Wyngate Manor

by June Bradley

Adrienne Wyngate is jilted on her wedding day. She leaves her Island home and returns three years later where she meets Tyler Prescott, a land developer who she believes is more interested in her ancestral home than her. He believes the tragedies she has suffered through the years are not accidents but, murder.


Chapter One


“I can’t breathe,” Adrienne Wyngate complained.

Hannah smiled at her young mistress as she took several pins from the waist of her wedding gown. Adrienne sighed with relief.

“In three days you will marry the handsome Steven Forrester. It’s good you are having your wedding here. This old house needs new blood. We haven’t had this much excitement in years. The designers are already decorating the ballroom.”

“Thank you, Hannah.”

Adrienne wished her family were alive so they could witness her wedding. She and her grandmother were the only surviving Wyngates. Her favorite, Uncle Eric, had disappeared at sea years ago. She believed him to be alive contrary to the rumors of his death.

“Adrienne, where are you?” Simone, her best friend and Maid of Honor, called from the hallway.

“We’re in the sewing room,” she answered joyfully.

Simone came into the room. Tall and willowy like sea grass, her dark hair flowed around her shoulders. Her smile had broken many hearts. It included Adrienne’s brother, Elliot, when he was alive.

“You look gorgeous.” She hugged Adrienne.

“It’s all due to Hannah’s excellent needlework.”

“Every once in a while a miracle like this happens. Your mother would have been happy to know you chose her gown to wear for your wedding. You’re going to make Mr. Forrester a very happy man,” Hannah said.

“Thank you.” She swirled around to get a better view in the long mirror. Adrienne and her friends were so busy talking, they were oblivious to all else.

“Darling, you look ravishing,” Steven, the groom to be, said.

Everyone turned and stared at him. Tall with dark hair and eyes, he had the build of a man who was used to hard work. For a moment, no one said anything.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“Go away, go away,” Hannah shouted, a look of horror on her face. “It’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride in her gown before the wedding.”

Simone appeared surprised at Hannah’s outburst. Adrienne could tell Steven didn’t understand the warning. He was confused, but turned and left.

Adrienne slipped out of her gown, hastily threw on a robe, and ran after him. She caught up with him at the top of the stairs.

“Darling, please wait.” She grabbed his arm and turned him around to face her. “Don’t be upset. You know the Islanders are a very superstitious people”

“I’m sorry if I upset Hannah.”

Adrienne saw his smile reach his eyes. “Our day will be one we’ll long remember. Everything will be all right.”

“I’m marrying you in three days, and I plan to spend the rest of my life here. I’ll get use to their superstitious nature.” He leaned over and kissed her. “I’ve got to run. I only stopped in to see how the arrangements were coming along. I’ll see you on Saturday, Cara Mia.” He kissed her goodbye.

Adrienne returned to the sewing room and heard Simone and Hannah discussing Steven’s unexpected visit.

“It’s just an old superstition, Hannah. Modern day people don’t believe in those sayings anymore.”

“My people do,” Hannah muttered.

Adrienne wasn’t superstitious. However, she was raised to respect other people’s beliefs. Many of the older islanders still adhered to the old sayings. They had been passed down through generations. As she entered the room, Hannah was putting away her sewing kit and was about to depart.

“I’m sorry, Miss Adrienne. I shouldn’t have spoken to Mister Forrester that way.” Hannah looked upset.

“It’s all right, Hannah. He hasn’t been here long enough to understand our people and their customs. It will take time for him to adjust to our ways. Everything will be fine.”

Hannah had worked many years for the Wyngate family, so she would have money to buy the medicine her people needed. She shared with her people their beliefs in what their parents taught them. Adrienne hoped Hannah wouldn’t worry too much.

The maid left the room crossing herself and muttering. “It’s too late. It’s too late. Something terrible coming here.”

Adrienne responded to the unhappy look in Simone’s eyes. “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.” She walked her friend downstairs to her car.

“How is Peter taking your engagement and marriage to another man?”

“He seems to be taking it quite well.”

“He had hopes of marrying you.”

“I know. We’re good friends. You’ve never cared for him.”

“Be careful, love.” Simone looked uneasy. They both knew several of Hannah’s past predictions had come true.

"Wyngate Manor" by June E. Bradley


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