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Sins of Eden by Wayne Zurl

"Sins of Eden"

A Sam Jenkins Mystery

by Wayne Zurl

After losing their jobs at Prospect PD, veteran detectives Sam Jenkins and John Gallagher set up shop as private investigators. But their life in the private sector is short-lived when their former colleague, Bettye Lambert, the new county sheriff, enlists them to investigate a seemingly cold missing person’s case.

Twenty-seven year old Tommy Lee Helton disappeared from the beautiful and idyllic Orr’s Valley section of Prospect where he lived. None of his family or friends can find him and no one can provide a clue to where he may have gone.

The closest thing to a lead comes from a beautiful woman who is a member of the environmentalist group to which Tommy Lee belongs. Her information leads Jenkins and Gallagher to a paper mill reportedly discharging toxic chemical waste into the river system of North Carolina and Tennessee.

The security supervisors at the mill, a former federal agent from the Diplomatic Security Service and a retired Marine Corps sniper had a serious confrontation with Helton during a demonstration organized by the activists. They soon become prime suspects in his disappearance.

As the search and investigation continues, an unrelated murder victim is found, more anomalies spring up, people are blatantly withholding information and nothing seems to be as it appears.

The question remains, with all those obstacles, can Jenkins and Gallagher find the missing person and restore order to their little chunk of paradise on “the peaceful side of the Smokies?”

Tara by Mary Kate Brogan


by Mary Kate Brogan

In 1981 Connecticut, twenty-six-year-old attorney Tara Carter is astonished to learn she was adopted from an institution for unwed mothers in Ireland. Her search for her birth parents, her defense of a man accused of manslaughter, and an involvement with the prosecuting attorney leads her on a journey of excitement and shocking betrayal.

While she loves her adoptive parents, she longs to hold in her arms her birth mother and the father whose seed gave her life.  But in Ireland, she swings from joy to heartbreak and disappointment after learning her birth mother has died. Although her father, a former Catholic seminarian, is reputed to be living and working either as a teacher in New York or a missionary in Africa, his whereabouts remain a mystery. And now she returns to New York where she will help to defend Father Patrick Gannon who has pleaded not guilty to the crime of manslaughter. In between her court work, she embarks on the arduous task of contacting schools in the United States and Ireland. Negative replies lead her to hire a private detective. After an interminable wait, she learns the detective has been unsuccessful.

Tara is ready to abandon hope when a sudden revelation leads to a devastating conclusion of her search.

Graceland on Wheels by Wayne Zurl

"Dangerous Cravings"

A Shifter Novel #17

by Jaden Sinclair

Riddick Adkins is a hunter and tracker as well as a full-blooded shifter. When a call comes in from an old friend to find a family member, Riddick answers and takes the job, a decision he regrets, especially after he meets his hard-headed target face to face.

Lilly Davis has been on the run for almost a year, staying a few steps ahead of the men her father worked for, but she doesn’t know how much longer she can go on.

Riddick finds Lilly, fighting off the men who are after her. She has something of theirs, something they want and are willing to kill for it.

Riddick and Lilly need to work together if they wanted to survive, but how can they when his shifter heat comes and his need for relief replaces common sense?

One Shot - Brian Gates

"Crystal Moon"

The Horton Auction Series #3

by Rhonda Strehlow

Auctioneer Honor Horton has a regular life with a loving partner, a mortgage, and job she loves. And, she possesses a supernatural gift. She can see into the past lives of her clients just by entering the building or spaces they inhabited. Honor is privy to happy occasions-weddings and parties but, the darker emotions-anger, fear, hatred, and sadness push their way into even happy homes.

When Honor signs on new client, Elise Schoen, she is immediately assailed by warring forces. A death has destroyed a family. No one wants to talk about Zander, the dead son and brother, but he demands to be heard. Time and again his ghostly presence appears. What message is he trying to convey? And how does he think Honor can help him?

In Search of the Lost by Thomas W. Peltier

"In Search of the Lost"

by Thomas W. Peltier

Fans of Bestselling authors Clive Cussler and James Rollins - Thomas Peltier’s breakthrough adventure debut will leave you out of breath and begging for more!

Two stories fatefully intertwined; One family’s dark and tragic journey into oblivion, the other a heart-pounding thrill-ride hinged upon a mysterious aboriginal legend - protecting the fate of all humanity.

1930s Tasmania
A young father, Greg McKinley struggles to protect his family and a rescued Tasmanian tiger pup from bloodthirsty bounty-hunters that will stop at nothing to cash in its head. Forced to violence and on the run, Greg begins an epic journey into the desolate Australian Outback.

Present Day
A successful wildlife host, a team of biologists and an aborigine guide launch an expedition to rediscover the Tasmanian Tiger – an animal long thought to be extinct. Sandstorms, flash floods, deadly snakes, giant gut-slashing birds, aboriginal mystics, hallucinogenic bush drugs and killer crocs are just the beginning as they go In Search of the Lost...

"Outpost Epsilon" - Herbert Grosshans

"Outpost Epsilon"

The Stonewall Chronicles - Prequel

by Herbert Grosshans

When rooky Scout Terrex Stonewall gets his new assignment on a remote outpost on the savage planet Epsilon he never dreamed he would fall in love with an alien girl. 

The planet is carpeted by a jungle of gigantic mushrooms that release poisonous spores into the hot, humid air, and the mushroom jungle is inhabited by fierce and hungry dinosaurs. Battling giant dinosaurs and venomous bugs aren’t the only dangers he must face. The indigenous inhabitants of Epsilon do not welcome the intruders to their world. 

Stonewall and his companion are captured and taken to the towering city of the Uur where an uncertain future waits for them. There seems to be no escaping their prison from the thousand feet high tower, unless they can grow wings. 

There is a glimmer of hope when Stonewall discovers things are not as they appear with their captors. If he can unmask the mystery and gain the trust and help of an unexpected ally escape may be possible.

"Novus Diem" by Tom Walsh

"Novus Diem"

The Diem Trilogy #1

by Tom Walsh

Novus Diem breaks the time barrier and clashes hi-tech with Native American beliefs. It pits the strength of a military super power against a people at peace with the world despite a history of injustice. It is a story of a woman empowered by a compulsion to do the right thing and a man that came to believe in her. They risk everything to set the world straight in the face of formidable odds.

Red Sun Over California by H. Paul Doucette

"A Broken Man Came Back"

by H. Paul Doucette

He grew up on the streets of Yonkers, honing his survival skills. In time he entered the world of gangs and criminals where he learned how to profit from the wrong side of the law. But like so many, he was eventually caught, however, he caught a break and stood before a judge who gave him a choice...prison or the military. He chose the later.

He finished marine boot camp with a sense of pride, belonging. But it was in the jungles of Vietnam that he discovered his true identity. For the first time in his life he had a sense of purpose; A family of brothers.

Then one night in Saigon at a hochie bar, everything came crashing down when an army sergeant made a sexual pass at him that led to his discharge from the marines.

Murphy got a call from Gabe Herschon, a local gay bar owner and long time friend asking for help. Seems someone was attacking his patrons after they left his club, severely assaulting them.

This wasn’t the first time Murphy had to deal with the gay community but it would be his first time dealing with a trained killer like this man.

"Ash's Beauty" by Jaden Sinclair

"Ash's Beauty"

Tales of the Shifter #16

by Jaden Sinclair

He had been looking for his mate for a while, with no luck. Thinking about trying his luck at a Gathering, Ash Laswell never dreamed that his mate would land in his lap. But when she steps from that bus on a sunny summer day, he just knew that he had to have her.

Christine Maxwell has finally come to live with her best friend, Jewels, after a nasty accident. She’s looking for a new start in a new town and putting the past behind her. And for the most part, she’s done well, until Ash makes it very clear that he wants her as his mate.

Ash doesn’t see Christine’s handicap, doesn’t see any flaw that she might think she has. All he sees is a woman who stirs his blood. And when her past does show up, Ash shows his mate just what the shifter will do to protect what is his.

The Xandra: Alien World by Herbert Grosshans

"Sword of Empire"

Wolf Slayer #8

by Richard Dawes

While carving out an empire on the steppes above the Black Sea, Valka the Wolf Slayer receives an urgent message from an old flame, now a queen, asking him to come to her aide against an evil witch plotting to usurp her throne.

Valka moves his army northward to rescue the queen, only to find himself confronted by an overwhelming force. In the exciting climax he faces the witch herself in a battle of power.

Red Sun Over California by H. Paul Doucette

"Red Sun Over California"

by H. Paul Doucette

Sergeant Paul Jarvis, newly married has been re-assigned to CIC’s new base of operations in California where they will be working with the Office of Naval Intelligence. Upon arrival he is immediately sent on an investigation of a theft ring operating in San Diego and at the naval station there. He soon discovers that one or more of these criminals has been taking pictures of ship movements which are being passed on to a Japanese agent. He also uncovers a connection to the West Coast mob boss, Mickie Cohen.

As his investigation moves forward, he finds himself once again venturing south of the border into Mexico in his pursuit of the Japanese agents and one of Cohen’s men. It isn’t long before he is once again neck deep in a life and death fight to capture them, all the while trying to stay ahead of the mob who are out to stop him.

Forever Changed by Jane Carver

"Forever Changed"

by Jane Carver

One young man’s journey into manhood includes friends, family, a job and someone who wants his life. Add to all that, the nation’s worst hurricane—the 1900 storm—that devastated Galveston, Texas and you get a gripping view of life before and after when the island was forever changed.

Jonathan Evans works for Mr. Jack and Ms. Christie Zimmerman on Galveston Island. The cook is fantastic; the maid is lovely; the Zimmerman family has taken him in like a son. But he has secrets and someone is out to kill him. Another boy’s already died in his place by accident. When the great storm hits the island, Jonathan must step up, do what needs to be done then guide his family into a new life.

The Ephermeral File by Henry Hoffman

"The Ephemeral File"

An Adam Fraley Mystery1

by Henry Hoffman

What begins as a simple lost love case for private investigator Adam Fraley quickly escalates into something of far greater magnitude during the course of his investigation. Not only is it a potential felony he stumbles across, but one of the rarest in the catalog of crimes, all due to a critical piece of information having been withheld by his client, a terminally ill World War II vet. The job eventually takes Fraley to remote stretches of Florida’s Withlacoochee River and events that occurred over a half century ago.

Aperios by B. D. Messick


The Mythik Wars #1

by B. D. Messick

Zach Morris was just an ordinary man, living an ordinary life in the suburbs of Chicago...except for the fact that he could see monsters.

They don’t come to him in dreams or nightmares. They work in his office, they take tolls on the turnpike, they live next door. They are Mythiks. They’ve always been among us; elves, dwarves, hobbits and all the rest of the creatures from the fantasy novels and movies we thought were nothing more than the creations of our imaginations, but they’re as real as we are. Most of us can't see them, but there are some humans, known as the Aperios, who can pierce the Mythik's outer façade, and see them for what they really are. But being an Aperios is perilous, torn between humans who want to ferret out those living among us and the Mythiks who want to remain hidden. Zach Morris had a secret but now he’s running for his life as the world of the Mythiks collides with our own and the future of the human race hangs in the balance.

"Hooked" by Jim Daddio


by Jim Daddio

An erotic physiological thriller that digs deep into the minds of those who are trapped in world of adult entertainment. It’s not only the customers who are hooked, but the exotic dancers who can’t escape the world they live in.

A.J. Danelli is a homicide detective on the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department in Tampa, Florida. He recently went through a nasty divorce and finds himself drowning in alcohol and self-pity. And at the same time, he is introduced to the world of the exotic dancer. He has fallen into the dark world of the ‘lap dance.’ He is hooked on a dancer named Sunset.

As the story unfolds, A.J. is giving a deposition to the District Attorney. He tells his story on how he became hooked on an exotic dancer, and at the same time, reviews the investigation him and his partner did to track a serial killer before he kills again. 

A.J. confronts the killer. The maniac has Sunset. In a wild and gripping ending, A.J. comes face to face with the killer and at the same time he must face his own demons. He realizes he has something in common with the killer. They both are “Hooked”.

Jack Slade: Power Stalker by Richard Dawes

"Power Stalker"
A Jack Slade Novel

by Richard Dawes

A Dark Power has broken through from the Other Side, and the vampire nation asks Jack Slade to look into the problem.

When Jack Slade's car breaks down outside a southern Arizona town, he runs afoul of a drug cartel. As blood flows and bodies stack up, Slade discovers that the cartel is actually controlled by the vampire nation. A Dark Power broke through from the Other Side and is centered in Mexico. It threatens the vampire nation and the world. The king of vampires asks Slade to travel to Mexico and take care of the problem.

"A Bleak Prospect" by Wayne Zurl

"A Bleak Prospect"

A Sam Jenkins Mystery

by Wayne Zurl

A serial killer dubbed The Riverside Strangler by the Knoxville press corps has murdered eight Internet prostitutes in East Tennessee, the most recent found floating in Prospect’s Crystal Creek.

Chief Sam Jenkins joins a task force led by the county’s chief deputy, Ryan Leary, a cop known for his flamboyant police work and questionable methods.

When investigators hit a stone wall in the case, the killer strikes again—or was it a copycat? The type of victim and location follow the Strangler’s pattern, but some details are significantly different.

During the investigation, Leary is charged in a bizarre and seemingly unrelated case of police brutality and relieved of duty. Sam is faced with assuming command of the task force or turning over responsibility to the FBI.

The outcome of the case and subsequent actions taken by the Prospect City Council affect everyone at Sam’s police department and suggest that life there will never be the same.

Black Water Well by Mathias G. B. Colwell

"Black Water Well"
The Dark Arrow Trilogy #3

by Mathias G. B. Colwell

With his family free of enslavement, Elliyar and his companions chart their course back home. However, there is more to be done before they can return to Andalaya. Rihya is captured by the brother of Half-Mask; the three-way conflict is coming to a head between both elven races and the humans; and Elliyar is waging a war inside himself as well as without. Elliyar decides to strike a decisive blow at the heart of the southern kingdom, in the hopes of ending this struggle once and for all, and to save himself in the process. Dark and light, hope and despair, battle inside and out as Elliyar Wintermoon fights to save his people and rid the world of the Unsired.

Sword of Conquest by Richard Dawes

"Sword of Conquest"

A Wolf Slayer Saga #7

by Richard Dawes

After helping an Atlantean king regain his throne, Valka the Wolf Slayer travels to Mesoamerica with the great master Kukulcan. While Kukulcan travels to Tiahuanaco, Valka leads the Toltecs in a defensive war against the Nahuas. Valka faces a series of hair-raising challenges that require all of his skills in order to return alive.

"A Matter of Justice" by Herbert Grosshans

"A Matter of Justice"

A Not-So-Serious Detective Story

by Herbert Grosshans

He doesn't wear sunglasses or a hat, instead he wears a baseball cap; he doesn't smoke or cuss, and he doesn't carry a gun. His office is in a run-down building with no Air Conditioning and his twenty-year old car is ready to quit any day. He has an alcohol problem he doesn't want to admit and he has the ability to get himself into trouble more often than not.

The funds are low and he needs a case desperately to pay the bills. His sidekick isn't some sexy beautiful woman, either. In Canon's own words, "She's built like a fridge and scares even me sometimes." However, she is loyal to him and keeps him in line.

When Canon finally gets a case, he's beginning to wonder if it was such a smart idea to take on his new client. The case gets more and more complicated and involves several of his other clients. It becomes quite personal, and Canon has to commit a violent act to save himself and the woman he loves.

Immortal Reckoning by Tara Fox Hall

"Immortal Reckoning"

A Promise Me Origins Tale

by Tara Fox Hall

At the turn of the 19th century, former aristocrat turned lowly vampire Devlin Dalcon gets by on his supernatural charms until he meets bride-to-be Annabelle. Smitten by Anna's forthrightness, intellect, and bravery, Devlin risks his life to spirit her away to Fontainebleau, France. There Devlin begins his ascent to power in a desperate bid for wealth and social standing for himself and Anna.

Forging alliances with other supernatural leaders, he usurps the vampire Lord of Fontainebleau, amassing many enemies during his brief reign. Within a few years, he and Anna are again forced to flee for their lives to America. Living in hiding, Devlin is determined to amend his ways. But when tragedy strikes, Devlin's dark side, never fully extinguished, emerges rampant, securing him the bloody throne of America even as his malevolence and loneliness consumes him.

"Clouds Over Maridaan" by Herbert Groshans

"Clouds Over Maridaan"

Rhodar #1

by Herbert Grosshans

His name is Rhodar. Some call him an uncivilized barbarian, but he is a man of honor and he does not turn away when a young woman in distress needs to be rescued from the clutches of a family of trolls. He never runs from a fight, but neither does he reject the favors of a beautiful woman who invites him into her bed. Not only is he a ferocious fighter against his enemies, he’s just as fierce and tireless in the arms of a woman.

From the Western Plains beyond the mountains, Rhodar is on a quest to find the sorcerer Arguss, the only one who can restore the fading spell on his battle-axe.

Rhodar intends to cross Maridaan as quickly as possible, but the gods do not care about the plans and desires of one man. They weave their own designs and they are different from the wishes of mere mortals. Rhodar begins to fear his journey will come to an end in Maridaan.