An Interview with Author Joanne Rawson + Giveaway

Joining us today we have Erin Elliott, author of the upcoming “Mira’s View” – the first in The Sword of Lumina YA fantasy series. Erin took time out of her busy schedule to interview Chic-Lit author Joanne Rawson about her short story “Learner Mum.”

First, a little about the story.

Polly Wilkins is a successful freelance journalist slash writer. She has been living with her partner Steve in what her parents call sin for the last eight years. But, to her parent’s disappointment, there are no signs of wedding bells or the patter of tiny feet on the horizon. Why? Because Polly, is not in the least bit maternal. Can this all change after Polly and Steve have a torrid weekend looking after her nephew? Or will Polly stick to her guns and loose Steve forever?


Erin:  What inspired this story?

Joanne: I was awaiting the release of my first book, For Better or for Worse. Nancy suggested I write something for the anthology, Having My Baby. Well, having no children myself, and now a little mature in years my maternal instincts have swayed towards being like Polly, which had me thinking. What fun it would be to write a story based on no maternal instincts.

Erin: I found myself laughing at the description that Polly gave when watching her nephew Josh, is this something that you have experience with or that you drew from for your story?

Joanne: Oh no first- hand experience! My brother Tristan is fifteen years younger than me, and being an only child for fifteen years, babysitting was classed part of my sisterly duties. I had many hair raising moments, that my Mum, (Margot) kindly remembers me of still today. However, the one that sticks in my mind and perhaps scared Tristan for life is the night he had an upset tummy, at around the age of two. Well, he called me crying, he had pooped right through his nappy, caked, from head to foot and puked in the bed. (Gross, I am sorry.) Anyway gagging, I removed the nappy, as he processed to poop and puke more, on me and on the carpet. Eventually I got him in the bath. Hot and frustrated, I dressed him, took him downstairs while I went back to gag and change the sheets and clean the carpet. Then there was an almighty scream from downstairs, I ran down to the sitting room just at the point Jaws came lunging out of the water, almost poking his head through the T.V screen. Terrified out of his wits he clung to me, too frightened to stay on his own, even when I put in his video. I had to hold him while I managed to clean up. When mum and dad arrived home, just as I was trying to scrub the carpet while Tristan hung on me like a baby kangaroo around my tummy, I broke down into tears, thinking I had failed. Needless to say, Mum was more than comforting. Sorry Tris for any embarrassment caused – Sis xx

Erin: What other works do you have available now?

Joanne: Always MR. Wrong, Angel of Kindness, No Strings Attached, Trials and Tribulations of a Blind Date (Anthology) For Better or For Worse, Having My Baby

Erin: What ideas are you working on now or what ideas do you have for future stories?

Joanne: Have you ever wondered what goes through a brides mind when she stands at the altar? Well that is the first part on my new book, in the mind of Zoe North. I also have ideas for another book based on the life and trials of Nanny Nora

Erin: Have you considered making a sequel for Ms. Polly?

Joanne: Not at the moment, but I never say never.

Erin: What advice do you have for future writers trying to make it into the publishing world?

Joanne: If at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. People seem to have a glamour’s notion that as authors we write, we get published, and we bring in the bucks. Oh, I wish! My advice would be: Write only what you know about. Listen to all the advice given from your publisher, they know what sells. Your editor should be your best friend, not your enemy; they are there to make a good story great. Lastly, do not be despondent, making it as an author is a long process. I have had five stories published, and two more to be released soon, but I still class myself as an apprentice, and welcome any help and advice when offered it. Jo xx

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“Learner Mum” is available from Melange Books and can be purchased here.

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About Joanne Rawson

Joanne Rawson was born and brought up in Derbyshire England. After leaving college in 1984, she headed off to be an au pair in the Loire Valley, France for one year.

Returning back, to England, Joanne worked work for Derbyshire Education Authority in special education, and then for Derbyshire Social services working with adults with learning and physical difficulties.

In 2005, Joanne and her husband decided to give up their hectic lifestyle, after ten years of managing branded restaurants around London’s M25, now spending her time in England, Goa, and Malaysia, writing romantic novels and short stories.


About Erin Elliott

 I’ve been a preschool special education teacher for the last ten years. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and started writing stories and “books” when I was in high school. I have three books coming out, The Sword of Lumina series. I love spending time with my family, reading, summer and the sun. My lifelong dream is to live in Hawaii someday.



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