Unbounded Fury

A Shifter Novel (12)

by Jaden Sinclair

Taken and used for two years as nothing but a sex slave has left Logan Wallace with a ton of fury bound up. His only thought has been revenge against the woman who has made his life hell. However, all that changes when one night, right before he is expected to 'perform', a night when he knows he's about to be killed, something in the dark saves him in more ways than one.

She was never to go near her mother's pets. Yet something about this one had Dannie Scotts sneaking in and doing the unthinkable, which saved his life. Before she is able to come to grips with what she's done, the pet is free and the captor becomes the captive.

They never know who might end up being their mate, they just know how to protect and defend what is theirs. Logan has come to terms with his mate, but will she be accepting her fate, or will the fury inside the shifter stay unbounded?




Two years ago...


“Run!” Logan yelled.

He stood rooted in his spot, watching his good friend Stray, fall weightless to the ground. He rushed up and grabbed Stray from under his arms, with the intentions of picking him up and getting the hell out of there. Only that didn’t happen. Something hit the front of his throat.

His vision went blurry, his limbs started feeling heavy, and he couldn’t seem to hold his own body weight up. He dropped to the ground, onto his knees, then fell over onto his hands before the heaviness started to feel like a ton of bricks had hit him. He went face first onto the ground and struggled to turn his head to see Stray. He couldn’t see him, but Logan knew Stray was still there on the ground, naked and helpless, just as he was.

The crunching of leaves echoed off the trees. Someone was walking. Someone was coming closer. Logan tried to snarl, to give out a warning growl, but nothing came out. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t move, couldn’t do a damn thing to protect himself or Stray.

The toe of a boot touched his side then pushed, rolling him over. His arms flopped over to his sides.

“Call her and tell her we have two,” someone said above him. “Two, damn, that should impress her and make her happy.”

Rough hands grabbed hold of his arms and legs. He saw a couple of men he didn’t recognize pick up Stray as Logan lost the battle to stay awake.

* * * *

“Logan Wallace!”

Logan fought to wake up. He shook his head, worked to clear the fog from his brain and opened his eyes. It took a lot of strength but once he did, a bright light shining in his face instantly blinded him. Again, he shook his head and worked to get his eyes to focus. Then ice-cold water splashed over him.

Logan lost his breath, the drugged state he felt instantly gone with the shock of the cold water. He shook his head, breathed deep several times, then strained, realizing he was chained to a wall. The cold stones touched his back, and the chains cuffed around his wrists and ankles burned his skin.

“How lovely to see you again.”

Logan snapped his attention toward the female that spoke. He knew that voice, knew it all too well. Narrowing his eyes, straining against the chains, he waited for her to draw nearer.

A woman, dressed in cream-colored slacks, white top, wearing black heels and shoulder length curly hair, stepped into the light. Her thin lips broke out in a smile, cold brown eyes slanted in satisfaction. Standing next to her were two armed men and another with a needle in hand.

“You!” Logan growled, struggling with the chains again, ignoring the burn to his flesh.

“Surprise!’ She smiled back at him. “It’s been a long time, Logan.” Her eyes roamed appreciatively over his naked flesh. She took a loud, deep breath, letting it out slowly. “And I must say that time has done very nice by you. Such a body. Such a cock.”

“You fucking bitch!” He jerked against the chains that held him tight and snarled, “I’ll kill you for this.”

“Funny how you can threaten when you’re in no position of power.” She strolled up to him and touched his chest, scraping her nails down to wrap a hand around his cock. “Oh, but this now, this has power, doesn’t it?” She squeezed and he winced. “I remember the power this bit of flesh holds for you all, especially for your father.” She squeezed again and he jumped. “That power belongs to me now.” She moved closer, pressed her chest to his and spoke low in his ear. “And I will assure you right now that by the time I’m done with you this bit of flesh you hold so dear will be nothing but rotten meat.” She gave him another hard squeeze before backing away from him.

Logan kept his breath steady and ignored the throbbing pain between his legs. “He’s gonna find out about this.”

She turned back, smiling again. “Oh I’m hoping he will. I want your father to know, and it will be my pleasure to make sure he does.” She snapped her fingers and the man holding the needle stepped forward, moving past her toward Logan. “An old friend of mine made this up and it works great. In seconds all of that animal you have inside will go to sleep, leaving you nothing more than a man to be used, just like you and your father used so many others.”

Logan didn’t flinch when the man stuck the needle in his neck. His eyes stayed focused on her. “This isn’t going to fix anything, bitch,” he snarled. “He left you because you’re fucking nuts, and once he finds out what you’re doing you’re a dead cunt.”

Her eyes narrowed on him, and the drug they pushed into his system started to kick in. The strength that was within him started slowly to slip away.

“Give him the other,” she ordered. After the second injection, she came back up, gripping his dick again. “This one will make you hard for hours. Your father liked to fuck with me, then fuck me over, so now I’m going to make sure his precious boy gets fucked over too.” She yanked on him hard, and Logan was powerless this time to keep quiet. He cried out as weakness, along with something else, started to spread through his body and settle where she had a hold on him. “Tonight, you’re going to get a taste of just what raw lust feels like. You’re going to be fucked until blood comes out. I own your ass, Logan Wallace, just like I now own your dick.” After another hard pull, she let him go. “Get him on the bed, and tell the client we have one for them both. They can have him all night long.”

“And the other?” the guy with the needle asked.

“Make him watch, and give him the shots also. He can watch, but no release for him. None for him but make sure Logan here comes repeatedly tonight. He needs to feel the shame of unwanted release. Something his father often liked to do.”

* * * *

It was one in the morning when Vashti Berridge closed the door after the last guest left her eighteenth birthday party bash, thanks to her stepfather, Patrick Wallace. Only married to her mother for two years now, Patrick was trying his hardest to get along with Vashti, and the party was sort of a peace offering. For the past few months, they had been fighting about his side of the world and what place Vashti had in it. As far as she was concerned, she didn’t want to be a part of it, period, but her mother kept insisting that she was now.

Because Patrick was a shifter—a legendary werewolf who can shift and change at will, and come the full moon went into a sexual heat. Oh boy, Vashti heard him during those times. After the first couple of nights on a full moon, she made sure to be out of the house.

She also learned a few other things. There was one family she always stayed away from—The Vanderburg’s—also shifters. The one she really tried to avoid, though, was Justice Vanderburg. If ever she heard the term bitch in heat in reference to a man that was definitely Justice. The guy just never gave up or took no for an answer when it came to her.

Also, Justice had done the unthinkable back in school. He had informed all guys to stay away from her. It was as though he felt he had the right to put his brand on her ass or something, and everyone else was afraid to go near her. This sucked because she never got the chance to date at all because the guys were afraid of what Justice might do to them.

“Vashti, will you come in here, please?” Patrick Wallace’s voice called out just as Vashti started up the stairs to go to bed.

She rolled her eyes, turned and went down the two steps and right into the study. Patrick had money and he didn’t mind spending it on her mother. She pushed opened the door to face not only Patrick but her mother as well.

Laura Wallace stood next to Patrick in her black slacks and silk top, her brown hair perfectly pulled back in a knot. Since the marriage, Laura really had become the proper lady. She seemed to have forgotten from where she came, but Vashti had not. Vashti couldn’t forget the cold nights in a room too small, or the days wondering as a small girl if there was going to be food or not. She knew her mother tried her best, but there were times when Vashti just couldn’t forget or forgive. It was hard to do. Just like it was so damn hard to accept that her mother married a wolf and not a man. Vashti had such a hard time accepting that world as well as keeping it secret at times. She never told Patrick, but more than once, she almost let it slip what he was to one of her girlfriends.

“Sorry if we were a bit loud,” Vashti quickly said. “I’ll clean up any messes in the morning, okay?”

Patrick shook his head and held up a hand, “That isn’t why I called you in here.” He smiled at her, glanced at her mother then back at her. “You’re eighteen now, and that’s a big deal. I asked your mother what would be the perfect thing to get you, but she wasn’t much help, so I just winged it.” He handed her a large square box. “Happy birthday.”

Vashti took the box, ripped the paper and stopped when she saw a dark blue velvet box. Opening it, she lost her breath. Inside there was a pearl and heart necklace. The heart of solid gold, the chain starting at the top of it, going all the way around to a teardrop shaped pearl that went right through it too and, a small diamond at the tip.

Patrick came forward, took the necklace from the box and went behind her. Moving her hair to the side, he brought the chain around her throat. “The heart is from your mother and the pearl with diamond is from me,” he murmured as he clasped it around her neck. “Every young woman should have a diamond and pearl.”

“Happy birthday, Honey.” Laura also came over, took hold of her face and kissed Vashti on the cheek.

“I’m speechless,” Vashti stated.

“Good.” Patrick was still smiling. “It means I got something right this time.”

Vashti opened her mouth to speak, but the doorbell’s ring interrupted her.

“Kind of late to be having company,” Laura said.

Laura left the study and once again Vashti was about to say something when Patrick’s face paled. With his werewolf hearing Vashti assumed he must have heard something when her mother answered the door.

“You okay?” Vashti asked him.

Patrick took hold of her arm and pulled her to the back of the study, next to the bookshelves. He yanked on one until it opened, revealing a passageway out to the side of the house. A passageway she never knew existed.

“What’s going on?” she asked as he shoved her inside.

“You stay quiet, and if there is any trouble you run, hear me?” Patrick said.

“Patrick, I don’t understand.”

He took hold of her arms tightly giving her a shake. “Do you understand?”

She nodded and he closed the shelf on her.

Vashti could still see everything that was going on. She watched through a tiny hole as Patrick turned away from her and rushed to the door. The door burst open just as he reached it, and a woman entered, followed by four men, one holding her mother by the throat.

“Hello, lover,” the woman said with a cruel smile on her face. “I’ve missed you.”

She stood about the same height as Laura, hair that brushed her shoulders, bangs cut evenly over her eyes and black as the night. She wore leather; tight leather pants, a leather jacket, leather gloves. A dark gray shirt spread tight across her breasts and shit kicker boots covered her feet.

From the little that she could see of the woman, Vashti guessed she was nothing but trouble.

“Vintina,” Patrick huffed, his hands going up. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Two of the men with her walked around her and took hold of Patrick by the arms. The woman then looked around the study, picking things up, tossing pictures to the floor.

“I see you’ve done very well, but then you always were one to turn a few bucks into thousands,” she snarled with a smile, stopping behind Laura. “And a pretty human wife also. I thought you weren’t going to do that? I mean didn’t you promise me that you would never fuck another human again, after what you did to me?” She tapped a finger over her lips. “We had a deal, Patrick. I would keep my mouth shut, and you would stay with your own kind.”

“What do you want, Vintina?” Patrick asked through his clenched teeth.

“To see you suffer.” The woman took a step back, her arm came up and Vashti couldn’t see, but heard a loud bang.

Vashti jumped, covered her mouth with her hand and Patrick yelled. Tears filled her eyes as she saw her mother fall, blood covering the floor around her head. She cried as silently as she could, backing away from the scene before her.

“Take him,” the woman said.

Men rushed at Patrick, tackling him down. Another came up and stuck him in the neck with a needle. After a few seconds went by the woman Patrick called Vintina went up to him and sat down on Patrick’s chest. “I have a surprise for you, my sweet pet,” she said and touched the side of his face. “Such plans even.” She stood back up, head still down, staring at him. “Get him in the van.”

Vashti turned and ran then. She couldn’t see anymore. She slipped, fell hard to the ground, knocking the wind out of her and making a hell of a lot of noise.

“There’s another!” someone yelled behind her.

She turned her head, half-expecting to see someone behind her but instead, she saw all of them stop what they were doing.

“Run!” Patrick yelled again at her.

“Shit,” the woman snapped. “Find whoever that is and fucking kill him or her!”

Vintina’s statement had Vashti getting back to her feet and running down the dark hallways. She ran right into a door. She struggled with the latch and finally cried out when the door opened and she tore outside into the night. She was crying so hard that she could barely see, and where the hell she was going to go she didn’t know. What she did know was that she needed help, but who would believe her? Her stepfather was a werewolf for Christ sakes.

She ran until she couldn’t run any more. When she dropped to the ground and crawled to a tree did she allow her tears free and she started to cry. How long she just sat there, crying, she didn’t know, but when she was all cried out, she remembered that she had her cell phone in her pocket.

With shaking hands, she brought it out and thought about who she could call, who might help her, and shockingly enough one name came to mind. Vanderburg!

She luckily knew his number and she punched the numbers viciously. The phone rang and she prayed for him to pick up, sighing in relief when he did. “Vanderburg here.”

Vashti sniffed back the tears and took a deep breath. “Nick, its Vashti.” She lost it and started crying again. “Something’s happened.”

“Vashti? What’s wrong?”

“She killed my mother!” She couldn’t keep it together. “She shot my mother.”

“Where are you? I’m coming to get you right now.”

* * * *

Vintina walked into the room where Logan was strapped down upon a bed. He was tired, his body was sore in places he didn’t think could be sore and, true to her word, his dick felt like raw meat from the way it had been used for hours. The drug still in his system kept him hard. He only prayed that his torture for the night was over.

“Bring him in,” Vintina said her cold eyes on Logan. Logan turned his head as much as the strap holding his head down would let him. She smiled then. “I want you to see what happens to rapists.” His father was dragged in then and tossed roughly to the concrete floor.

“Dad!” Logan yelled, straining with as much energy as he had left to use.


"Reluctant Heat" - Jaden Sinclair


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