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"Valley of Tears: Swann Saga #1" by J. Troy SeateValley of Tears

The Swann Saga – Book One

by J. Troy Seate

Steve Swann wants a corporate promotion. His wife, Maria, wants space to roam with her pets and to raise their twelve-year-old daughter. The little valley town of Altinoma seems the perfect solution to pursue this idyllic lifestyle until their serenity is shaken when desecrations are found. Life quickly becomes more frightening than nightmares. Within the mountain peaks and woods that surround their new home, an evil lurks, and waits for the time to strike. Young girls begin to vanish. While trying to protect his daughter, Renee, Steve begins his own investigation as each contact with “neighbors” proves to be as alarming as his confrontations with Altinoma’s movers and shakers, all forces that could destroy his family.

Who is behind the strange circumstances taking place in this isolated valley? What is behind the disappearances? The answers lead the Swanns on a rollercoaster ride into hidden secrets that infest the not-so-peaceful valley populous. Steve discovers too late that his family has been uniquely imprisoned. They have been chosen to play a pre-defined role in a tale of evil and madness.

Enter this world of impenetrable danger where the truth carries a high price: sexual slavery and death.


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