Book Releases for July 26, 2013

We’ve been busy at Melange and I’m thrilled to share with you the brand new releases from both Melange and our young adult line, Fire and Ice.

We’ve got a nice variety and hope you’ll find something you like. We’ve got mystery, humor, romance and more!

Melange Releases

Melange Books Releases July 27, 2013

Melange Books Releases July 27, 2013


"Gone Away is the Sun" by Lisa Eisenrich

“Gone Away is the Sun” by Lisa Eisenrich // Cover design by Caroline Andrus Designs

“Gone Away is the Sun” by Lisa Eisenrich

A poignant first novel set in contemporary Alaska, Gone Away is the Sun tells the story of Peter Crist and Oliver Anderson, best friends since boyhood, and Claire Knight, the woman who comes between them. When Peter, a charismatic photographer approaching the dark side of his twenties, returns from years abroad, the moment he lays eyes on Ollie’s girlfriend he feels he cannot live without her. In his pursuit of Claire, as loyalties and desires realign, all three are changed irrevocably. When tragedy occurs in the seductive, but unforgiving Alaskan wilderness, they are forced to examine the meaning of love and regret, and take stock of who they’ve become. Have they made the right choices, or have their mistakes ruined them? Lisa Eisenrich’s poetic use of language and metaphor carry the reader deeply into scenes of intimacy, rejection, loss, and resolution that mark the maturing of these unforgettable characters.

"Mostly Maggie at Doggy Day Camp" by Barb Norris

“Mostly Maggie at Doggy Day Camp” by Barb Norris // Cover design by Becca Barnes

“Mostly Maggie at Doggy Day Camp” by Barb Norris

Never boring! Usually rambunctious! Rarely quiet! Occasionally stubborn! Sometimes silly! Often noisy! Always unpredictable! Always fun! Always lovable!

Meet the dogs of Doggy Day Camp!

Follow the path to Doggy Day Camp. Get in on some doggy shenanigans, a touch of doggy danger, and a whole lot of just plain ol’ doggy fun!

You’ll meet Maggie, a Great Dane, only eight months old and 120 pounds of feisty puppy. Scally, a handsome Husky, and his housemate Wags, a Basenji mix who didn’t inherit the “barkless” trait of his ancestors, will make you laugh. Meet Snowball, a Great Pyrenees, the camp “den-mother” who sleeps a lot. Hotshot is a rowdy and fearless Chihuahua who has no idea that he is a small dog. There’s Casper, the flying white Shepherd. These are just a few of the more than thirty campers you will get to know.

You might get a little nervous when the dogs go kind of weird and scary one morning. Find out who the escape artists are. Witness the evacuation of fourteen excited dogs when fire threatens. You’ll feel a bit of sympathy for Jeeves when it’s time to face the dreaded crate. You’ll wonder at some of the foolishness of both dogs and counselors.

These dogs will keep you busy, run you ragged, and wear you out. They will also brighten your day and make you smile. You won’t be able to help yourself.

"Project Northwest" by C.B. Carter

“Project Northwest” by C.B. Carter // Cover design by Stephanie Flint

“Project Northwest” by C.B. Carter

OTS agent, James Spain, is having a bad week. He’s been tortured into agreeing to rob a bank of its ‘numbers’, not its money, by a man James knows only as Mr. Wright. His home and office are bugged, but he manages to gain assistance from a former college friend, Mark DeSantis, who is a private detective. Mark uses his computer science skills to turn the tables on Mr. Wright’s operation, only to be caught in the act. Will Mr. Wright become a victim of his own greed and those of his compatriots, or will James save his neck by delivering the bank’s internal numbers to its competitor?

"Forgetting Fallenwood" by Leslie D. Soule

“Forgetting Fallenwood” by Leslie D. Soule // Cover design by Stephanie Flint

Forgetting Fallenwood” by Leslie D. Soule

Ashley “Ash” Kensington wakes up in the Other Realm, to find that she has lost all recollection of the fantasy realm known as Fallenwood. She continues holding down a “normal” job and a serene though unfulfilling relationship and life, until she find a talking cat who begins filling her head with fanciful tales of another place and time.

"Freeing Abigail" by LuAnn Nies

“Freeing Abigail” by LuAnn Nies // Cover design by Stephanie Flint

“Freeing Abigail” by LuAnn Nies

Abigail Pendergrass’s dreams are destroyed when an automobile accident claims the life of her best friend and leaves her emotionally and physically paralyzed. Her hopes of a college education, career and family of her own dies in the accident.

Beauregard Winkelman, her new physical therapist, is a tall, sexy, Texan whose career is on the rocks due to his scandalous past and indiscretions. Beau is faced with a challenge when he meets Abigail who refuses to cooperate. She’s his last chance for a real career, and he’s her last chance for a real life. Beau vows to convince Abigail she’s still desirable, and could still have all the things she longs for. He revives her hopes and rejuvenates her competitive spirit, but sparks fly when passionate arrogance bashes headlong into frustrated stubbornness.

Dr. William Voight reveals Beau’s past which threatens his career and Abigail’s recovery. He’s determined to prevent Abigail from recovering and fulfilling her dreams. He has vindictive ambitions that include Abigail and the financial security that comes with her.

"The Winemaker" by Charmaine Pauls

“The Winemaker” by Charmaine Pauls // Cover design by Becca Barnes

“The Winemaker” by Charmaine Pauls

Etán Perez-Cruz, world-renown winemaker, excels in everything he puts his mind to, but self-expression. When an intoxicating woman crashes head first into his life, he finds a way to communicate his feelings through his wine bouquets. As knowing Zenobia becomes a hedonistic pleasure, he fights to keep her safe, and to keep his all-consuming desire from destroying her happiness … and his brother. Etán will need more than his exceptional talent of taste and smell to overcome the dangerous obstacles set in their path.

Young Adult Releases

Fire and Ice Releases July 27, 2013

Fire and Ice Releases July 27, 2013


"Perfect" by Pauline C. Harris (Mechanical book 2)

“Perfect” by Pauline C. Harris (Mechanical book 2) // Cover design by Caroline Andrus Designs

“Perfect” by Pauline C. Harris

Drew now knows the real mission her creators were trying to accomplish; create a perfect world. In other words, taking people, eventually all of the people on earth, and turning them into mechanically altered, perfect, human beings. That is what Drew previously found out happened to her.But, although Drew, Jessica and Michael know that they need to somehow stop the creators, Drew also knows that she’s made another enemy along the way; one possibly even more dangerous than the creators.As Drew struggles to detach herself from the people who “created” her and untangle the mess they’ve made, she discovers that it might not be as easy as she thought, that she is destined to play a larger role in this plan than she ever intended.

"The Penny Pony" by Patricia Gilkerson (Horse Rescuer #1)

“The Penny Pony” by Patricia Gilkerson (Horse Rescuer #1) // Cover design by Stephanie Flint

“The Penny Pony” by Patricia Gilkerson

Piper Jones has always loved horses, but little did she know what would happen when she and her best friend, Nancy tried to help a neglected pony. When all the adults in her life can’t or won’t help, Piper and Nancy take matters into their own hands. They must find a safe haven for the pony and protect it from its cruel owner. A little old lady from Piper’s past steps up to help and a suspected liar proves he’s not a bad guy at all. But as the girls try to solve a mystery involving the suspicious owner, will they be forced into crime themselves in order to save their new-found pony friend?