Interplanetary Passions

by Jaden Sinclair

Jovan Maki, a Pluto man and popular winemaker, has spent most all of his life making a name for himself on both Pluto and on Earth. He’s also given up on ever finding the one woman that can bring him to life once more. Losing himself in work has been the only thing to help with the loneliness, but even that is starting to slowly take a toll on him. Persuaded by his best friend to take some time off and enjoy the city wasn’t something he wanted to do, but in the end was the best thing for him. His body returns to life, bringing him to his knees with desire so powerful he almost fears it. Making the call for the test is easy, coming to terms with his needs, not so much.

Nichelle Fender has always wanted to go to Pluto, but her father has forbidden it. He’s done everything he can to make sure she never sets foot on the planet. But if she wants to get away from his control and go to school she has to go to Pluto at least once. Now married to Jovan, she struggles to deal with this sudden attraction she has for him, and deal with the fear of what her father might do once he gets the news. Jovan is everything she could ever want in a partner and so much more, but is he strong enough to face up to a deal with her father, one that could destroy everything.


Chapter One

Nichelle Fender sat in her morning class at college trying to concentrate on what the professor was saying, but having no luck. Her mind kept wandering to the letter from the government, in her backpack. This one letter could easily destroy all her dreams of freedom.

 Ms. Fender,

This is to inform you that it has come to our attention that you have yet to fulfill your obligation to visit Pluto and, in accordance with the law, we will have to pull your scholarship. You will be given one month to comply with the law. When  you complete this requirement, your scholarship will be reinstated. This matter must be taken care of immediately!

Professor Holtz.

 “And that is all for today. Don’t forget about the exam at the end of the week,” Professor Dockery said to the class.

Nichelle grabbed her bag and walked to the door with the rest of the class, but was the teacher stopped her.

“Ms. Fender! A moment please.”

Nichelle’s shoulders slumped in dread since she knew what was about to be said. Dockery waited until the rest of the class left the classroom before he motioned Nichelle to sit down in one of the front row seats.

Dockery looked at the young twenty-year old with her brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Since she started his Pluto/Earth sex class, he was aware of how uncomfortable she was when the class discussion concerned the men of Pluto. As he stood before her, eyeing her from head to toe, he knew she had, as of yet, not gone to the planet.

She placed her bag back on the floor, but held onto her jean jacket tightly. He could tell by her body language she knew what he was going to talk to her about. Dockery sat on the edge of his desk and waited for her to relax before he started. She didn’t relax.

“Nichelle, I’m going to get right to the point here.”

“I know what you are going to say, sir,” she said, looking up at him with a sad expression in her brown eyes, “And I’m trying to fix the problem.”

“Nichelle, you are a very smart girl. I want to see you go on with your education, but you can’t until you have your time off planet in the books.”

“I know, Professor.” She sighed and rubbed her forehead.

“Then please explain to me what the hang up is.”

“It’s my father.” She groaned then added, “He doesn’t want me to go, and he doesn’t want me to go to college.” She looked up at the professor with desperation in her eyes. “Right now he has no idea I’m taking a class.”

“I see.”

“I can’t move out until I’m twenty-one. I wish it was eighteen like it used to be. He watches me like a hawk.” She pushed back the tears as they threatened to fall from her eyes, but when she looked down at the desk, one fell anyway. “He refuses to give me the money to go to Pluto, keeps telling me I don’t need it.”

“Does he realize that he is in violation of the laws?”

Nichelle sighed. “I don’t think he cares.”

Dockery felt sorry for her and had no shame in doing what he was about to do. “I know you will be twenty-one within a few months, so I have taken it upon myself, for education reasons only, to give you this.” Dockery handed Nichelle an envelope with a smile. She took it with the most puzzled look on her face. “I have found out your father will be ‘called’ away for two weeks for work.” He smiled at her brightly. “Take the money I just gave you and do your time on Pluto.”

Nichelle opened the envelope, and her eyes bulged. “I can’t take this!”

“You can, and you will.” He stood up, letting her know the short meeting was over. “There are many things over there you will find interesting. You will enjoy the visit and be back before you know it, and before your father knows about it.”

Nichelle grabbed her backpack, but stopped. She bit her lower lip, thinking then looked up at him. “What about the men?” she asked him in a concerned, hushed manner.

“What about them?”

Nichelle looked uncomfortable and even blushed slightly. “I’ve heard they take girls.”

“The men on Pluto are just like the men here on Earth.” He grinned kindly. “True they are larger in height and in other places, but the ‘testings’ are not performed very often. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.”

Nichelle grabbed her backpack and stood up. She took two steps to the door but turned back around to Dockery. “Professor?”

“Yes, Nichelle.”

Nichelle bit her lower lip. She looked at the professor nervously. “What is the ‘test’?”

Dockery thought for what seemed like the longest time before he answered her. “I don’t know much about it, Nichelle. All I do know is that their men have very strong senses, and when they find the one woman meant to be theirs it's like smelling candy.” He gave her a knowing smile. “If you had been paying attention in class when I talked on this subject,” he gave her a look telling her he knew she’d been daydreaming, “Then you would have known the men lose their sexuality in their teens. When their true bride appears, it all comes back strongly. Almost as if they get hit hard by a truck. Desire comes at them so strong and so fast they can barely function.”

“But what do they do at these ‘tests’?” She could tell by the look on his face he knew so much more than he was telling her.

       He stood up, avoiding her eyes. “I can’t say.”

Jaden Sinclair "Interplanetary Passion"


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