Trailer Tuesday: “Long Snows Moon” by Stacey Darlington

Welcome to the first edition of: Trailer Tuesday!

Today we are happy to bring you the book trailer for Stacey Darlington’s book “Long Snows Moon.”


“Long Snows Moon” by Stacey Darlington / Trailer Tuesday

A young socialite finds herself hurled from her comfort zone of luxury and self-denial into the esoteric world of animal magic. When her pet wolf/husky hybrid, Long Snows Moon, plummets from her car window to the forest below, Devon Danforth must explore the haunted woods to find her. During her drunken stumble through the forest, Devon finds love in the arms of Jameson Jordan, the Native American girl she met as a teen during a family skiing vacation. During her sexual awakening, Devon discovers her own animal nature and her wild family lineage.

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