Melange Books, LLC is searching for 1-3 digital artists to add to our cover design team.

Artists will work with the head of the art department, as well as directly with authors to create an eye catching book cover for books.

Artists will be assigned to work on covers for all three of Melange’s houses including Melange Books, Satin Romance, and Fire & Ice Young Adult Books.

Artists will be paid quarterly royalties based on sales of the books featuring their cover designs.

Job Requirements:
1. Strong attention to detail.
2. Strong communication skills.
3. Ability to meet deadlines.
4. Access to Photoshop. (or similar program which produces PSD files)
5. Ability to digitally manipulate stock art photographs to create a unique design.

To apply, please email the following to Caroline Andrus at:, subject line COVER DESIGN APPLICATION.

1. Your Name and contact email.
2. Any experience you have with design work, including but not limited to covers, ads, teasers, etc.
3. A link to your online portfolio and/or a PDF attachment featuring your work.
4. Why do you want to work for an independent publisher like Melange Books?