Kirsty Grant

My name is Kirsty Grant. I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and raised in a little town called Bonnyrigg with my mother, Eleanor, my step-father Ian and my big sister Marion and two younger brothers Jon and Chris. I have been writing for many years but it was only recently, after the death of my mother that I decided to give up a long career as a retail manager and study English at the University in Stirling, where I now reside.

I am in a happy and loving relationship with my partner, Helen, who supports me in my ambition to be a successful writer. My plan is to continue writing and studying and I look forward to all that life will throw at me along the way.

My mother, Eleanor, was an incredible inspiration to me and a talented poet and I would like to dedicate my work to her in the knowledge that she will be proud of all I achieve.

Twitter: @KirstyGrant2

Kirsty Grant


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"Loved, Settled and Understood" by Kirsty Grant