Raging Pacific


by John Steiner

After years, the once-broken terrorist group, Golden Fist of Pacifica reemerges. Using a new bioweapon, the GFP seize control over a corporate board of directors, and through them possession of the mult-e-nomic platform, Pacific City. This time NATO is required to act, and puts the Mockingbird on alert status. As a biologics expert and gene hacker, Todd Ash is tasked for clandestine insertion onto Pacific City over objections from Pan-American Combine agents. Branch rivalry with the PAC Marines during training belies the fact that Earth security is at stake.


Chapter One

Making Waves


Oak paneled walls were the result of synthetic growth processes. The only imperfections grown were those a customer specifically wanted to appear as if from natural trees. The cloned oak table glistened without needing polish. The windows lighting the room offered a splendid view of a city over pale blue waters from the 85th floor. Outside, rose other towers near organic in shape. Half of them were green with foliage from cultivated vines, trees, and other unmodified flora indigenous to Pacific islands. However, those were tens to hundreds of miles from the mult-e-nomic platform, Pacific City. The oceanic platform was constructed on an array of pontoons that spread from the mooring to the Lau Basin west of the Tongan Islands.

“So that wraps up fresh water production,” concluded a thickset Polynesian man in a tailored suit and a tie with traditional Polynesian imagery. “Next on our agenda is the- ah, security matter.”

Seated among the eight on the sides of the table, was a man much shorter than anyone else in the room, yet who carried all the same self-assurance. He flicked through a mid-air projection, before turning to Kaivai Tatafu, the Polynesian chairman of the board.

“After last week’s network-posted threat, we’ve doubled security response teams around all industrial and commercial districts. Self-Ware officers are maintaining pub-space surveillance within the parameters of the warrant.”

Such board meetings rarely happened with all members in-person. However, threats issued by the Golden Fist of Pacifica made teleconferencing leaks too risky. Behind the oak paneling hid sound nullifying insulation with lines of carbon nanotube shielding against electromagnetic taps on devices anyone might carry. The windows were also embedded with nanotubes that didn’t interfere with their normal modes, among which was the currently selected transparent function.

“Did the Combine Department of Interdiction respond to our queries yet?” Mr. Tatafu said to the one-hundred thirty-two centimeter tall man.

“Federal agents are reviewing the M-cast posting for voice analysis, background noise, and signal traces for location,” Fokisi Mafileo the small executive replied. “However, until they can establish that there is involvement by non-PAC nationals, they cannot bring NATO into the case.”

“Mr. Chairman,” a woman immediately across from Fokisi said. “What else would it take for Naval Aerospace Treaty Organization to get involved?”

“From my understanding,” Mr. Tatafu began, “simply threatening a company, even a non-national Type One representative corporation, doesn’t constitute a threat to NATO unless the attack against a member nation’s assets considered vital to NATO interests and security are put at risk.”

“Then it’s fortunate that you’re involved in Hydra System production,” the medium dark woman explained as she stood and began to loudly announce her declaration. “On behalf of Gregory Tanner, Mark Tanner, and all the oppressed workers allied under the Golden Fist, we find this company and its executive board guilty of the economic crimes perpetrated against its laborers and customers. The sentence is that all board members shall undergo mandatory rehabilitation. Any who cannot be rehabilitated shall be executed.”

Fokisi started a dash for the door the moment he heard utterance of Mark Tanner. The woman ripped open her dress coat and shirt to reveal skin writhing with what the man guessed had to be bio-engineered parasites tasked with who knew what unsavory purpose. They burst forth from her body with pustule splashes, and she screamed with each agonizing exit. The artificial organisms underwent their own painful transformation, as legs like millipedes ripped through their ventral sides. That allowed them to scurry after the board members fleeing in panic.

Though a small man, who ran with shorter strides, Fokisi’s head start meant the difference. He felt none of the vicious mandibles latch onto him, as he heard from his less fortunate shrieking fellows attempting to follow his lead. In a final glance before fleeing the reception room, Fokisi saw Kaivai Tatafu was still in the boardroom, but he dared not go back. His first priority was to stick around to assist anyone sent to counter the bioterror attack being waged.

As Fokisi would discover, the entire mult-e-nomic platform was being seized. Most of the security force had been neutralized by militants from the Golden Fist of Pacifica or recruited via their biological weapons.

"FLIPSPACE: Raging Pacific" by John Steiner


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