Forbidden Innocence

Tales of the Forbidden - Book Three

by Jaden Sinclair

Blaine Cedric is considered a big catch in Treece. He's been away from home for a long time, and the only reason he came home now was to prevent an old childhood friend from destroying something pure.

Shyla Kabrey was only seven when her mother began working for the Compound of Treece. Without a father, and her mother dying when Shyla was fifteen, she became a ward of the town. For six years she endures the Compound's 'required' classes with the hopes of leaving some day.

Blaine's never wanted or felt this need to protect or have, until he saw the lonely girl daydreaming at a party. He's drawn to her innocence, drawn to her in ways he never thought he could be drawn to one woman. She might be forbidden to others, but to him she's a must have.


Chapter One


Blaine Cedric sat in the back of his limo, staring at the dark town of Treece, wondering like hell why he came back home. The place hadn’t been home to him for so many damn years. He wasn’t even sure if it could be a home again. Yet it was the closest thing to a home he had, and with his friends he had a good feeling they’d help him make it a home once more. After all, Devon and Dane couldn’t stop bitching at him about coming back for good.

The limo turned south towards the house. Cedric Manor, which was what his father and grandfather use to call it. It was the second largest to the Chateau, and the coldest place in which to grew up. Blaine couldn’t recall too many warm and fuzzy nights in the house. After his mother died, his father changed and became a man he just didn’t know. He traveled, screwed around, and fucked many men out of business deals. Once Blaine was old enough to see and act on his great role model, his father shipped him out. The town was told it was to correct Blaine’s ways, when in fact it was because Blaine became a threat to dear old dad, not only with business men but with the young women also. The women his father brought home seemed to want to have a taste of the younger Cedric man, and Blaine was very willing to give them that sample, if only to piss his father off.

He didn’t mind one bit being sent away from his father, or the customs of Treece—another thing to piss off his father. When he hit twenty-three, his father tried to order Blaine home to get married, but Blaine ignored it and started to travel. Years later, he got the news that his father died, and like his father did to him many times over the years, Blaine didn’t come home to say a final good-bye. He was bitter at how his father had shipped him off, and still carried that bitterness close to his heart.

Devon saw it, Dane didn’t and Darius just understood all too well. It was that bitterness that kept Blaine away from Treece and his home. But like Devon told him, there would be a time in everyone’s life where you had to take a deep breath and come back to where you belonged. Now was that time.

The limo turned into the long drive. After the death of his father, Blaine got rid of all the staff. They were his father’s and loyal to the bastard only. He needed someone there for him and the future, not people that would hang onto the past. His new staff were people not from Treece. They were people looking for work and willing to move away and start over for it.

Jaden Sinclair - "Tales of the Forbidden: Book 3, Forbidden Innocence"


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