by Jaden Sinclair

He was nothing more than a backup for the company; only the company underestimated their program. Shilo is free to make his own choices but has one glitch in his programming: very few emotions. He's ruthless, cunning, strong, and doesn't give a damn who he has to go through in order to get what he wants, and what he wants is Star Murray.


Star Murray’s fingers flew over the keyboard with such speed the system could hardly keep up with her. Codes, words, all of it was working as fast as the computer would go to keep up with what she was keying in to hack the E.I. Corporation.

Her system was flawless. Monitors were in a U shape around her, at least twenty with a different program running on each one with a keyboard linked to each, and one special flabby keyboard that she took wherever she went. She was an elite hacker, in hiding, and damn proud of it.

She hid out in an old warehouse building she'd converted to her home, and with the money her ‘uncle’ gave her was able to do whatever her little heart desired, but for a price. She could have every system that was out there, and the run of the whole building, if she only let him have a small part of the basement for his experiments. She agreed easily, and together, they'd built a home that was a first for her.

Her mother went through several men after the death of her first husband, who was not her father. A pity because, what she knew of the man, she would have loved to have him as a father. So the one father figure she had, who she called uncle with no problem, treated her like a daughter, and she watched the beauty of his mind create something that she never would have thought possible.

A human body.

As she sat with her computers around her, working on her hack and getting the data she needed for him, she glanced over at the cooling chamber. All the monitors showed the life in the body, but without the spirit or soul.

Standing, he would be about five-eleven, his hazel-brown hair touching his shoulders, and when his eyes were open, they were greenish-blue. Her uncle had told her that this was not the first one but the second. To tell them apart, he'd given them different color eyes as well as this one having a small brown patch next to his belly button—a birthmark.

At first, she thought it was spooky to have a living body in the basement next to her computers, but after a while, she'd gotten used to it and started talking to it as if it were alive. When her uncle gave her the project she was working on now, everything finally started to fall into place.

His name was Shilo, and he had what her uncle liked to call a twin named Seth.

Star knew the whole story. Knew how Seth had broken out and was now free, hiding somewhere, and that one day, he would come knocking on her door for help. It was strange to think about it really, mostly because she didn’t like people. They didn’t understand her or her way of thinking and, most of the time, treated her like a freak.

She didn’t date. Gave up on the whole romance—there’s someone out there for you crap—and focused all of her attention on her work. She didn’t believe everyone had someone out there for them, but when she looked at the body for Shilo, she started to wonder a little. What was his lucky girl going to feel like once those strong arms of his wrapped around her?

She shook her head and went back to typing the commands. There was no use thinking about things she couldn’t have when there was shit she could have and do.

“Damn it!” she yelled when her link up went down. “Not again.”

Are we playing this game again?

She glared at the screen. Once more, she'd been booted out of a system with a program that was sure to get her in this time. How the hell did he keep kicking her out?

You can’t keep me out forever. I will get what I want, she typed back.

You can keep trying, but I’m not going to let you in.

She gritted her teeth in anger. Who the hell are you?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

He was messing with her! The prick was fucking with her on the computer. You think you are fucking funny, don’t you?

Such language. Do you swear when you don’t get your way?

“I don’t have time for this shit,” she mumbled to herself. She worked to disconnect the link, only to discover she was no longer in control.

What’s wrong, Princess. Did the hacker get hacked?

What the fuck did you do?

Stop snooping, Princess, or you might just get more than you bargained for.

She glared at the screen again. You don’t scare me, dipshit. I can take you on whenever and wherever.

LMAO…We shall see.

Her whole system shut down right before her eyes. “How the fuck did he do that?”

For weeks now as she was trying to hack into the system for her uncle that same hacker came on and blocked her. She didn’t know who the guy was, but he sure was doing a fine job at pissing her off.

She pushed away from the computer, stood up and stretched. The long, button-down shirt she seemed to live in it came down to the top of her legs.

“You don’t know who you’re messing with.” She spoke to the black computer screen. “I will get the information I’m after, one way or another.”

She turned and left to get some sleep since it was after three in the morning. Not once did she notice that her web cam was turned on or that she was being watched as she stopped in front of the glass window of the cooling chamber. She didn’t see the smiley face show up on her screen or wink at her as she shut off the lights and left the room.


Jaden Sinclair "SHILO"


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