication in their relationship – Paul’s snobbish father, who thought Faith an unsuitable lady friend for his son. In fear that his son would marry Faith and interbreed, he demanded Paul to stop seeing her.

When Paul suddenly does a disappearing act, Faith decides whatever it was between her and Paul was over. He could come back on bended knee, begging and kicking but there was not a chance in hell that this time they would get back together.

However, when Paul returns unannounced he finds Faith in the arms of another man.

What happens next is a tangled web of double dating, secrecy, sexual favours and betrayal. [more]



by Dennis K. Hausker

Invading another planet was hardly unusual for the corps, but Dadaleon was like no other planet in the universe and ultimately facing enemies of pure evil in near to no-win situations was terrifying. The war led to fundamental changes in the individual soldiers and also to the entire Federation unimaginable before the war. [more]

"Bless Me Father" by Tom Walsh

"Bless Me Father"

by Tom Walsh

No place is as intimate as where you go to confess your sins.

Bless Me Father is a “who done it?” A story of love lost and love found in the midst of contemporary social issues of homelessness, addiction, and bringing the untouchable to justice.

Cloistered conversations in the confessional are sometimes tragic, sometimes humorous. It is a modern day crime mystery with character depth, a forbidden love, and a resurrected cold case. [more]

The Xandra: Alien World by Herbert Grosshans

"Alien World"

The Xandra #7

by Herbert Grosshans

Hoping to find sanctuary and start a new life with Valissa, the young woman he loves, Cameron and the others join a small group of stranded scientists in their research station.

When a couple of the men decide to go in search of Regina Seagull, one of the scientists who has been abducted by a group of alien savages, Cameron accompanies them into the dark tunnels below the surface of Iceworld. The three men find an alien world in the huge caverns underground and they discover more than just monstrous creatures and Shadow-dwellers. [more]

"Hunter of Mysteries" by Richard Dawes

"Hunter of Mysteries"

Jack Slade #4

by Richard Dawes

The Knights Templar send Jack Slade to the ancient Assassin stronghold of Alamut to recover a magical book hidden among the ruins. The Black Brotherhood, however, has different plans.

Accompanied by a beautiful young woman, Slade battles Brotherhood operatives and astral demons from the Caspian Sea, across Europe and then to Paris in an epic struggle to accomplish the mission. [more]

"Stacy's Sacrifice" by Jaden Sinclair

"Stacy's Sacrifice"

I Get What I Want #3

by Jaden Sinclair

Illeana Jacobs knew the day she met Stacy Lorde he would steal her heart. Reminding him how they came from different worlds didn’t faze him, not when dealing with a man who was used to getting what he wanted, when he wanted it. But, once he conquered her, he broke her heart and drove her from him never expecting to see him again. Fate thought otherwise. Face to face with her past she had to deal with the pain while trying to hide her feelings from him, an impossible task. Her heart refused to let go of the one it loved. [more]

Hunter in the Darkness

"Hunter in the Darkness"

A Jack Slade Novel

by Richard Dawes

When a professor is murdered, the mummy of a black magician from the jungles of Central America—and the scroll containing the incantation to call the spirit back to the body—are stolen.

When Jack Slade rescues the professor’s beautiful granddaughter from a similar fate, he must race to prevent unspeakable evil from being unleashed upon the world. [more]



by S. S. Hampton, Sr.

You can run, but what if you find yourself aboard a space faring Flying Dutchman?

Luther Raynor is a son of one of the world’s wealthiest and politically influential families. When the Etava Virus appeared, and spread across the world, mankind’s very survival was in question. Luther used his family’s wealth to construct a sleeper spacecraft to take the family into space, to orbit in safety around Jupiter for a thousand years while in suspended animation. At the last minute, he changes the plan after calculating that upon awakening, survival supplies for one would last far longer than for two dozen or more people. He flees into space alone except for the Mobile Artificial Intelligence Image—May, responsible for operation of the spacecraft. But, Luther had no idea of what awaited him out there. [more]

The Gate That Cried Blood

"The Gate That Cried Blood"

by Geoff Nordass

Austen, or Sten to his mates, is an all action hero, former British Royal Marine Commando and part time private dick, who is smart and moralistic, yet determined by any means available to achieve his and the aims of his clients.

In this book, the first of his travels and based on the real life exploits of the author, Sten is pulled from a private security company working in Iraq to investigate the deaths of former work colleagues from his past in the Marines and attempts to solve the suspected crimes as soon as he can.

He is hired by the head of the largest Maritime Security Company in the game, of deterring pirates in the Indian Ocean and off Somalia in an anti-piracy role.

He jumps from country to country on the hunt for answers and uses brutality for his own ends until the chase climaxes’ in Eastern Europe and then Sten has his own in the Caribbean. [more]