The Blind Vampire Hunter

by Tim Forder

Jack Poisner is legally blind; growing up in a world not yet familiar with the concept of legal blindness, he learns how to fight to survive his peers, the education system and more. Eventually, happily married with a family of his own and living well with his visual disadvantages, life throws him an overripe pumpkin — when he wakes up one morning and discovers, he is suddenly, totally blind!

As he is adjusting to his new life of visual darkness, a new and much greater darkness enters his life; a boarder, a vampire, that only he can "see", has come to live within the safety of his home, in easy reach of his family and himself.

A vampire hunter is born — The Blind Vampire Hunter.



Mardi Gras. A vampire’s holiday. For about a week, a vampire may be seen in public, exposed fangs and all; within this massive crowd of festive customers that may include hundreds of costumed vampires. A real vampire is just one more costumed vampire. I’m just another phony costumed vampire among parades of phony vampires, so they assume. If the vampire dines smartly they may have all they can consume without raising any alarms. A vampire’s buffet. Drink a little here, consume a little there and with a little restraint no one is hurt, no one is the wiser. The ability to consume without killing takes maturity that only comes with many years of vampire experience.

How old am I? You should know better than to ask a woman her age, especially a female vampire who might forget herself and rip your head off, and gorge on all that delicious blood pumping out of your open neck hole; all that delightfully delicious blood that is supposedly heading for your head to feed your now dying brain. Meanwhile, you are horrifyingly watching this exhibition while your brain is waiting to starve to death.

With everyone in festive clothing and vampires such a popular mythical creature to mimic in costumes, a vampire can come out as they are; even while baring one’s real vampire fangs in public, everyone else just thinks you’re so cool or just one of hundreds of other costumed vampires.

Hell. A vampire may eat right out in the open and everybody around is thinking you are either over playing your part as a mythical creature of the night, or you are a loving couple too cheap or too cheesy to get a room.

“Hi, babe, I got something for you to bite,” interrupted my musings. A big fat guy in a biker costume had called out or maybe he really was a real biker. What did it matter? I could sense the increased blood flow pumping hard within this guy. Apparently my sexy vampire outfit consisting of a white off-the-shoulder peasant blouse with red lace, short black skirt, and of course, the ever present Vampire black satin cape with red interior was already getting this guy’s juices flowing, already seasoning his blood with delicious endorphins. My next meal is about to be served.

Walking seductively toward him, creating a nice little wave of my skirt and a nice bounce from within my braless peasant blouse, I deliberately walked up to him in a way that would further turn him on and get those spicy endorphins flowing. As I got close to him, I made eye contact with my appetizer, my first meal of the night. This just got his juices flowing faster; he was going to be a good first meal...

He was not properly prepared yet so, tantalizingly him further, I whispered, “And I have something for you,” while giving him a little private squeeze of a growing bulge below the belt as I spoke. That did it; if he got any more excited, he might give himself a heart attack. He was just about ready.

As I locked my gaze with his, I put the thought into his over-sexed mind that he was about to get the hickey of his life. After giving him a light feathery kiss on his lips to give him something to think about, I brushed my luscious lips down and sideways on to his neck. When I found the strong pumping vein I was looking for I sunk my fangs into his neck and totally orgasamed on my first meal of the night. Personally, I favor my meals heavily seasoned with endorphins, easily done with a little sexual foreplay, but I’m not likely to pass up a meal nicely seasoned with adrenalin even easier to create from a heavy dose of fear.

As I dined, a clown passing by called out, “Get a room!”

This was early into this night’s festivity. Later in the night, there would be so many lovers necking, everyone else will just begin to unconsciously ignore it, especially those who have gotten into the local joy juice. [There is some fine liquor in Louisiana.]

I left the biker resting up against the wall; he looked as if he had just had the best part of this night, and yes, he was very much alive. With all the dining opportunities tonight would provide, there was no need for anyone to die, particularly if I could enthrall them into total bliss as easily as I enthralled that biker.

At one point in the evening, I heard a voice from above calling, “Lady Vampire, up here, Lady Vampire.” Looking skyward, I found a man calling down to me. He looked as if he might really be a fellow vampire in his smashing leather suit and beautiful long ivory fangs. He had fangs a Vampire would undie for. He called down, “Room 410, come up and see me.” So I did.

As I neared the door with the gold number “410” embossed on it, the door opened and the fellow vampire...was a phony. He had a heartbeat and, from down within the crowd, I was not able to detect any sound of a heartbeat. I really thought he might be the real thing, a fellow Vampire out to enjoy the Vampire smorgasbord this night provides. He waved a gentlemanly arm and proclaimed, “Please, fellow Vampire, come in, come in.”

My disappointment in finding my Vampire host to be a phony must have shown. “Is there something wrong?”

Well, this would provide for a nice quiet, undisturbed meal, so why not.

Painting a smile on her face, she entered saying, “I am surprised to see that you have two beds in your gentleman’s suite.” It seemed odd to me that a single man would pay for a room with two beds. I have had some experience within many gentlemen’s hotel or motel rooms, so this really seemed odd.

With a slightly leering look, my phony Vampire answered, “One bed to exercise with my quests and one bed to sleep on.”

I noticed that one bed had indeed been used, the thrown off sheets made it easy to surmise that it was not used for sleeping. My next meal was making his way toward a table with two chairs conveniently placed so one or more could easily take in the festivities below. He showed me a seat and  said, “Please sit and enjoy the view while I get us a couple of drinks from the min-bar. Would you like a wine or a beer as we enjoy the festivities above the hubbub of the crowds below?”

“Just water, please.” When I entered, I noticed an increase in the sound of his beating heart. From many years experience I knew for a fact that my next appetizer was already starting to season up nicely with his premonition of a possible second conquest. But he wasn’t ready quite yet.

While taking my seat I made a point of letting my short black skirt ride up my long, luscious legs.

From the sudden increase in his pulse, he had not missed my performance. I made a display of crossing my legs slowly, while sitting facing him, deliberately giving him a flirtatious up the skirt glimpse of future possibilities.

He was seasoning up very nicely and, the way things were progressing, he was going to be a lovely meal.

With my leggy performance done, I responded to his inquiry of my drink preference in my sexiest voice, “Just a glass of water, please. I don’t drink, not this early in the day.” I then made a point of looking out onto the festive parade so he could continue enjoying the view of my legs while supposedly getting my drink of water.

When he came near with my drink of choice, I enjoyed seeing the great difficulty he was having keeping the water from spilling. I figured my meal was plenty ready for consumption. I gently pushed his arm holding the glass of water out from between us, enjoying the shocked expression that was replacing the smug look of a hunter eagerly eyeing his prey. He was stunned, frozen, while he viewed the sight of a pair of real Vampire fangs forming from my upper canine cuspids. In my mind I pictured lunging forward, locking him into place as my fangs bit deeply, oh so deeply into his throbbing neck. Before he could scream, I brought up my hand, from years of dining, and clamped off a scream that was now trapped within his lower throat.

In my orgasmic delight, I bit deeply into his throat, like the wild animal I was, and ripped out the side of his throat, spitting the mass of flesh to the carpeted floor. I greedily clamped my bloody, ravenous mouth onto his neck, sinking my hungry fangs deep into a vein. I enjoyed every morsel of his pulsating life fluids.

While the image of what could be was still alive in my mind I reached out for the glass of water with two hands so that one of my hands would brush his hand very softly, very tenderly—a promise of things to come.

With the other hand, I caught the glass as he momentarily forgot himself and almost dropped it as a result of my distracting touch. This tender moment also gave me an opportunity to enthrall him into a promise of sexual delight that got his pulse pumping so hard, I was starting to worry that he might pop something, like a vein, before I got to enjoy my properly prepared meal.

While placing the glass on the table without taking my eyes from my meal, I began moving in for my dining pleasure; he was plenty ready, but just to add a little extra spice to my meal I slowly slipped my lips up to his and gave his eagerly waiting lips a gentle kiss. I could feel him shiver with ecstasy and anticipation. Allowing my lips to glide ever so gently to his throbbing neck I lovingly eased my real fangs into this phony Vampire’s neck.

He groaned peacefully into my ear, and went totally limp in my powerful arms. It was now my turn to go near orgasmic from anticipation of this so nicely seasoned meal.

With this meal’s life in my hands I had to make conscious effort to remember this festive day, this day of many such meals, this day where no one had to die. Reluctantly, I drew back from my meal, allowing this phony Vampire to continue his living and his vulgar pursuit of the next woman to bed.

After cleaning up the bite wounds I placed the phony Vampire on his bed earmarked for nonsleeping, undressed him of all but his phony Vampire cape, then covered his vulgar nakedness with said cape. While enthralling him, I had emplaced the feelings within him that he had had his way with me, and it had been a mutually enjoyable experience for both partakers, in particular for him. Feeling a little sluggish from my fine dining I went back to my seat at the table and enjoyed the festivities below, temporarily enjoying the peace from above the festivities.

Later, back within the celebratory mob, as I was just taking in the sights and sounds, hands came down on my Vampire cape and a female voice from behind remarked, “You know what they say; no one knows how to do a woman better than another woman.”

I turned to look into a pair of cosmetic-free eyes of a woman in yet another biker outfit. Biker costumes must be the big thing this year. She smelled unhealthy, even though she looked very healthy. Worried about biting someone with AIDS, I replied, “Sorry, you’re not my type.” I really had not heard of any Vampire being infected with AIDS, but who needs to take the chance. AIDS was never an issue back in the old country.

“Your loss,” she called out while working back into the crowd. Not feeling any of her flippant loss, I continued my festive evening.

Later that evening, I had just walked away from a fine meal I had enjoyed—a most delicious young cowboy, really a banker in a cowboy costume—when a strong hand came down on my shoulder and with authority announced, “Excuse me.”

That voice of authority sounded like a constable, if so no worries. If he saw me with the cowboy, I would just enthrall him into believing he witnessed me playing kissy face (and neck) with the cowboy, not feeding on him. I turned and found a fiftyish suit studying me. No uniform, but he still looked like a constable. He had locked his gaze on me, looking into my eyes while taking in the whole me. I decided he had to be a constable.

He continued, “I’m detective Short...”

Funny, he didn’t look like a “Short” standing about six foot–seven.

“I have been watching you for some time.”

Great, he witnessed me dining on the cowboy and figures he’s going to perform some legalisms on me.

I was about to do my voodoo on him when he surprised me with, “I believe I know your mother.”

Momentarily shocked, I stammered, “What?”

“You are the dead ringer of your mother. About twenty, yes, about twenty-three years ago I met this delightful young lady who looked just like you do today. In fact, I met her not far from here at a Halloween party. She was wearing a Vampire outfit. Well, when I saw you I was almost sure you had to be this female Vampire’s, daughter. But when I saw you kissing that cowboy on the neck, just like your mother kissed me, well I just had to come up to you and introduce myself.”

I gave him a good looking over and tried to picture him about twenty-some years younger, but just could not place him.

“Your name, again?” I asked him.

“Oh, we never shared names. Just tell her that her Roman Officer of old says ‘hello’.”

NOW I REMEMBER HIM. Yes, he was such a convincing Roman Officer. He had my mind wandering back to how it had been back in the days when Caesar just about ruled it all, and the pomp and pageant of those days.

That night, like tonight, I was in a party mood and I was going to dine often without the need to kill any of my meals. Yes, I remember that Roman Officer very well. I wondered if he would be as tasty today as he was back then?

As I mused on memories of dining on this detective, he said, “Well, I have taken up enough of your time. Enjoy the evening and remember to say ‘hello’ to your mother for me.”

“I will, I surely will.”

I walked off thinking that perhaps it’s time to relocate and start over, running into old meals like that. Her thought drifted, thinking of that detective as a Roman officer, got her thinking back to how easy it had been to dine in Rome during the times of Caesar. Rome back when it was the world’s capital. The world’s capital...Hmmm, maybe I should consider moving to a new world’s capital, like Washington D.C. perhaps.

Well that decision can wait another night. Tonight is for partying Vampire style, consuming to my heart’s desire.

"The Blind Vampire Hunter" by Tim Forder


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