Melange Book Releases || November 14 & 18, 2013

Melange Book Releases || November 14 & 18, 2013

Melange Book Releases || November 14 & 18, 2013

November is a very busy month here at Melange!

We’re bringing even more holiday stories for you as well as some horror and mystery.

If you prefer your books in print, most of our holiday shorts will be available in our Holiday Hopes anthology to be released very soon!

"Wicked Intentions" by JoAnne Myers

“Wicked Intentions” by JoAnne Myers

Wicked Intentions by JoAnne Myers

Blood Ties
Audra Roper has disturbing visions about her twin sister’s disappearance, suspecting her brother-in-law Doug of Lisa’s death.

Police officer Tyler Pettit tries to help, but when the law fails, Audra assumes Lisa’s identity, plays amateur detective and discovers a bloody scene. All isn’t what it seems as her life becomes a roller coaster of danger, heartbreak and intrigue.

Dark Visions
When Carrie Reynolds starts having nightmares on her twenty-sixth birthday, she believes her “dark visions” can solve the twenty-year disappearance of her father.

The Apartment
When young newlyweds Bill and Gayle move into their new apartment, their lives are plagued with sightings of evil ghosts that threaten their marriage and lives.

The Legend of Lake Manor
For psychic Cassandra Lopez, coming to haunted Lake Manor was like a mission. The Manor and its employees needed her help in ridding the home of specters, most trying to kill and one willing to stay for love’s sake.

Summer Wind
When twenty-nine year-old Ginger Duncan discovers the old mansion Summer Wind, she is mysteriously drawn to it. Immediately the hauntings have a negative and profound effect on the family.

The Haunting of Barb Marie
Even as a child, Barb Marie saw dead people which terrified her parents. With no one to talk to about her gift/curse, Barb keeps the secret to herself. This takes an unhealthy toll on her childhood and two marriages. Who are these people that haunt her home now?

The Truth Behind the Lies-Laying the Norfolk Ghost to Rest
Solving the brutal murder of American born Ruthie Geil becomes a gauntlet of attacks and more murders for Federal Police Inspector Ian Christian. Between the victim’s family, ex-lovers and ghostly occurrences on Norfolk Island, the killer is closer than anyone realizes.

"The Stone Throwers" by Leanne Lippincott

“The Stone Throwers” by Leanne Lippincott

The Stone Throwers by Leanne Lippincott

The year is 1957. The small town of Bountyville, Wisconsin, is known for its law-abiding, God-fearing folks. After a stranger from Texas moves to the peaceful community, all hell breaks loose. Police Officer Hank Broadman has the daunting task of trying to untangle the growing web of tragic events. Are they merely accidents, or is a murdering madman on the prowl? Hank is determined to solve the mystery before more lives are destroyed.

"Noelle's Nocturne" by Megan Hussey

“Noelle’s Nocturne” by Megan Hussey

Noelle’s Nocturne by Megan Hussey

Lord Gerard is a gifted pianist who also happens to be a lord of the night. His lonely life is brightened and transformed when he meets Noelle, a plus-sized, no nonsense spinster. The two celebrate the holidays with laughter, music, and a passionate affair; yet can Noelle truly accept and love this creature of the nocturne?

"Merry Christmas, India Stone" by Megan Hussey & Linda White Francis

“Merry Christmas, India Stone” by Megan Hussey & Linda White Francis

Merry Christmas India Stone by Megan Hussey and Linda White-Francis

Facing her first Christmas alone as a recent divorcee, India Stone takes an impulsive trip to an Aspen ski lodge; where the handsome, dashing Tristan sweeps her off of her feet and onto the slopes. Spoiling her with romantic sleigh rides, beautiful gifts and romantic candlelight dinners, Tristan lends light, love and color to India’s holiday.

"The Feast of Yule" by Leslie D. Soule

“The Feast of Yule” by Leslie D. Soule

The Feast of Yule by Leslie D. Soule
A Forgetting Fallenwood Short

Ash Kensington gets to spend her first holiday in the fantasy realm known as Fallenwood. Her friends, the sorcerer Will Everett, the court jester Terces Solario, and the cat who was once a human, Greymalkin, are put in charge of watching a trio of unruly gnomes over the weekend, and chaos breaks loose! Join Ash and her friends as they celebrate the holiday known as The Feast of Yule!


"Deck the Stalls" by Shannon Kennedy

“Deck the Stalls” by Shannon Kennedy

Deck the Stalls by Shannon Kennedy
A Shamrock Stables Novel

All Sierra McElroy wants for Christmas is a guarantee the horses at Shamrock Stable will be home for the holidays. Her mother has decided they can’t keep every horse and should sell some. Now, what can Sierra do to save her friends and Christmas for everyone?

"An American Noel" by Marianna Boncek

“An American Noel” by Marianna Boncek

An American Noel by Marianna Boncek

Charlie Reardon is a down-and-out bum looking for some returnables and a warm place to sleep on a snowy, Christmas night. Instead, with the help of his on-again-off-again angel, Gabriel, Charlie finds a baby in an alley. Does the baby offer some type of redemption?

"A Miracle for Christmas" by Charmaine Pauls

“A Miracle for Christmas” by Charmaine Pauls

A Miracle for Christmas by Charmaine Pauls

Michael Slanders only wants a steady job and a family of his own, but instead he lives from hand to mouth with his sick mother. Fired a week before Christmas and down on his luck, Mike needs nothing short of a miracle. Sometimes, goodness prevails. Sometimes, magic is made.

"Secret Santa" by Terry Barr

“Secret Santa” by Terry Barr

Secret Santa by Terry Barr

Ten-year old Terry Barr discovers one day just before Christmas that his little brother has found Santa’s stash of toys. The secret of Santa is out now, and as Terry tries to help his mother cover the story to retain his brother’s innocence, the world of secrets, conspiracies, and emotional entanglements for him only grows deeper.