Darian's Surrender

A Shifter Novel (10)

by Jaden Sinclair

Dominic Vanderburg has grown up knowing about the family feud between his family, and the Laswells, but never knew what it was about. At age fifteen, he went with his grandfather to the Draeger home with intentions of fixing the gape, but instead he discovered his mate.

Darion Laswell is only nineteen when she is summoned to a Gathering. Her parents are reluctant to let her go, but unable to prevent it. She goes, but the last thing she ever suspected was to be marked, and claimed, by a man whose family is hated by her own.

Dominic comes from a world Darion knows nothing about and fears she will never understand, but he does everything he can to help her fit in. With his determination, he is set to show his young mate that together they can mend the wrong between their families.


“One fair beauty in the lair of many beasts.”

Darian stiffened. A deep voice, all too close and with a purr to it, was behind her. His was a voice she somehow knew. He stood so close behind her that she felt hot breath on her bare shoulders.

“My senses picked up your scent that I’ve only ever once caught,” he went on, voice going lower and grass crunching from movement. “I followed it and it brought me right to you.” Darian sucked air into her lungs when he touched her shoulder with his hot breath, memories of her dream flashed before her. She was too scared to turn around and see the face that went with the voice, went with the dream. “To the one that is destined to be mine.”

Darian swung around to tell him no, but he scooped her up with a strong arm and pressed her against his thick hard chest. Full lips came down on hers and his hot tongue forced its way into her mouth.

Her hands went up to his chest to push him away, but instead she couldn’t help fisting them into his jacket and holding onto him. It was her first kiss and Darian felt it travel all the way down to her toes.

He moved his lips on hers, not too rough, and not too soft. His tongue thrust in and out of her mouth touching hers lightly. Every so often, he would suck on her lower lip. Everything he did she felt throughout her body and the throbbing that formed between her legs gave her enough sense to break away from the kiss. But his arms didn’t let her go.

“I’ve waited a long time.” His hoarse whisper chilled her and the words he spoke brought her fear back. “Dreams can only do so much for the hunger inside.”

“No!” Darian struggled against his hold on her, but he wouldn’t give. “Let go.”

“I can’t let you go.” He rubbed his lips across hers.

She opened her mouth to speak only to have him close his over hers again. His head slanted to the side, as did hers. This time the kiss was tender and deep. Darian thought she was going to fall to the ground with the power and the seduction of his kiss.

She felt her feet leave the ground, but the kiss was too strong for her to investigate as to why. Only when her feet touched the ground again did she find the strength to pull away and end it.


"Darian's Surrender" - Jaden Sinclair


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