Books Release || October 31, 2015 || Ghosts & Thrillers

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"Midnights Edge" - David Chappuis & Michael KlingerMidnights Edge

by David Chappuis & Michael Klinger

The title, Midnight’s Edge, comes from the time of night where the veil between the living and the dead disappears and, for a brief moment in time, the dead can return to the mortal world and live again. It is a story of a vile, evil man named Jeremy Wickcliff, whose wife, Lucy, arranged his death years ago to save the town from his wrath of destruction. In present time, he has been plotting from the spirit realm, a place of purgatory, to return to the mortal realm to seek revenge on those who wronged him and reclaim the life ripped away from him.


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Killer of KillersKiller Eyes

A Trent Smith Martial Arts Thriller #2

by Mark DeRobertis

Trent Smith is the only man in possession of Eternity—the wonder drug that cures all disease and stops aging. But after exposing Eternity as an unsafe experiment, Trent is at odds with the two billionaires who created it—Abraham Soriah and Karl Manoukian.

Abraham Soriah is approaching his ninetieth birthday, but despite a bottomless bank account his latter days are nothing to celebrate. Without the wonder drug his health has waned, and he will do anything to get it back—even if it means making a deal with Karl Manoukian.

Karl Manoukian is responsible for the death of the woman Trent loved, and he hires a secret guild of Eurasian assassins—the Killers Guild—for protection. As payment, he promises the drug to whoever kills Trent Smith. But there’s a problem. Trent Smith is not so easy to kill.

Ming Sang—the mysterious leader of the Killers Guild—has an agenda of her own, and it involves not only Trent Smith but his closest friends at the Tokyo Dojo. Will Trent find his vengeance or will he succumb to the diabolical schemes of Ming Sang and the Killers Guild?

KILLER EYES, Book Two of the Killer Series, is the continuing story of Trent Smith, the world’s greatest martial artist. In this action-packed sequel to KILLER OF KILLERS, Trent must decide who deserves to die, and who—if anyone—is worthy of living forever.


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Melange Book Releases || December 12, 2013

Melange Books Releases || December 12, 2013

Melange Books Releases || December 12, 2013

Today we bring you two brand new books and a second edition re-release!

Keep reading to find out more about these three great new releases.

"Benjamin" by Alyssa Cooper

“Benjamin” by Alyssa Cooper

Benjamin by Alyssa Cooper

A story of letting go and of those left behind, Benjamin explores the deep and complicated facets of human emotion. It follows Amily, a young woman, through her long and tumultuous relationship with Benjamin, who has over the years been dream, friend, teacher, lover, and finally, uneasy companion. When she learns that Benjamin has been diagnosed with cancer, although she hasn’t seen him in years, she rushes back to her hometown, so that he can finally teach her the final lesson: how to say goodbye.

"The Collector" by Mathias G. B. Colwell

“The Collector” by Mathias G. B. Colwell

The Collector by Mathias G. B. Colwell

The world was nearly consumed by chaos and madness during The Great Transformation, a time when myth and legend were given form overnight. Nearly half a century later, The Collectors Guild, a sect of humans tasked to search and control the supernatural, are still trying to clean up the mess that was made of society. Vampires, werewolves and so much more come to life in this darkly gripping tale of love, friendship, betrayal, and most of all freedom.

Philip is someone who is known as a Collector. He travels around the world pursuing evil/dangerous creatures or beings and capturing or killing them to protect society.

He is in New York when his ship full of captured creatures is attacked and the whole cargo hold full of them are set loose. He is forced to try and piece together the mystery of who killed his partner and attacked his ship, and what the villain’s motives are.

Philip discovers that there is something more sinister than usual afoot as he realizes a dark magic is being used to leech the different creatures strength and supernatural powers away. Philip is on the task of fixing this situation when the villain kidnaps Philip’s love, Alayna. Philip must go try and fix the problem and save the love of his life all at the same time.

"Killer of Killers" by Mark M. DeRobertis

“Killer of Killers” by Mark M. DeRobertis

Killer of Killers by Mark DeRobertis
Second Edition

He was the world’s greatest martial artist – a master of the world’s deadliest art. Once revered, he became feared, and for that he blamed his homeland. America was no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. It had become the land of murder and the home of corruption. But for a man like Trent Smith – it was the perfect hunting ground.

Biochemists have invented a drug that cures all disease and stops aging, but a New York industrialist has kept it secret for a specific purpose. He wants to form an exclusive fraternity of immortal supermen, all of whom are beholden to him. Only one thing puts a kink in his plan – the drug’s side effects, which include wild surges of increased sexuality and unpredictable flares of homicidal rage.

Trent Smith has trained in Japan for over twenty years and he has his own agenda. He vows to avenge the innocents slain by the ever-growing number of American celebrities who murder with impunity. But when a dying scientist gives him the only copy of the secret formula, he must decide if the miraculous benefit is worth the toll it takes on the prodigious people who use it and their credulous victims who don’t.

Killer of Killers is an action-packed martial arts thriller that pits one man’s quest for justice against the wonders of medical science. But wonders for some are horrors for others in a secret society ruled by greed, malice, and a singular objective to attain eternal youth.