Dozer's Downfall

I Get What I Want #2

by Jaden Sinclair

Dwayne ‘Dozer’ Rivers doesn’t believe in true love, and how can he? His mother died at a time when a boy really needed his mother. His father wasn’t there for him and his sister, leaving him to grow up fast. He filled the void in his life with countless one night stands, enjoying each one to the fullest. Settling down is something he doesn’t want or see in his future.

Samantha Tatum is looking to start over with not only a new family but in a new town. And one of the new things she wants for herself is Dozer. Only the man she has her sights on has made it very clear to anyone that’s listening; he doesn’t mess around with young girls and stays clear of the innocent ones. So how can a girl convince a man like him that they are perfect for each other? Seduce him.

Samantha might get what she wants, but can she hold on to it?


Chapter One


Samantha had never seen anything more beautiful than an outside fall wedding. Her brother, Vincent Laron, marrying Charlene Rivers had to be one of the most magical things she could be part of. What made it all so magical in her eyes was how understated it all was, and yet how elegant at the same time. If she was back in the city, back with the high society crowd, then this would be considered a poor man’s wedding. Not to her. If she was to ever get married, Samantha wanted it to be just like this one.

The golden leaves were falling from the trees. The sun was shining brightly overhead, with just the hint of a coming winter hanging in the air. All in all, a perfect day for a wedding.

Samantha sat with the family, watching as her new brother stood before a preacher and pledged his love to Charlie. It seemed so unbelievable how Sam and her new family got along, as if they had always known about each other. Not too long ago she was in the city, feeling like she was being buried alive with all the parties, the fake friends, and a boyfriend who just wanted her on his arm because of the connections her father had. She wasn’t upset over the breakup anymore, like she thought maybe she should be. Catching him with a girl, who had claimed to be her friend, felt more like a blessing than a betrayal. She got to see the real side of him and what Shane hid from the world behind his smile came out. Thinking about Shane and the last time they were together had her instantly hugging herself and rubbing the arm where he left finger bruises after their fight. The way he manhandled her sent chills of memory down her spine. It had also helped with the decision to pack up and leave for good, something she talked herself out of a few times. Now she realized she didn’t miss that life and sure as hell didn’t miss the city at all.

Remembering what had happened in the past had her instantly dreaming about a future. Her eyes moved from bride and groom to the best man who had also walked down the aisle to give the bride away, Dwayne Rivers, or Dozer as the whole town called him. There was something about him she couldn’t put a finger on as to why she might be attracted to him—if attraction was what she could call the things that went through her head.

Not really listening to what was being said during the ceremony, Samantha thought about him and all the reasons why she should stay away. He was much older, close to the same age as her brother Jessie. She had also discovered very quickly the things he didn’t want in a woman. One was young and the other innocent. He liked his women older, his own age, and with experience. Two major things she didn’t have on her side. It didn’t stop her from wondering what it would be like to be in his arms, or wishing she could get there.

When the preacher announced Charlie and Vinny were man and wife, Samantha tore her eyes from Dozer and looked back at the pair. She smiled and clapped along with the rest of the people attending, as she stood up. After the wedding party started walking back down the aisle she took her place and walked down to the party that waited.

Since the wedding was held outside, the party was also. Amanda had gone all out in the back of the house, setting up tents to offer protection to the party goers in case the weather changed. The wedding cake turned out beautifully in three layers, white with soft pink pearls around the edges, simple, yet with an elegant look to it, nothing fancy. A punch bowl was set up for those who didn’t drink, along with a glass fountain with flowing wine.

Samantha smiled at everyone, said hello here and there. Picking up a glass of wine, she found a place to sit where she could see and watch everything, mostly where she had the best advantage to stare at Dozer and not get caught.

People came into the tent, taking seats, and started drinking and talking, while waiting for the food to come out. Samantha didn’t really touch hers. She kept looking around for him and wondering where he could be. Dozer was a no show until it was time for the dancing to begin. Her first sight of him did strange things to her insides, things she had never experienced before and didn’t quite understand. After all she had dated back home, but none of those guys had her heart pounding in her chest with excitement.


Samantha tore her eyes from Dozer and looked up at a girl about her own age. She stood the same height, petite, with slightly long dark golden brown hair and bright blue eyes. For a moment, Samantha thought she was looking in a mirror, the girl looked just like her.

“Um, hi,” Samantha said back.

The girl sat down right across from her and extended her hand. “I’m Illeana, Illeana Jacobs. I believe we’re sort of cousins.”


The hand dropped, but the kind smile didn’t leave her face. “Yeah, I know. When Vinny called to tell us about the wedding and stuff, he also told my dad about you. Your mom and my father are half-brother and sister.”

“Are you serious?” Samantha gasped, not believing what she was hearing. For her, in the blink of an eye she went from barely having any family to now having a new brother and sister and now cousins, too. She loved it. “This is great!”

“Really?” Illeana frowned with a wrinkle in her nose. “I kind of thought you might not like having relatives from your mother’s side.”

Samantha laughed. “Not at all. I’m finding I like it here and discovering more family is great. My father, um, I guess you can say my father isn’t much of a family guy. Each kid of his he’s shipped off to a damn boarding school. Jessie has pretty much raised me and been like a father to me.”

“I don’t have any brothers.” Illeana shrugged. “Only child.”

“I have two more sisters, older than me of course.”

“How much older?”

“Couple years. We are all pretty much disappointments to our father,” Samantha half chuckled in humor for Illeana only. Deep down she wished her father would be proud of her, but once she dumped Shane and quit school he really stopped being a father.

“I’m sure deep down he cares.”

“He only cares if we shame the name.” Unable to control it, she moved her eyes from Illeana and back to Dozer. He was talking to a woman who had her hand on his leg. That didn’t sit well with Sam.

“I wouldn’t waste my time, if I were you,” Illeana said, getting Samantha’s full attention. “But be careful if you do decide to go that route.

“What are you talking about?” Samantha asked, trying to keep her composure intact.

“Dozer,” Illeana said with a nod in his direction. “He has strict rules about girls our age and experience. Won’t touch us, and if you want some advice, I’d say stay away. Guys like him can only hurt you.”

“You sound like you’ve had experience with him or something.”

“Not with Dozer.” Illeana half-laughed. “I knew a guy when I was in the city, sort of like Dozer in a way. Used to getting what he wants all the time, plays dirty to get it, that kind of thing. It’s just best to stay away from guys like him, in my opinion, that is. Besides, one should always listen to the rumors around about Dozer.”

“What kind of rumors?” Samantha sat forward, her full attention on Illeana.

“You really haven’t heard any of this, have you?” Illeana asked. Samantha shook her head. “Well, let’s see, if you can call a guy a male whore, then Dozer is it without a doubt.” She snickered.

“That bad?”

Illeana nodded. “That bad, and it’s said by a few of his past girls that he’s damn good in bed.” She looked over her shoulder at him. “I’m just saying be careful when it comes to him. You don’t want to get hurt.”

Samantha smiled at Illeana and looked over at Dozer’s table again. When Dozer looked up and his eyes met hers, she quickly looked away and gave her attention back to Illeana. “So you live here then?”

Illeana nodded her head, “Just moved back a few months ago. Went to school in the city and now I’m back trying to get my own book store up and running. For now, I work part time at the local library. But this,” she waved her hand around, “I just couldn’t miss. I mean, who would have ever thought that Vinny would get married of all people.”

“I don’t know. I’m still getting used to everyone around here.” Samantha couldn’t help herself and looked over again at Dozer. Her heart pounded in her chest. He was still looking at her.

“Hey, how about we go out tonight and get to know each other a bit better?” Illeana asked. Samantha looked back at her. “I know this place where we can go and talk, have a few drinks if you want, and in the back is a club if you can call it that. They dance back there. It’s sort of one of the local places around here to go, if you’re into that kind of stuff.”

Samantha smiled. “Sounds like fun.”

“Great, I’ll pick you up let’s say an hour after they leave for their honeymoon.”


Illeana left, leaving Samantha alone once more. She picked up her wine, took a sip, and tried to act normal as she looked around at all the people. A quick glance back at Dozer and his full attention was back on the woman who had her hand between his legs. Forcing herself to not stare at him anymore, she went in search of Jessie.

She found him standing off to the side, the phone up to his ear. By his body language she knew whatever the call was about, it had to do with his work, and it couldn’t be good. He saw her coming, quickly ended the call, and tried to smile when she got closer.

“Work again?” she asked.

“Yeah, Jamie is having trouble getting this project finished and bitching at the same time about relocating here. He wants to stay in the city, but I kind of like it here.”

“I like it here, also.”

Jessie took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I might have to go back and help him get finished.”

Samantha smiled. “I’ve been on my own before, Jessie. It’s okay if you need to go back to get things done. Your business is there after all.”

“Yeah, but I hate leaving you here alone. Vinny is going to be leaving for a week or two, and Amanda is pretty busy right now with moving her place to another location. You’re going to be all alone.”

“It’s all right. Oh, I just met a cousin.” She beamed. “It’s so cool to have family around here.” She groaned then. “Did I just say cool?”

Jessie chuckled, “Yes, you did.”

“That’s so childish.”

“Not childish. It’s nice that you’re finding other family beside what we have to deal with on our father’s side. Even though that whole side is where I come from, I still have to admit I like it here. It’s much more peaceful and relaxing. I don’t feel as stressed as I do in the damn city.”

“Go back and work on Jamie to move here. He could benefit from having less stress in his life as much as you will.”

Jessie smiled, but quickly got serious. “I still don’t like the idea of leaving you here alone.”

“How am I going to be alone?” she chuckled. “I’m surrounded by people and family.” He opened his mouth, and his phone went off again. “You get that, and we’ll talk again before you leave.”

She turned and walked away, letting Jessie get back to work. Glancing around she didn’t see Dozer, which was sort of good. Samantha felt like she was becoming obsessed with the man. After all, how many times had she heard how he doesn’t mess around with girls her age?

Taking a small walk, she headed more into the woods away from the party. In a short amount of time she’d be free to go out with Illeana and relax, maybe meet someone new who could get her mind off Dozer. However, tonight was not going to be that time.


"Dozer's Downfall" - Jaden Sinclair


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