The Prowling

Shifter - Book Four

by Jaden Sinclair

The Draeger brothers are a unique breed for one simple reason. They are identical twins—something in the shifter world that never happens. But where they might look alike in appearance their personalities differ.

Brock is funny, laid back and easy going where Drake is hard and dark. They balance each other out perfectly but the balance gets tipped when Drake gives into his vengeful side.

Together the brothers are a force to be reckoned with. They will do anything and everything to keep their family safe, but when they mate, a choice is laid before them. Give in to the hate, or give in to their hearts.


Chapter One


“Yes, God, yes!” A redheaded woman cried out while she gripped the side of the sofa in the living room. Drake Draeger stood behind her pounding her. “Harder!” she yelled.

Drake grunted and let his inner animal loose a bit more to give his lover the brutality she wanted in order for her to reach her pleasure. He held back the growl and took a step forward when the sofa moved. For three weeks, he had been coming here to release the built-up tension his heat kept causing, and just like the woman he had before this one, their time was coming to an end. In the past six months, this had been his fifth lover.

“Ah shit!” He groaned. His climax hit, and thankfully so did hers. Drake knew if he came again before her she wouldn’t let him live it down, not that he gave a shit. As far as he was concerned tonight was the last night they were going to be getting together. She just wasn’t doing it for him any longer.

Before she was done coming down from her high, Drake was out of her and walking around the room picking up his clothes.

“Damn if that wasn’t great.” She moaned, resting over the arm of the sofa with her ass still up in the air.

Drake headed for the bathroom. “Glad you enjoyed it.” He glanced at his watch and swore under his breath. He was late. “I’m going to take a quick shower.

He closed himself in the bathroom, dropped his clothes next to the sink, and stepped into the tub. The shower was quick and cold. The only thing that mattered to him at this point was removing the smell of her from his body and getting out the door quick before his cell went off.

Too late, it buzzed.

“Shit,” he said as he squirmed and twisted to get his boxer briefs up his wet legs. “Yeah,” he answered.

“Mom is ranting that if your ass is not home in twenty minutes she’s coming to the girl’s house and dragging you out by your dick if she has to.”

Drake grinned at the sound of Brock’s voice trying to be quiet on the other end.

The thought of Sidney Draeger, Drake and Brock’s mother, storming into the house and pulling him out the door by his dick had Drake smiling, just because she was not only very small compared to them, but because he knew she would do it. He didn’t smile much anymore, but knowing that his mother would and could do it had it spread across his lips. Sidney might only be five-feet-three, and Drake and Brock were six-four, but their mother could still handle them.

“Who the hell told Mom where I was going in the first place?” Drake snapped.

“CeeCee,” Brock answered. “She heard you talking on the phone and got all upset. She thinks you’re going to forget about her party.”

“That little traitor.” Drake couldn’t keep the humor from slipping into his voice.

“Yeah, and Dad promised her that if you were late, he would skin you himself. And she could watch!”

Drake shook his head and tried to get his pants on but almost dropped the phone so he stopped. “To think what we got her for her birthday and she pulls that shit.”

“She did learn from the best.”

Drake snorted and glanced at himself in the mirror. His hair was a wet mess around his face, but at least his eyes weren’t as dark tonight. Both Drake and Brock had Stefan’s sandy brown hair, and at one time, they both had ocean blue eyes. After Drake’s kidnapping and torture, his eyes changed. They were dark, almost black to match Uncle Dedrick’s. The family never acted like it was a big thing, but it bothered Drake. He was a twin, was supposed to look like his brother, but thanks to what his grandfather had done to him, that all changed. He was no longer like his brother but a dark version of Brock. Another small thing that Drake was starting to notice different with him was his hair. It was slowly changing in color as well. The locks were darkening.

Between the lingering effects of his heat and the migraines almost every night, thanks again to his grandfather, and the changes to his hair and eyes, Drake was different. He was a harder man than his brother was and he always felt on edge. Brock provided Drake balance while little cousin Celine softened him. Deep down, Drake knew that there was only so much either of them could do. He was going to have to find his mate, and the beast inside wanted revenge against the man who looked at Drake and Brock like they were nothing more than animals despite their being of his blood.


Jaden Sinclair "Shifter 4: The Prowling"


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