Books Release || April 2, 2015 || Alien Planets & Skinwalkers


"Flipspace: Derivation" by John SteinerDerivation


by John Steiner

The Mockingbird is again drawn to the Kuiper Belt, when a mysterious object is triggered by human discovery. Believing it may be related to the disappearance of the Astraeus Fifteen Hundred NATO deploys a Flipspace-capable strike group and calls on Colonel Rama and her crew to aid the International Space Organization’s study. Finding the location of a star system with possible signs of life, the strike group is sent to investigate what phenomenon may threaten the future of exo-solar exploration.


$1.99 ebook



"The Lone Werewolf II" by Tim ForderThe Lone Werewolf II

 by Tim Forder

What would you do if you were given the skin-walker gift, the ability to change into any animal you can think of? Would you use it for great good or great evil?

A friend’s sister and a complete village is being terrorized by a castle full of vampires, zombies, hell hounds and a thing too feared to name. What can one Lone Werewolf possibly do to end this reign of terror?



$3.99 ebook


$10.95 print book


Book Releases for April 27, 2013

New Melange releases for April 27, 2013

We’re very excited to share our latest book releases!

First, we have the fourth book in the vampire/shifter “Promise Me” series:

“Taken For His Own” by Tara Fox Hall Book Four of the “Promise Me” series.Cover art by Caroline Andrus 


“Taken For His Own”

by Tara Fox Hall

After learning Theo is alive, Sar immediately embarks on a mission to find him. Reunited, the lovers return to New York, Danial, Terian and Theo uneasily combining forces to protect Sar from Al’s assassins who still seek her. But when Sar is taken prisoner in an all-out attack, only one man can save her—her old adversary, Devlin.

For our second release we have a historical novel with a paranormal twist!

“The Lone Werewolf” by Tim Forder A historical werewolf tale.Cover art by Stephanie Bibb 

“The Lone Werewolf”

by Tim Forder

Captain Cody O’Conner, U.S. Cavalry, retired, comes to the aid of two Indians under attack by Confederate rags that refuse to acknowledge the end of the war. Brought to near death as a result of his bravery, our hero is rewarded by an old medicine man with the gift of Skin-walker (Native American Shape-shifter) ointment! A gift that the old medicine man had passed up on personally using for fear the attractions of the power of nature would damn his soul. A gift he has gone so far as to refuse to pass on to his warrior-minded heir apparent for fear of corrupting his son’s soul. With the power comes the tremendous temptations to use the power to serve the Great Evil One (Native American’s Satan). Will Captain O’Conner have the character to withstand the lure to use his powerful new gift for evil instead of good?!

Dawn, a young squaw educated in the mystical ways of her people by her now deceased medicine man and grandfather, trains our new Skin-walker in his new mystical, magical abilities to transform into the many, mighty forms of nature!

Cody learns of the joys, strengths, and weaknesses in his capabilities to transform into a mighty Wolf with his prowess, the great Grizzly Bear with gigantic powers, the Coyote with his cunning, and the Golden Eagle with his predatory flight skills! While in training, our new hero learns how his new capabilities can come to the rescue of those who can’t rescue themselves! Later, in the angst of battle, he discovers his ability to transform into the mighty Wolf while maintaining his human form, a half-man half-wolf — an all-powerful, all-terrifying werewolf — The Lone Werewolf!

When called upon, our one-man force of nature penetrates an impenetrable fortress and takes on a whole Confederate troop for the purpose of freeing a kidnapped Mrs. Custer. Is our Lone Werewolf up to the challenge of attacking a specially-trained unit of soldiers single handedly?! Can he do so without his attack causing the death of Mrs. Custer at the hands of her hostage takers?

Just as things quiet, the area and our hero is under siege by Jumlin and his bloodthirsty Children (Native American first vampire and his children); a tribe of vampires who infest the area while out to take down our might for good, the Skin-walker! Has our Lone Werewolf learned and trained enough to fend off a whole army of vampires single-handedly?! How will he handle the great demonic vampiric Jumlin himself?!

Is there a future for our valiant force of mystic, mighty nature? Is there a future for The Lone Werewolf?!