Conquering Lyssa

A Shifter Novel (14)

by Jaden Sinclair

For four years, he has waited for her. Four years of torture for a male who is far from his mate. Now the waiting is over and the claim can be finished, however Daxis Jenaro is about to get an eye-opener. His mate isn’t that easy to convince.

Lyssa Laswell was claimed by Daxis at a very young age, but not taken. Unable to accept her fate, she rebels. Refusing to accept that she belongs to Daxis, and not considering what her actions might do to her family, Lyssa goes wild, dates other males, and gets caught by the very male she’s been trying so hard to push away.

Daxis now has his mate and claiming her might be a lot easier than trying to conquer her heart or show her that they are right for each other. And when the heat of the full moon comes, it pushes them both into a very difficult situation.

The claim might be over, but who will conquer whom?


Chapter One


He wasn’t going to make it!

Daxis Jenaro drove down the empty road, glancing between the clock on the dashboard, and checking the speedometer for his speed. Exhilaration soared through him, and he didn’t give a damn if anyone knew or saw it. Finally, he’d been invited to spend a couple of days with his mate’s family, to spend time with his mate before she turned eighteen. At twenty-three, he felt like he was turning eighteen all over again, because he was so excited to have a chance to be close to her for longer than an hour or two.

He tried to keep himself from getting too hopeful. He knew that Lyssa wasn’t going to welcome him with open arms, and it wasn’t all his fault either. She’d refused to make this transition easy for them to become mates. He hoped this small amount of time they would have together would be used wisely.

Not too far from the house, he spotted a car parked on the side of the road. Frowning, Daxis started to slow down just in case whoever it was might need some help. Slowing down to where he almost stopped, he looked into the driver side window and just about lost it. Inside were a couple, clearly making out, and the girl just happened to be Lyssa.

Growling, he slammed on the brakes, parked and was out before the car stopped bouncing from the short stop. He still growled low in the back of his throat as he went up to the driver side of the car and jerked the door open. Grabbing the guy by the arm, he tossed him right out of the car. Lyssa screamed.

Daxis went over to the guy, picked him up by his throat, turned and slammed him up against the car, dangling him like a rag doll. The scent he picked up from the bastard told him the stupid son of a bitch was a shifter. That alone made the sting all that much sharper for Daxis.

“Stop!” Lyssa screamed again, tugging on his arm.

“This is my mate, asshole!” Daxis snarled in his face.

“No—no mark,” the guy struggled to speak with the pressure Daxis had on his throat.

“Really?” Daxis growled again, then lightly tossed the guy to his left, turned and grabbed Lyssa roughly by the arm, jerking her close.

“Let me go!” she yelled at him.

He gave her a shake, then turned her enough so he could pull the top of her shirt down. Sure enough, there was no proof of a mark. He sniffed, and swore under his breath again. She had make-up on the mark. Just as roughly as his hold on her, he rubbed the make-up off.

“So this is what you’ve been doing?” he snapped at her. “Hiding the mark so you can go out and fuck around?”

“I’m not fucking around, and you don’t have a say in what I do.”

“The hell I don’t. I’m your god damn mate!”

The guy she was with got back up to his feet then and had the balls to come up and put his hand on Daxis’s shoulder. Daxis lost it, turned and hit the guy hard right in the nose, knocking him back down, drawing blood.

“What the hell!” Lyssa yelled again.

Instead of having it out with her in the middle of the street, he grabbed her by the arm again and forced her to his own car.

“Get off!” she yelled at him. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Get in the car,” he ordered when they reached his vehicle.

“No.” Lyssa tried to jerk her arm free, but he wasn’t about to let it or her go.

“Either get in the damn car, or you can ride in the trunk.”

“You wouldn’t.”

He clearly heard the challenge in her voice and instead of even bothering with ignoring it, he gave into it. Another hard jerk and he pulled her to the back of the car, reached under for the small button and popped the trunk open. Once she saw that he was serious, she really started to fight him. It didn’t do her any good. Daxis picked her up and put her in, closing the door on her indignant screaming.

Taking a deep breath, he walked back, slid into the driver’s seat and put the car in gear. He turned the car around, heading back home instead of to her place. Finding her with another male changed everything now, including the claim and how he would handle taking her once she came of age.


"Conquering Lyssa" - Jaden Sinclair


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