Outerplanetary Sensations

by Jaden Sinclair

Kade Tully has not given up hope that one day he will find his bride, he just wasn’t expecting to find her during one of the most important parties that happen every year on Pluto, or that she would be the daughter of a high power official. Making the call was easy, doing the test not so much, but falling in love with the beauty, Sorsha Mya, happened to be one of the best things to happen in his life. She is everything he could have ever asked for in a partner and so much more. She completes him in a way in which he never dreamed, and he intends to make all of her dreams come true.

Sorsha has everything a girl could want—almost everything. She is the daughter of one of the Senators that has formed the treaty between Earth and Pluto. Expected to dress and behave a certain way has made her a very lonely woman. But an unexpected turn has changed her life forever.

Now married to a Pluto man she sees things differently and wants to experience everything she can in building a life with Kade. In Kade’s arms she find paradise, but that paradise might come to an end if a new organization known as the Deity has their way and disbands all marriages between Earth and Pluto.


Chapter One 

Sorsha Mya walked next to her father, Noah Mya, down the red carpet to the shuttle waiting to take them to Pluto for the next campaign. For the past six months, they had traveled from city to city on Earth. Noah wanted to continue in his seat on the Board of Directors where the Laws and Rights of Pluto and Earth were determined.

Every ten years, to remain on the board, Noah had to campaign for his seat in the same manner candidates did for the presidency. For most of her life, Sorsha’s father had been on the board. Now that she was almost twenty-one, Sorsha looked forward to getting out since she had given up on her father staying at home and being a father to her. As usual, what made her happy didn’t matter. He did what he wanted. Consequently, she was alone most of the time, slightly depressed and, when she wasn’t being kept in the background, she was fighting to put a smile on her face for the cameras.

Their large shuttle was the property of the National Government and resembled their private jet, which they used when on personal business on Earth. The shuttle had three distinct areas—the cockpit, two private compartments, and a bathroom for the staff since the private rooms had their own restrooms. Noah preferred the government plane because he and Sorsha had their own area, which was separate from the large one for the staff. Sorsha didn’t say a word to anyone. When she boarded the shuttle, she dashed into their compartment, going straight into the bathroom. She could no longer hold back her tears. As the second the door closed behind her, they were falling down her face.

Sorsha wasn’t allowed to date. Noah was afraid someone would use her to get to him—a crazy thought, but one her father held onto with all his heart, keeping Sorsha very close to him at all times.

“Sorsha?” Noah knocked on the door, causing Sorsha to jump.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Wavy, auburn hair flowed down to the middle of her back. Her normal sparkling green eyes looked back at her with so much sadness. She had high exotic cheekbones, set in a delicate face, a straight nose and her lips were full with a slight pout to them. With the no-dating rule hanging over her head, Sorsha was labeled as shy when in reality she was withdrawn.

“Sorsha, open the door,” her father knocked again, pulling Sorsha from her thoughts.

She splashed some water on her face, giving herself one quick glance in the mirror before turning to unlock the door. Since it was just the two of them, she didn’t bother putting a smile on her face.

“We should be on Pluto in about three days.” Noah frowned at her as he spoke. “This shuttle goes faster than the rest. I want to be in the hotel a few days before the party.” He turned his back on her, walking away, with Sorsha following him, like expected. “I have a dress ordered for you. I’m told it is in the latest fashion for both Pluto and Earth, so you will be looking very elegant. We should only have to stay on the planet for about a week at the most.” Noah swung back around to her. “I’m confident I will have their vote just as I have in the past.”

Don’t cry, don’t cry, she told herself.

“I’m sure you will.” Sorsha kept her voice even, but inside, she was falling apart. She didn’t know how much longer she was going to be able to live like this, always in a crowd but separate and alone.

“Excuse me, sir.”

Noah turned to speak with one of his cabinet members, forgetting Sorsha once again. She felt that sense of loss because of how easily he dismissed her from his thoughts. He never saw what was right in front of his eyes, never saw her pain of rejection, her loneliness or the hurt he caused her when he put her out of his mind so quickly. Sorsha often wondered if her mother had been treated the same way.

Sorsha had never known her mother. The woman, who had given birth to her, had died due to complications shortly thereafter. She couldn’t help but wonder if that was the reason her father treated her the way he did.

Knowing her father no longer needed her, she went to her side of the room. After pulling the large curtain to separate the room, she pushed the button to extend her bed. Another painful thought came to her as she changed from her clothes into a long white nightgown. Would her father even remember? The night of the big party was also her twenty-first birthday.

Sorsha had given up praying to God. When she was younger, she had prayed all the time, asking God to send her someone who would love her, a knight in shining armor to stand up to her father for her or just be there when she needed a warm body to hold her. Year after year went by with no one showing up, making Sorsha feel both God and her father had abandoned her.

Her watch read midnight. Her father still hadn’t come back to the room, not even to tell her good night like he used to. Rolling over onto her side, facing the wall, Sorsha tried to go to sleep, but sleep seemed to be out of the question. This time she knew what was troubling her, and it didn’t have everything to do with her father. Sorsha was tired of it all. Tired of his role in the government. Tired of being told what to wear, when to smile, whom to talk to. Most of all, Sorsha was tired of not knowing what it was like to be with a man. She needed to experience life. Her only trouble was how could she tell her controlling father she no longer wanted to be a part of his world but have a life of her own?

* * * *

Kade Tully stood on the loading dock at the back of the grand hotel called Planet Paradise as another shipment of Maki Sprits was unloaded. Planet Paradise was the largest hotel on Pluto. He had been staying there for a while now, making plans for one of the grandest parties ever, a campaign party for one of the National Government’s candidates, who was running for another term in office.

Kade was a one-hundred-percent Plutoan man. He stood at seven foot even. His thick blond hair was a good three to five inches past his shoulders, and his eyes were a deep-sea blue green, the sclera of his eyes a light silver instead of white. The only thing he felt was missing from his life was a good woman. Well, a woman and a steel-hard erection. For the past couple of days, though, the erection part appeared to be coming back. Since Kade had been in the hotel, he had experienced a few hard-ons, nothing that seemed to last too long though. He thought about making the call to perform the ‘test’, but the sexual drive he was starting to feel didn’t last longer than an hour at the most. It was almost as if his body was only picking up the scent of the girl meant for him, not the girl herself. The only way Kade could explain it to himself was his woman had stayed in the hotel enough times for there to be a lingering scent. He kept his fingers crossed that she might come back again for this party.

“I suspect that about cleans you all out,” the owner of the hotel said.

Kade handed the clipboard off to one of the guys who handed it to the smiling owner. “Yep, and we all get to take one long vacation.”

“Well, I say you all need it.” The owner was an older man from Earth. His daughter had married a man from Pluto, so he had built the hotel there to be closer to her. “You guys work too hard. You should be out looking for your brides.”

Kade smiled again and nodded. “Always looking.”

“Well, I’ll have my fingers crossed for you.” He grinned, handing the clipboard back to Kade. “There should be enough girls from Earth at the party. Maybe one of them will be right for you.”

Kade kept his mouth shut as the old man went back inside the hotel. He finished his own work then went inside for a long, hot, relaxing shower and a nap. The twitching between his legs drove him crazy. With no relief in sight, it was becoming somewhat painful.

The hotel had ten floors with at least one thousand, six hundred and four rooms. Each room was grand, making each guest feel like they were getting the royal treatment. A full gym, a large indoor swimming pool, two large ballrooms and a grand dining room were all on the first floor. There was another swimming pool in the basement, a second complete gym and each room had its own hot tubs. So it didn’t matter which room a guest booked, each was as grand as if you were staying in the Presidential Suite.

Kade shook his head as he headed to one of the lifts to his floor. He thought about the party coming up in a couple of days. It just so happened to be on the same date the treaty between Earth and Pluto had been signed. The campaign party was a big social event of the season. All the big politicians and other famous people would be there. The hotel had been booked solid, so how in the hell Nichelle got him a room, Kade couldn’t even begin to guess.

The lobby swarmed with guests from both Earth and Pluto. He couldn’t recall an event when the place had been so packed, but then again, he hadn’t really been getting out all that much. Seeing Jovan so happy with Nichelle bothered him. Kade never had anything bother him like this before. He was pleased for his best friend. He really was, so why did he feel slightly jealous over their joining? Single life didn’t appeal to him any longer, he thought. He really wanted someone he could love and hold at night.

Kade’s room was on the eighth floor—eight forty-six. It took him twenty minutes to get in a lift and up to his room. It was his first time at this hotel. Kade had to admit, his accommodations were impressive. Everything was the finest, mixed with Earth and Pluto fashion. The furniture and wall decorations were from Earth, but all the technology—for instance, the lifts, instead of elevators—were Plutoan designs. Since Kade was in a hurry to shower and take a nap, he didn’t pay any attention to the paintings on the wall. Kade didn’t look at the young couples who were hugging and kissing either. He didn’t think he could stomach seeing people in love when he was so lonely.

Walking into his room, Kade’s attention went straight to the large, low king-sized bed that looked so inviting he smiled with the thought of sleeping in it very soon. His entire room was decorated in white and gold. Double golden sofas faced each other with a table between them, and at the foot of the two sofas, a large television came up from the floor for entertainment. Two steps led up to the bed, and off to the right, two French doors opened onto a balcony showing a postcard view of the city. To the left was the door to the bathroom with a large steaming hot tub calling for him to sit and relax. There was also a shower in the far corner of the room. All showers on Pluto were designed to help with the water shortage. You could step inside fully clothed, and everything you had on simply washed away from your body, slipped down the drain and was cleaned by morning. It was a great system. Kade had heard Earth was thinking about adopting it.

Instead of taking a shower, he bypassed everything, going straight to the bed. He dropped face first, sighing as the tense muscles in his body slowly loosened up. He wasn’t tense from unloading the crates or helping bring in the supplies; that was an every day job for him, helping to keep his body in great shape. No, what had his body hard like this was sexual tension. He kept getting hit with small amounts of it. It wasn’t something that was consistent, more like a punch in his gut that traveled right down to his dick. But once he touched himself, the small erection disappeared. He had never liked being teased. When he was younger, maybe, but not now. When he had been able to have sex, he was a walking hard-on. Now, this shit his body was putting him through reminded him of the girls who used to tease him. No satisfaction whatsoever!

Kade rolled over onto his back with a groan. His cock quickly sprang to life again, and this time it hurt like hell. Like someone had kicked him in the nuts! He rubbed both hands over his face before he moved one down his body, cupping himself, surprised that it stayed hard. He hissed at the mixture of pleasure as well as pain. Tonight he was as solid as a rock, and it wasn’t going down.

“What the fuck.” Kade sat up and shoved his hand down his jeans.

He moaned, his head tossing back, eyes closing as he fondled himself for the first time in more years than he could count. With his other hand, he pulled the snap from his jeans then rested back on that one arm.

Kade stroked his cock slowly, taking in every sensation, every feeling that he could. It had been so long since he had been able to do this, to feel that he was going to enjoy it to the end. Since he had come to town and registered at the hotel, he had been getting twitches. Once he touched his dick, the sensations all stopped, but this time the twitches and the feelings weren’t going away. This time when his hand wrapped around his shaft, moving slowly, he could feel his orgasm, right there, causing him to break out in a sweat. He hadn’t had these feelings in years. Chills went down his spine with each stroke. The faster he moved, the quicker and sharper those chills became.

He felt as if he was meeting an old friend again when he looked down, watching his hand move up and down over his staff. The head was purple in color and looked mean in its need, just like Kade felt desperate to come. Faster and faster he moved, filling the quiet room with the sound of flesh slapping flesh. Those chills he’d felt stopped and formed a heavy pull in the sac under his dick. He was getting so close he panted in his excitement. His hand pumped faster; he couldn’t stop his hips from moving up as if he were fucking a woman and not his hand.

“Oh, shit!” And just that fast it was over. Kade came hard; his seed shooting out of him like a rocket exploding in the sky on Earth. It felt so good and yet painful at the same time. He slumped back down on the bed in sudden weakness, letting his seed go everywhere. With a snap of a finger, he was limp again, but the nagging feelings hit; his bride was close. “Now I need that damn shower.”

But before he went into the bathroom, Kade went over to the phone on the nightstand and made a call. He needed to talk with someone that he knew had been through this before.

“Jovan, it’s me.” Kade sighed.

“Something wrong?” Jovan asked. Kade could hear the concern in his friend’s voice. He rubbed his face as he tugged his shoes off using his toes, while trying to undress as he talked on the phone.

“Something might be happening to me, and I need your advice. Now before you start in, let me say this. I just experienced one hell of a hard-on, but it went away, so it isn’t like what you went through when Nichelle was close.”

“Shit, Kade,” Jovan hissed over the phone. “So it’s gone now?”

“Yeah, it’s gone.” Kade pulled away from the phone just so he could pull his wet shirt from his body. “What the hell does this mean?”

“It means, buddy, that your bride has been in that hotel before.” Jovan answered. “But if it happens again and stays put then she’s there again.”

Naked, Kade sat down on the side of the bed and bent over with his face in one hand. Again he felt the sensations in his cock. “Jovan, it hurts like fuck. I feel like someone is stabbing me with tiny pins or something.”

“Kade, I don’t know what to tell you man.” Jovan sighed on the phone. “But I can tell you this. When it gets so hard that you think you are going to burst in a climax then she is in the building with you, and you have to make the call.”

Kade rubbed his face. “I’m going to take a shower and get some sleep.” He stood up, rubbing the back of his neck, then looked down at his cock. It was semi-hard. “I’ll call you if anything else happens.”

“No, you call me tomorrow after the party.”

“Okay.” Kade hung up the phone and headed for the bathroom. With each step he took, his cock slowly started to rise again. “Fuck, this is going to be one long-ass night,” he groaned.


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