Seducing Sasha

Shifter - Book Seven

by Jaden Sinclair

Chase Sexton has watched Sasha from afar for years. He has longed to touch and hold her at night and take away all the pain and bad memories from her past. The only problem is that Sasha doesn't trust any man but her brother. How does he show the one woman who is right for him that all men are not created equal? That in the arms of the right man, his arms, all bad memories can and will disappear. Can he replace them with something special, or will all his longings be for nothing?


Chapter One 

He touched her shoulder, trailed the tips of his fingers up to her neck then back down again. He was so close he could feel her body heat, but didn’t touch her with his own body. No, to do that too soon would break the spell and he needed her to relax. Wanted her to need his touch, just as he needed hers.

He moved his fingers to her back, tracing the crescent moon birthmark on her shoulder blade. She shivered at his touch but didn’t move, giving him free rein to move further down her back to the curve of her rear.

This time she had a sheet covering, held tightly at her breasts, and hung low down her back. When he reached the top, he flattened his hand and went inside the sheet, cupping her ass, leaning into her back. He closed his eyes, taking in her scent, rubbing his face into her long blond hair.

“Our time is coming,” he whispered in her ear, squeezing her ass and wrapping his other arm around her waist. “Very soon I’m going to come home and you’ll be mine.”

She shook her head. “This is a dream,” she breathed out, “Nothing more.”

“This is not a dream, Sasha.” He moved his other hand from her ass to join the other around his waist. “And real soon, it’s going to be everything.”

Chase Sexton opened his eyes slowly, took a deep breath and let it out gently, releasing the tension in his body. He was hard as stone, but didn’t move a muscle. He just lay on his back, in his bed, staring at the dark ceiling of his room, waiting for the pounding in his chest to ease up.

For five years, he had been away from her, and for the past two he’d invaded her dreams, seducing her with them. The very first time Chase discovered that she dreamed about him he came all over his sheets. And the bad part about it was that it wasn’t anything sexy or erotic. She was just dreaming about the short amount of time they spent together when he surprised his brother, Cole, on his birthday.

Chase didn’t expect her to be there. Celine picked her up and brought her to the city for the weekend and it drove him nuts! He wanted nothing more than to go to her, to touch her. Instead, he stayed as far away from her as he could get, without appearing as if he was doing just that. It was damn hard and hiding his erection from the family was worse. But he managed and was able to leave early, thanks to a problem at the shop he worked at with Brandon.

Brandon Michael was a young man who had also been taken by Stan. But his purpose was to breed with Sasha, a thought that Chase worked very hard at ignoring. If he didn’t, then he was going to turn feral. It was just that simple. No one was going to touch a hair on her head. No one but him!

Chase rubbed his face and groaned. He was tired, horny, and ready to go home. Five years of being gone was a damned long time to be away from ones family. And if what he saw was true, then she was going to need him now more than ever.

Sasha was still having nasty nightmares; nightmares that she kept hidden from Drake and her brother. Ones that were leaving her with pounding migraines that he helped ease as she slept. Her past crept into her dreams and one nasty one had him showing himself to her. She was remembering being on the table, the men standing around in their surgical gowns inflicting agonizing pain on her. Chase broke into the dream, taking her off the table and away.

After that, he was there each night, saving her from her own dreams, comforting her, watching her grow through her own eyes into a delicate flower.

Chase left when she was fifteen. It was a smart move, but one hell of a hard one to make. But now that she was turning twenty, he didn’t feel the guilt of being home around her. It was time. Plain and simple.


Jaden Sinclair "Shifter 7: Seducing Sasha"


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