Untamed Beast

A Shifter Novel (13)

by Jaden Sinclair

Enemy—turned lover—turned mate?

Thorn has always been a loner. He likes it that way. Likes what he does for his race and has no regrets about anything. He’s never looked back once he’s put something behind him, yet one thing from his past just won’t let him go. The night he was taken and used. That one night seemed to change him, but for the good or bad he doesn’t know. Now face to face with one of his demons he fights with the urge to not only protect but to mate.

Katrina Scotts never expected her life to take the turn it did. Also never thought that her mother would turn on her the way she did or that she’d be once more in the hands of the animal she was forced to use one night. Now surrounded with shifters she discovers secrets, discovers loyalty, and what it means to be accepted for who you are, not for where you came from or your past.


Chapter One


Thorn slowly pulled up to the building. It had taken him months, long months to find the information on who owned it and what might be going on inside. Luck had finally landed in his lap and he got the information he had been searching for all this time. The bitch was here, and she had a guest for whom he’d been searching.

Turning his lights off, he looked up at the building. He couldn’t stop wondering about what could make a mother turn on her own flesh and blood. He knew she had. That bitch was unstable too, and if what Logan’s father had told him about Katrina helping to free him was correct, then the bitch sure as shit had turned on her daughter. He only wondered what she had done to her.

On the seat, next to him sat a small box. He opened it and firearms came into view. Picking up his favorite gun, he checked the clip. After further thought, he took a few more clips and added a silencer. Getting out of his car, he started walking up to the house and stopped beside a side door, as he screwed the silencer on.

He had made a promise to Dannie, one that he intended to keep. Find Katrina. It had been a big mistake for the girl to go back to her mother. Thorn knew the crazy bitch would do something to her. He wouldn’t put it past her to blame the girl for her, Logan, and Stray getting away. And if she didn’t blame her for that, well then she had Patrick to blame on Katrina. He just hoped like hell that he wasn’t too late. He’d hate to have to go back and look Dannie in the eye if her sister was dead. Only his gut told him she wasn’t, but that he wasn’t going to be happy either with what he was about to find.

At the door, he sniffed. Two humans were right on the other side. Another sniff and he picked up the faint scent of gunpowder. So they were armed. At least it could be somewhat of a fair fight then.

Gun in one hand, he took hold of the knob of the door with the other. He turned it slowly, then with all his animal might he shoved the door open, crushing one guy with it, then shooting the other before he could point his gun at Thorn.

Thorn let his animal out some. He saw everything in red, which meant his eyes no doubt would be red also.

He sniffed the air, trying to pick up her scent but all he picked up was men and guns. That meant he would need to find someone to ask for help. Not a problem.

Thorn began walking down dark hallways. He would look around the corners to make sure no one was waiting to come out from the darkness. Lucky for him however he could smell each one first.

Stopping at some wrought iron steps, he looked up then decided to climb them. Might give him a better vantage point being higher. It did. Up on the second floor he saw at least five men keeping guard. Quickly, Thorn headed for the first one. He took aim and shot the guy in the back before he even knew Thorn was there. He caught the guy before he fell, making sure to keep everything as quiet as he could.

Number two went down, then three, and four. He decided to ask some questions of the fifth man and made sure to be extra quiet when going up to him. Tapping him on the shoulder, the guy turned and Thorn punched him hard in the face. The guy went down, Thorn bent over and grabbed hold of him by the throat, helping the poor bastard back up on his feet. He grabbed Thorn’s wrists. The action did little to ease the pressure on his throat.

“It seems I might need some help,” Thorn said. “Where’s the girl?” The guy shook his head, so Thorn picked him up by the throat. “Keep in mind I do have my hand around your throat and if you piss me off then I’m going to squeeze your throat until your damn head pops off. Now where is the girl,” he finished with a growl.

“B—below!” the guy struggled to get out. “Basement.”

Thorn put him back down on his feet and smiled. “Was that so hard?” Instead of letting him go, he jerked him close and placed the guy in front of his body to use him like a shield.

“Wha— what are you doing?” the guy asked.

“Insurance, asshole.”


"Untamed Beast" - Jaden Sinclair



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