Solar Seductions

by Jaden Sinclair

Zane Dill had given up on ever finding love and the perfect woman. He never thought that by helping his friends he’d stumble upon her, or that she would be the daughter of the man bent on destroying all that Pluto has to offer. Now his one and only goal in life is to protect the woman who has his heart. To keep her safe, to love and cherish her to the end of his days.

Kalisha Sedgwick has a big secret that, if divulged, will change the lives of the Deity, a society that wants nothing more than to take what Pluto has to offer and give nothing back. Keeping this secret is one of the most important things to Kalisha—that is until she wakes up and comes face to face with Zane.

Instant attraction hits, yet she is fearful for him. She’s seen what her father has done in the past, been in his path when his rage is at the max. But in Zane’s arms, Kalisha feels protected and safe for the first time ever, and she’s just as willing to do everything she can in her power to stay that way, forever.


Chapter One


The shuttle Zane Dill hired to take him to Mars lowered slowly to the orange, dusty ground about thirty miles from the home of Stan Sedgwick. Zane stood next to the hatch, waiting for it to open so he could head for his Galisha. His soul mate, or bride as some would like to call it.

“Take this with you.” The man he hired tossed him a large backpack. “It has a first aid kit in it, camping equipment and a supply of food. There’s a storm heading our way, so you’re on a short time limit here.” He gave Zane a smirk. “Inside info tells me that your girl might have been beaten also.”

Zane’s nose flared in his anger. To know that his Galisha might be beaten and hurt really pissed him off.

“There’s a cream in there which is good for open wounds,” the pilot went on. “You have the map of the location where I’ll be for your ride back to Pluto. Don’t be late, and keep the radio on. If I get caught I’ll let you know and we’ll go to plan B.” Plan B being they would head to another planet and hold there until things cooled down enough to go home.

The hatch slowly opened and lowered to the dusty ground. Zane nodded at the man. “I’ll see you real soon.”

Zane Dill was a seven foot, one hundred percent blond haired Pluto man. Like all men on Pluto, he was a walking brick of muscle. Thick thighs and arms, tight washboard abs and shoulders that were wide enough to take on the world. He had a strong face with sharp cheekbones, full lips and turquoise-green eyes which recently had been called angel eyes, thanks to Kade’s wife, Sorsha. Before his body lost the sexual drive it once had, Zane could get any girl he wanted with them, and usually did. But for the moment, the one girl he wanted was one named Kalisha Sedgwick who resided presently on Mars.

He left the shuttle and stood still while it ascended back up into the air, the wind blowing locks of blond hair into his eyes. Unlike his two business partners, Zane kept his hair cut short, to his shoulders and feathered back from his face. Being so long without his Galisha, he sort of gave up on the whole sex appeal thing.

Now after all this time, he finally had hope once more. If it wasn’t for chance being on their side, and Zane giving a hand to Kade Tully in bringing home his wife, he wouldn’t be standing on a planet about to make his move to bring home his own bride. To bring an end to the loneliness he felt inside his soul.

The location where he’d been dropped was remote, just like he wanted. Dressed all in black, a zip up jacket with hood and no sleeves, Zane zipped up, put the hood up to help draw attention away from himself, in case someone did see him. Mars didn’t get many men from Pluto, and he didn’t want the Senator to know that someone was here. Especially since the man didn’t get his law passed like he wanted not so long ago; a law that would stop all marriages between Pluto’s men and Earth women, but let Earth keep all the benefits that Pluto had to offer. So having blond hair made him stand out, just like the size of his body would.

Zane began the walk to the house, and with each step he took his body slowly came back to life. It was strange, but after his senses picked her up at the substation on Pluto he felt life in every nerve ending in his body. But as soon as she was taken away he seemed to feel like his body went back to sleep. It was strange, mostly because once a Pluto man sensed his girl was close, he became a rock until they joined. At least that’s what others had told him.

Thirty miles with his long legs took less than thirty minutes. Zane stopped in front of the two story brick house that belonged to Stan Sedgwick as well as the Deity. He wrinkled his nose at ‘them’, a society that wanted nothing more than to take everything Pluto had to give without giving back. They wanted to change the law and refuse to let anyone marry an Earth girl and that pissed him off. But then, every time period had one of their kind, and it wasn’t that long ago when the KKK on Earth tried to wipe out all the blacks.

Jaden Sinclair "Interplanetary Passion"


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