The New Breed

Shifter - Book Six

by Jaden Sinclair

Kane is a one of a kind shifter. He's more animal than man. Tortured all his life, beaten and experimented on, he has very little tolerance for anyone, except for his twin sister.

Jada Leonard is a woman who never followed anyone's rules but her own, but those rules change when she is caught spying and taking information. To save her life she is forced into hiding and forced to follow rules.

Like a match to gas, these two ignite a fire of passion. Both are strong willed and both refuse to bend. Will Kane give in to his instincts and take what belongs to him? Or will Jada be the one to make the new breed bow down, showing him that he's more than just an animal inside?



 Kane lay on his back, on the cold steel bed chained and naked. He opened and closed his fists, strained against the chains, but the damn things wouldn’t give. Not when he was pumped full of drugs which kept him in a weakened state. But no amount of drugs could steal the burn he felt in his veins right now.

He could see the full moon from a dirty, cracked window and deep down Kane knew it had to do with why he was feeling this way. He didn’t know what it was, but he knew it had to be because of the moon. That much he’d figured out on his own.

“I’m worried about you.”

Kane strained again when he heard his sister in his head. Sasha was scared and he lay helpless on this slab.

“Every month you suffer like this, but this time it’s the worst ever.”

“I’ll be fine,” he answered her. “It never lasts too long before it goes away.”

“But what if it’s something big? What if they decide to destroy you?”

He heard the desperation and hated that he was pinned down, unable to go to her like she needed. She was his twin, born eight years after him. Kane had known in those first eight years of his life that something was missing, and he wasn’t talking about a parent or the knowledge of what he was. Sasha had been missing and he was only complete after she was born. And even though they were now forbidden to be close, and he couldn’t hold her at night to keep her safe and warm from the horrors of this life, he was whole. But now something else was missing.

“Blood count is different, and I can’t figure out why.” One of the men taking blood and shooting him up with other stuff looked up from his work when Josh came up next to Kane.

“Is that it?” Josh asked.

“For now, yes.” The man picked up another syringe and got closer to Kane. “After I check over his sperm, I’ll let you know.”

“You do that.” Josh turned and walked away.

Kane snarled at the guards who parted his legs and he growled at the doctor right before he pushed the needle into the heavy sac between his legs. He didn’t feel a thing, like he knew he should have, thanks to the burn in his body, but it still didn’t stop the rage at having something else taken from him.

“I’m going to kill you,” Kane said to the doctor, his voice low and vicious. “I’ll enjoy watching you bleed to death at my feet.”

The man’s face paled and the syringe dropped to the floor. Clearly, Kane could scare this one.

Kane, don’t, please. Sasha begged in his head, but Kane couldn’t control himself.

He strained against the chains and began to change; at least he let his face change. A wolf snout replaced his human nose. His mouth opened for a snarl that turned into one hell of an animal growl. Fur began to cover his nakedness. The sight caused everyone around him to take a step back.

“That’s enough, Kane.”

Someone shot him with a stun gun. Fifty thousand volts hit him in the side, stopping his change and sent pain all through his body. Kane yelled and stiffened up, the chains preventing him from curling up. For longer than necessary, the volts kept coming until he almost passed out.

“Now play nice, Kane.” Jason leaned over the table, smiling at him. “I would hate for the good doctor to damage something down there. You might want to use it one of these days.”

Breathing hard, Kane tried to twist from his bonds. He wanted to be free right now, so he could wrap his hands around that son-of-a-bitch’s neck. Nothing at this point in his life would give him more pleasure then to squeeze the life from his cold eyes.

“Fuck you,” Kane hissed before he spit in Jason’s face.

Jason stood back and wiped his face with his hand. “And here I was afraid that you were going to be too good. When the doc is done,” he spoke to the guards, but kept his eyes on Kane. “Take him out back. Been a while since he was in the chair.”

Normally Kane would shake at the mention of the chair. Jason had put it together for nothing more than torture. After a beating by the guards, he was whacked repeatedly by a ball on a rope until his whole groin was black and blue. The last time he was in the chair he couldn’t stand or piss comfortably for at least a week afterward.

“Enjoy it while it lasts, you prick!” Kane yelled at Jason when he turned and walked away from him. “Your time is coming.”


Jaden Sinclair "Shifter 6: The New Breed"


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